Developing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Best Practices for Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Best Practices for Your Business


Improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace and see your business reap the rewards. Read more about how your business and employees can benefit. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Developing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Best Practices for Your Business

Developing Diversity and Inclusion in the
Workplace Best Practices for Your Business
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The world is full of beautiful, smart, funny, and
insightful people. People from all walks of life,
cultures, ethnicities, races, and genders. Its
peoples diversity that makes daily life
interesting and unique. Imagine a world where
everyone had the same views, upbringing, and
opinions as you? It would be rather boring,
wouldnt it? Diversity is important. It allows
for new ideas and experiences to be shared. When
we open our minds to integrating with different
people, we open ourselves up to learning more.
Its the same in life as it is in business.
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are
vital for this very reason.
Its not only great for the cultural side of the
business but for productivity and business
processes too. Studies have shown that inclusive
teams have shown to have better productivity and
staff engagement. This is attributed to a diverse
team having better problem-solving skills, as
every individual brings a unique view to the
table. LinkedIn has reported that diversity is
directly tied to company culture and financial
performance. Their data indicates that 78 of
companies prioritise diversity to improve
culture, and 62 do so to boost financial
performance. Heres how you can improve
equality and diversity in the workplace as a
business owner.
Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Means
Breaking Stereotypes and Unconscious Biases
  • We all have an unconscious bias. These are
    beliefs that are hidden deep within us that may
    not necessarily align with our conscious beliefs.
    But, theyre extremely important to pay attention
    to. Knowing when we are being biased and creating
    an awareness of the stereotypes we may hold of
    people based on the way they look, speak or
    present is the first step to overcoming them.

  • Leaders in companies need to question themselves
    and employees so that everyone is constantly
    aware of their assumptions. The best way to
    tackle this is to keep a thought journal and
    track behaviours. The more a company can learn
    about stereotypes within their organisation, the
    easier it will become to avoid them. With this
    bias test project, you can get your employees to
    learn about their associations with race, gender,
    and sexual orientation.
  • Its important to understand that having an
    unconscious bias does not make you a bad person.
    It makes you a human. Everyone and we mean
    everyone has unconscious biases. The best thing
    you can do as a business owner to break these
    biases is to have regular internal bias training
    seasons. Open up a path for discussion for this,
    and youll see great results for your companys

  • A diversity training program is a great idea to
    help employees navigate and understand cultural
    differences. Programs like this help employees
    feel connected and give them an understanding of
    each others communication styles, identities,
    customs, and more. In the long run, investing in
    training can prevent and help a company deal with

Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • One of the best ways to encourage diversity and
    inclusion in the workplace is to be a fair
    employer. Employers that reward their employees
    fairly are companies that retain staff at much
    higher rates and attract a diverse applicant pool.

  • When a company provides a level playing field and
    equal opportunity for all staff members,
    workplace satisfaction levels go up, and so does
  • By paying employees fairly, youll garner the
    reputation of being an attractive organisation to
    work for. When posting a job listing, youll soon
    find that youll have more applicants who feel
    encouraged to apply and feel a positive sentiment
    towards your company.
  • Who doesnt want their pick of the best employees
    out there?
  • Make sure your business evaluates its current
    employees earning potential and ensures that it
    matches their output only. This needs to mitigate
    any biases that you may have identified at this

Understand and Acknowledge Different Observances
  • With a team that is inclusive of many cultures,
    religions, and orientations comes the need to be
    sensitive to holidays and observances. This can
    be a beautiful thing. Team members have the
    opportunity to share cultural events, learn more
    about their colleagues religious practices and
    extend good wishes for any celebrations. The more
    a team can understand one another, the more
    inclusivity and tolerance it breeds.

  • By keeping track of various holidays and
    understanding who observes them, you can be
    respectful towards your team when it comes to
    scheduling meetings around these dates. Its also
    important to note if these impact catering for
    business events, as some religions avoid certain
    foods, such as pork.
  • Acknowledging these holidays will gain your
    company a considerable amount of respect with
    your team and make each member feel seen and
    included. When people feel seen, they perform
    better. Its a win-win for everyone!

Mix Teams up Regularly
  • Did you ever sit at the same desk in school and
    hang out with the same group of people during
    break time? If your answer is yes, thats quite
    normal. As humans, we gravitate toward what is
    familiar. We like to be comfortable. However, you
    dont grow within a comfort zone. Its the same
    for work teams that have become comfortable.
  • Prevent your employees from forming cliques and
    encourage them to mix up teams often. By having
    teams made up of people from differing
    backgrounds, theyll learn from each other and
    better understand each others values, cultures,
    and experiences.
  • Perspective increases understanding within teams,
    and this will spur creativity and productivity.
    People of different genders, backgrounds, or even
    ages will bring fresh ideas to the table. Your
    projects will benefit from this range of

Diversity Is a Constant Work in Progress
  • The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the
    workplace are clear. More perspective builds more
    understanding and compassion. However, always
    remember this is a constant work in progress.

At Goodman Lantern, we like to reach out to our
teams with anonymous surveys to discuss any
concerns anyone might have. We encourage all
companies to facilitate check-in mechanisms
that discuss employee well-being as well as
inclusion. If your team feels safe enough to be
transparent with you, it fosters inclusion.
Understand a bit more about why diverse teams are
so important to our culture. We hope it can
inspire your teams! Diversity, equity, and
inclusion will drive engagement in your company,
making it more resilient and holistic. Focus on
improving diversity and inclusion in the
workplace, and youll be sure to create a
thriving business.
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