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Amadeus GDS


Amadeus GDS allows travel agents and companies to serve travelers to boost their business worldwide by allowing their customers to make the best offer possible. Integrating with Amadeus GDS Software allows travel agencies to operate more efficiently, drive revenue and offer personalized traveler experiences with next-generation technology solutions. For more details, please visit our website – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS
Importance of Amadeus GDS for Travel Agents and
Tour Operators 
  • FlightsLogic can seamlessly integrate to the
    Amadeus GDS and extend your travel offerings
    permitting your business to grow. 
  • Our developers will configure and customize your
    platform, whether a hotel or an intermediary like
    OTAs, in order that the most suitable data is
    pushed and pulled respectively for clients to
    access it with ease. 
  • Amadeus is one of the leading GDS suppliers, is
    modernizing and ever-changing the traveling
    business with its travel marketplace. Their
    system is used by thousands of travel suppliers
    and buyers to facilitate market designing,
    selling, business operations and more. 
  • The Amadeus Global Distribution System
    incorporates a tremendous quantity of helpful
    knowledge that OTAs can leverage to present to

  • Within one platform travel agencies have access
    to real-time inventory and evaluation for
    airlines, hotels, car rentals and much more.
    Integrations to an Amadeus GDS can be often
    designed to present knowledge in a clear and
    unbiased way. Features can be implemented to
    match several factors like evaluation, location,
    dates, airline seating, and times. 
  • Having all that information in one place in a
    user-friendly interface will promote brand
    loyalty and provide you a competitive advantage.
    Integrating the Amadeus GDS system will certainly
    take your agency to a different level because it
    can access the massive set of travel inventories
    governed by Amadeus GDS. 
  • As the travel business continues to become more
    saturated, businesses must utilize Global
    Distribution Systems like Amadeus to achieve
  • FlightsLogic is specialized in integrating the
    Amadeus GDS, Amadeus Software, Amadeus Travel
    Software, Amadeus GDS System to produce leisure
    content in a very single platform with innovative
    customer-focused technology to create a real
    difference to your customers and your business. 
  • FlightsLogic helps travel agents to enhance
    profits, sales revenue with several technologies/
    software-based systems. 

  • FlightsLogic offers pre-integrated Amadeus GDS
    that may be a universal platform for booking
    airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals,
    vacation packages in one place. 
  • FlightsLogic GDS allows leading travel suppliers
    to run their business with efficiency and
    effectiveness. FlightsLogic provides Amadeus GDS
    Integration with facilitating the travel solution
    with its evaluation, real-time availability,
    centralized knowledge show with reservation
    functionality to the global travel business.
  • FlightsLogic provides a global distribution
    system that is most desirable for corporate
    travel agents as a suitable reservation method
    for flights, hotels, rental cars and holidays
    worldwide. We offer consulting, development for
    all the aspects of B2B B2C Amadeus GDS /Amadeus
    XML/ Amadeus API Integration.  
  • Amadeus GDS is one of the most popular GDS
    systems nowadays. Comprehensive travel management
    companies commonly use Amadeus GDS to access
    online travel content as well as airline, hotels,
    transfers, sightseeing, cars and other
    value-added services. 
  • It generates the best range of transactions on a
    daily basis and it also provides new solutions
    and powerful applications that efficiently cater
    to the up-growing necessities of travel agencies.
    In the last 18 years, Amadeus GDS has enhanced
    the most important GDS system and also the
    biggest travel content aggregator around the

