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Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents (1)


FlightsLogic provides advanced Travelnxt that combines back office, online booking (B2C), and partner booking (B2B). It is a cloud-based application so you can manage all bookings at your fingertips. FlightsLogic provides Travelnxt, Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents, GDS Travel Agency System, and Internet Booking Engine For Travel Agencies globally. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents (1)

Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents
What is Travelnxt in the travel domain? 
  • Travelnxt is an essential tool for travel agents
    and businesses. With the help of Travelnxt, you
    can book everything from a flight to a hotel in
  • Travelnxt is software that allows travel agencies
    and tour operators to sell their services online.
    Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents allows
    them to book flights, hotels, car rentals, trips,
    packages, etc. online. 
  • It has several benefits for both travelers and
    travel agencies, who can save a significant
    amount of time and effort in their process.
    Online travel booking systems are now so popular
    that the majority of people prefer to book their
    tickets, accommodations, and tour packages
    through the ease of the online platform. 
  • Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents
    streamlines the booking process for you and your
    customers by automating tasks such as collecting
    customer information, updating booking
    information, payment, scheduling, and many more. 
  • So, if you want to benefit from the advanced way
    to do business in travel and hospitality, you
    must incorporate an online travel booking system
    into your website. 

Why do you need Travelnxt for your Business? 
  • Travelnxt is a complete solution for travel
    agencies that streamline bookings, customize
    travel packages, generate itineraries, and
    automates sales, operations, and finance. 
  • Customers could use this online booking engine to
    easily search for and book their travel services
    (hotels, flights, transfers, packages, and
    activities) and pay online. 
  • Booking Engine is a useful tool for the online
    travel industry. It allows travel agents and
    businesses to expand their online presence to
    accommodate more bookings and maximize business
    in the travel industry. 
  • Travel agencies are integrating an online
    platform to grow their business and provide the
    best services to their customers. Travel agents
    can use online booking platforms at any time and

  • This platform enables booking convenience and
    boosts consumer ratio and sales revenue by making
    the payment method hassle-free for clients. This
    system allows travel agents to manage bookings
    quickly and easily. 
  • Create an online travel booking platform that
    allows travelers to select from a variety of
    options, simplifies travel bookings, and
    integrates seamlessly with tour operators and
    travel agencies worldwide. 
  • Online booking reservation system that enables
    businesses to consolidate reservations, accept
    online payments, track inventory, and facilitate
    business administration. This system, in a
    nutshell, enables your customers to book tours
    and activities directly from your website.
  • Travel booking systems help travel agencies
    reduce booking errors. Travel companies will be
    able to track and analyze bookings. It becomes
    much more efficient with the integration of API.

How can Travelnxt help travel agencies to
streamline business processes and optimize
  • Online booking software has made the life of
    travelers quite simple and hassle-free. Traveling
    has become a relatively simple and cost-effective
    operation as a result of the creation of the
    online booking engine provided by travel agents
    worldwide via travel technology. 
  • People these days book their tickets online from
    the comfort of their own home, office, or even
    while on the go. The number of travelers making
    online bookings is increasing steadily, making it
    vital for online travel agencies to launch
    customer-friendly travel portals incorporated
    with effective online booking systems to not only
    satisfy customer needs but also better compete in
    the travel industry. 
  • Only an online booking system allows you to book
    everything from flights to hotels in minutes.
    Maintaining travel itineraries has never been
    easier thanks to online booking services. Online
    travel booking systems save a lot of time and
  • Online Booking Engine for Travel Agents is
    undoubtedly a better and more innovative way to
    attract more and more travelers to your business,
    as they will help them provide the best travel
    experience to their customers both during and
    after the trip. 

