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Sanitization company in Dubai


Are you searching for professional deep cleaning services Dubai? If so, look no further than us. We also help with pest control, office cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Call us to learn more about our services. If you want to know more visit: Company : EGS Group Address: Office no: 1401 Saheel tower 2 Al Nahda 1 Dubai Phone: 04 578 7683 Email: Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sanitization company in Dubai

EGS Group Cleaning Technical Services L.L.C
  • About us.
  • Our Services
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About us
  • Imagine attempting to maintain cleanliness and
    hygienic conditions in our homes, on our clothing
    and linen, and in our kitchens without the use of
    cleaning supplies and detergents. What about the
    industries that produce food and drink, as well
    as the schools, hospitals, offices, trains, and
  • We know that without the goods and services
    offered by the businesses that comprise the deep
    cleaning industry of A.I.S.E., the International
    Association for Soaps, Detergents, and
    Maintenance Products, cleanliness and hygiene in
    any setting outside the house would be
    unthinkable. These businesses, both big and
    small, produce the cleaning and maintenance
    supplies that support sanitary medical equipment,
    secure food and beverage manufacturing, sanitary
    conditions in public transportation, and
    aesthetically pleasing workplaces.
  • Numerous lives are lost every day as a result of
    unclean water, subpar sanitation, and inadequate
    hygiene in various areas of the world. Although
    there are relatively high standards for
    cleanliness in Europe, outbreaks of illnesses
    like SARS, MRSA, virus, H1N1 influenza, esteria,
    and hospitals acquired infections, and Ebola
    highlight the significance of maintaining
    cleanliness and hygiene as the first line of
    defence via prevention.

Our Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Matress/ Pillow Cleaning
  • Drap Curtain Cleaning
  • Sanitizing Disinfecting Services
  • Home Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bath Room Cleaning
  • Move In / Out Cleaning
  • Appartments / Villa Deep Cleaning
  • Out Door Cleaning
  • Aftar / Event Cleaning
  • Maid Services
  • Residential Building Cleaning

Cleaning Services
Our Services
  • Electrician Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Ac Repair Services
  • Handy Man Services
  • Home Painting Services

Technical / Repair Services
Our Services
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Hotel School Security
  • Event Security Services
  • Commercial Residential Security Services
  • Shop/ Mall Security Services
  • Ware House Security Services
  • Bouncers Services

Security Services
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Discuss Some Keywords
Professional deep cleaning services Dubai
  • Now that you are aware of what routine cleaning
    entails, it is opportunity to talk thorough
    cleaning. Deep cleaning seems to be something
    you'll undoubtedly need to spend in when hiring
    the cleaning service, however deep cleaning is
    more-pricey cleaning. Call us for professional
    deep cleaning services Dubai.
  • The deep filth and grime in your home will be
    removed by a thorough cleaning service. It
    includes regions that a typical cleaning would
    not often include. When you engage a thorough
    cleaner for your house, several of the services
    they provide are as follows
  • Remove soap scum scale from the kitchen tiles,
    faucets, and shower head.
  • Clean the spaces under equipment, such as the
    refrigerator, oven, or washer.
  • Carefully dust all the doors and baseboards in
    the house.
  • Tidy windows inside.
  • Tidy patio doors and window frames.
  • Clean the oven's internal doors.

Office cleaning services Dubai
  • The majority of cleaning services are consumed in
    non-residential sectors. The trend of contracting
    cleaning tasks to save expenses will boost
    revenues. While most of this outsourcing has
    already occurred in various non-residential
    areas, there are still room for expansion. To
    satisfy the demands of office cleaning services
    Dubai that is always changing, we apply a highly
    flexible approach to the supply of continuously
    dependable cleaning.
  • Managers visit the site at least once per month
    as portion of our quality control program to make
    sure everything is operating well. Additionally,
    a complete quality audit of your property will be
    performed each month to ensure the highest levels
    of hygienic practices and cleanliness are being

Pest control services near me
  • We choose pest control products with clear label
    instructions, and always abide by them. To spray
    pesticide to the affected area, choose the
    equipment and suitable pesticide formulations.
    Choose items and procedures that are most
    appropriately suited for the specific
    environment. Use a dust or bait, for instance,
    for prolonged residual action in a dry
    environment spray a microcapsule or wet table
    powder for prolonged residual treatments on
    porous surfaces. Call us rather than surfing for
    pest control services near me.
  • Where appearance matters, use emulsifiable
    concentrates. Such concentrations tend to
    permeate porous surfaces, leaving less
    insecticide on the surface as a result. Before
    using a pesticide, spot test a tiny area to check
    for any side effects.

Professional sofa cleaning Dubai
  • An excellent couch set gives the living area a
    nice look and offers its customers unmatched
    comfort. However, in order to preserve their
    comfort and attractiveness, couches require
    routine expert cleaning services. By removing all
    of the dirt and bacteria, it not only increases
    the life of the couch but also offers it a nicer
    place to sit. Call us for the professional sofa
    cleaning Dubai.
  • One of our methods to clean the furniture is dust
    and any other unwholesome particles can be
    removed from the surface of the couch using high
    temperature vapor heat extraction technology.

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  • Of course, the cleaning products must also be
    safe for use by employees and the environment in
    which they are used. In some crucial areas in
    particular, the industry has gained strides
    toward cleaner, more environmentally friendly
  • The creation of effective dosing equipment is
    crucial to guaranteeing the correct amount of
    chemicals is being used for each application.
    Modern systems or dosage equipment are being used
    to support an increasing number of applications,
    assuring new levels of user safety by preventing
    direct product contacta protection that is
    especially important in professional usage.
    Significant cost savings in packaging and
    shipping have resulted from the creation of more
    concentrated goods.
  • The delivery of professional cleaning services
    products in bulk (full tanks) and semi-bulk is
    increasing (1000-litre containers). Reusable and
    returnable packing materials, such as recyclable
    plastic, serve to lessen any potential
    environmental effect.

Company EGS Group Cleaning Technical Services
L.L.C Address Office no 1401 Saheel tower 2 Al
Nahda 1 Dubai Phone (04) 578 7683 WhatsApp
971 52 609 8894 Email Websit
e https//
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