Make Your Travel Business Globalize with Huge
Travel Data 
  • Amadeus GDS system has maintained its position as
    the global leader in travel technology and travel
    distribution solutions for the tour and travel
    industry, by constantly introducing innovations.
  • Set of solutions like e power suites, web
    services, APIs and other value-added services,
    let the consumer choose what they like. Amadeus
    GDS tools are designed to deliver skilled travel
    portal solutions. 
  • It helps the travel agents to deliver
    comprehensive travel itineraries rapidly and
    efficiently. FlightsLogic integrates Amadeus GDS
    to access the inventory for flights through web
    services given by Amadeus. 
  • As a travel technology company, we deliver custom
    travel software with B2B, B2C, corporate module
    and white-label. Amadeus GDS permits leading
    travel agencies to run their business efficiently
    and effectively. 
  • From global network airlines to low-cost
    carriers, from significant travel agencies to
    powerful hotels, Amadeus technology is used by a
    quality array of travel sectors to form
    successful business environments and become more
  • Amadeus applications are efficient and enhance
    the value of travel business processes for travel
    suppliers and users both and deliver an important
    competitive advantage to them. 

Where Amadeus GDS Is Used? 
  • Currently, Amadeus GDS is used by travel
    management corporations, travel agencies and
    travel agents around the world for connecting
    consumers and sellers through an agency, online
    and company travel channels. The system is
    currently widely used for 
  • Airlines Ticketing 
  • Hotels Bookings 
  • Tours packages 
  • Car and Cab Bookings 
  • Airport Transfers 

Amadeus GDS API Integration 
  • For seamless Amadeus GDS API integration,
    FlightsLogic is the ideal place. We are a leading
    Amadeus GDS development company providing the
    best in class GDS development and integration for
    global travel management companies and travel
  • Our specialist developers integrate Amadeus GDS
    to access the inventory for flights, hotels, and
    cars through web services and XML. 
  • Amadeus web-services is an API (Application
    Programming Interface) that is integrated into
    unique web applications and travel portals to
    permit them to access Amadeus capabilities via
    SOAP/XML messages. 
  • Amadeus web services enable travel management
    companies/travel agencies and online travel
    booking systems to get attached with Amadeus
    travel inventory. 

  • Web services enable travel agents to combine
    travel-related content into their applications
    like a booking engine, website, agency
    front-office, and corporate self-booking tool. 
  • Integrating Amadeus web-service in your booking
    engine, website or application can integrate
    real-time information for airlines, hotels, car
    rental, and package tours. 
  • Once the Amadeus GDS is integrated into your
    reservation system, it will consolidate the
    information as well as availability and price. It
    is a cost-efficient way to build and update your
    own custom-made booking possibility with
    comprehensive content. 
  • Amadeus GDS helps travel agents and agencies to
    help the traveler to enhance their business
    globally by serving their clients to get the best
  • Amadeus GDS helps to manage your travel business,
    reducing prices and improving revenues. Amadeus
    GDS API Integration increases profit, determines
    new revenues from different channels and
    maximizes cross-sells and up-scaling
    opportunities and takes advantage of online

Amadeus API Integration 
  • FlightsLogic is a leading travel portal
    development company with profound expertise and
    experience in Amadeus consulting, development and
    integration for B2B B2C travel management
    firms. Amadeus Global Distribution System is one
    of the specified needs of each business that is
    functioning online. 
  • It helps to distribute the services so that the
    target market or clients may get the specified
    result out of it. In the world of travel, Amadeus
    API Integration is one of the oldest and trusty
  • The travel operators over the world use Amadeus
    API integration for the goal of reserving a
    flight, car rentals, vacation packages, resorts,
    and completely different travel reservations. 
  • We at FlightsLogic facilitate in providing the
    entire and therefore the effective GDS
    Integration Solution so that the service
    suppliers and the travelers may get the maximum
    profit out of it. With the Amadeus API
    Integration Solution at your travel website, you
    can get the most appropriate service search
    results. Earlier when GDS was not in the force,
    the travel business was not integrated well. 

Key Benefits of Using Amadeus GDS 
  • Provide best rates to your customers  
  • 24/7 access to inventory  
  • Effective in attracting international travelers  
  • Offer consumers increased pricing transparency  
  • Enables business models such as retail travel
    agency and OTA (Online Travel Agency)  
  • Place travel services to many clients without
    affecting your marketing budget 
  • Travel agents can get a global platform with a
    strong market penetration

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