Why choose us for Travelnxt? 
  • FlightsLogic offers a web-based booking system to
    help with travel booking management. It enhances
    conversion and revenue per booking, generates
    massive revenue from the sale of value-added
    products, collects vital customer data, manages
    email communications with customers, and assists
    you in managing relationships with your most
    valuable guests. 
  • Our Online Booking Engine is a sophisticated and
    scalable online booking and reservation system
    that has enabled our travel customers, such as
    tour operators, wholesalers, destination
    management companies (DMC), B2B and B2C online
    travel companies, and online travel agencies, to
    achieve high-performance growth (OTAs). 
  • We provide an online booking engine with a
    variety of features to help our customers
    maximize performance and revenue. Our online
    booking software provides customers a quick and
    easy booking experience that needs little effort
    when using their PCs, Smartphones, or tablets. 
  • Our expert team creates and deploys a highly
    customizable and powerful online booking portal
    that assists your business by increasing sales.

  • FlightsLogic's online booking system is highly
    customizable and best suited to the business
    needs of individual clients. Automation of the
    booking process can thus result in increased
    business growth and profits from increased
  • Using cutting-edge tools and technologies,
    FlightsLogic can ensure the development of a
    high-performance booking engine. With
    sophisticated booking software, travel agencies
    can easily manage their entire fleet of booking
  • Our travel agency booking platform is accessible
    via a range of channels, including B2B, B2C, and
    B2B2C. As a travel agent, tour operator, or tour
    management company, you can effectively control
    your operations through additional capabilities
    and back-office schedules. The software is
    completely modular, powerful, and scalable.
  • Customers can use our Internet Booking Engine to
    book flights, hotels, car rentals, sightseeing,
    and transfers. It is a holistic Travel Technology
    Platform that allows all OTAs (B2C, B2B, B2B2B,
    and B2B2C) to sell their products across multiple
    channels and increase online bookings. 
  • We offer a powerful Travel Booking Engine that
    contains a flight booking engine, hotel booking
    engine, transfer booking engine, tour booking
    engine, and package booking engine with online
    search and book features for error-free booking. 
  • Our comprehensive features and dynamic approach
    make our travel booking system the pioneering
    booking platform for you. Access to a diverse
    selection of suppliers for your clients, as well
    as best-in-class direct contracting and advanced
    management, workflows, and reporting, to help
    your business thrive in the ever-changing tourism

How is Travelnxt helping travel agencies grow? 
  • There are numerous advantages to using an online
    booking system, including the fact that it not
    only streamlines travel business operations but
    also increases sales and revenue through improved
    customer booking experiences. 
  • Customers expect simple procedures for booking
    travel in this digital age. The number of
    travelers making online bookings is increasing
    steadily, making it important for online travel
    agencies to launch customer-friendly travel
    portals incorporated with powerful online booking
    systems, not only to meet customer needs but also
    to compete in the travel industry. 
  • Online booking engines for your travel website
    are a better and more groundbreaking way to
    attract more and more travelers to your business,
    assisting them in delivering the best travel
    experience during or after travel. 
  • The travel booking system has made the life of
    travelers easier and more efficient. From booking
    flights to booking a hotel, it is only possible
    to do so in minutes with the help of the travel
    booking system.

  • A travel booking system enables travel companies
    to provide excellent customer service by enabling
    quick search response, tracked bookings, and
    simple payment platforms with multiple payment
  • Travel booking system integrated with all
    suppliers hired by Travel Company into a
    structure where Travel Agents can access,
    analyze, evaluate, modify and select relevant
    services in real-time based on customer needs. 
  • The travel booking engine automates transactions
    such as customer data, updating booking
    information, payment, scheduling, and many others
    to make the booking process easier for you and
    your customers. 
  • The online travel agency software is backed up by
    a robust mid-office and back-office system that
    can easily support multiple travel business
    operations, thus automating the entire process to
    provide customers with a better booking
  • The automatic booking and payment processes
    enabled by the integration of an online booking
    engine empower businesses across all industries
    while also allowing global integration with
    third-party suppliers and the sale of products
    via B2B, B2C, and B2E channels. 
  • By providing the most smooth and easy booking
    experience, you can help your customers identify
    your brand and services. Flexible booking, fully
    automated sales reports, and plenty of other
    features are all packed into an incredible travel
    booking system. 
  • We provide online booking engine solutions to
    every Sector of the Travel Industry 

Travel Agents
  • A full-service online booking platform that
    features cutting-edge automation and optimized
    customer journeys. 
  • XML integration with all major GDS systems 
  • Flights, Hotels, Car Rental, Insurance,
    Transfers, Activities 
  • Packaged Holidays 
  • Dynamic Custom Itinerary 
  • Multilingual/Multi-Currency 
  • Manage Margins 
  • Integrate with Existing Website

  • Tour Operators 
  • Sell your tours using our simple, user-friendly
    booking platform. Easy integrations with hundreds
    of travel suppliers. 
  • Make your tours bookable 
  • Custom itinerary 
  • Flights and Bed banks integration 
  • Packaged holidays 
  • Supplier management
  • Pricing manager 
  • Multilingual/multi-currency 
  • Integrate with existing website 

  • Hotels and Resorts 
  • Boost your hotel business with our simple,
    effective, and personalized hotel booking engine
  • Rates and contracts management 
  • Online booking engine 
  • Bed inventory management
  • Check live availability 
  • Promotion builder 

Key Features of Online Booking Tools 
  • Bookings 24/7 Bookings can be made through an
    online platform at any time and from any
  • Integration Use your booking platform to
    effectively interact with third-party
    applications and services. 
  • Accessibility Quickly access the necessary
    details from a central location wherever you are.
  • Mobility Manage, allow, and facilitate mobile
    device bookings. Cost-effective website 
  • customization We deliver easy-to-use developers
    for all-size businesses. 
  • Payment Gateway Software Integration Online
    booking software developed by our experts offers
    an easy payment option. 
  • Rate Comparison You can compare the prices of
    various travel agencies using our integrated API
    platform and book the best possible deal.
  • User-friendly Our online booking systems are
    easy to use, even on a smartphone.

  • Document creation create invoices, vouchers, and
  • Automation Real-time info, notifications, and
  • Payment Security The payment process is safe,
    secure, and convenient. 
  • CMS module manage the content of your web
  • Automated updates Provide real-time and instant
    updates of booking details, price rates,
    invoices, and other details, as well as
    notifications and updates in real-time. 
  • Mobile device compatibility The software can
    access booking information from consumers,
    agencies, and personnel on mobile devices all
    over the world. 
  • Payment Gateway App Integration Our experts'
    Online Booking Software provides simple payment
  • Price comparison Using our incorporated API
    platform, you can compare the prices of various
    travel agencies and book the best deal

What advantages do Online Booking Tools give to
your business? 
  • Using Online Booking Tools on your website can
    provide you with a competitive advantage over
    your competitors. Here are a few examples 
  • Increase in bookings- The most important benefit
    of internet booking systems is that they can
    accept bookings 24/7, offering your customers the
    flexibility to book when it is suitable for
  • Workload reduction- an online reservation system
    reduces the workload for your employees and
    optimizes customer service. Of course, you should
    have personalized customer service to handle a
    variety of requests. 
  • SMS and email automation- It takes a long time to
    send out basic emails and messages. The booking
    system automates this time-consuming
    administrative task.

  • Insightful business insights- A reservation
    system keeps track of each reservation and the
    details associated with it. Customers' booking
    information is a valuable resource provided by
    online booking software. You can gain a better
    understanding of your customers, run reports to
    see which proposals generate the most revenue,
    and see your cash flow in real-time.
  • Increased visibility- Increase your business's
    visibility and reach across the global travel
    market. Having your own Online Travel Booking
    Engine helps create a brand image and thus drive
    bookings from all across the world. 
  • Automated Booking processes- Automated booking
    processes reduced the human effort needed to
    respond to customer requests. Travel Agency
    Online Booking Engine collects data from a cloud
    platform that has permitted them to do so and
    offers users the best value fares and service
    possible. Travelers can easily find and book
    flights, hotels, cars, cruises, and vacation
    packages online. They have quick and easy access
    to their account information, booking stage, and
    seat number. Booking or canceling a ticket is
    extremely simple. 

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