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What’s the difference between training gloves and sparring gloves?


Sparring gloves and training gloves are the two most commonly used gloves in the gym. Surprisingly, they are also the most commonly confused ones! People, more than often, just pick the pair of gloves that is more affordable than the rest because they all look the same right so they must serve the same purpose, right? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What’s the difference between training gloves and sparring gloves?

Whats the difference between training gloves and
sparring gloves?
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What are Training Gloves?
  • Training gloves are boxing gloves that can be
    used in the gym everyday for mitt/pad work, heavy
    bag training, and partner drills. They provide
    optimal protection while still delivering
    performance. They are usually equipped with
    hook-and-loop closures so that they can be
    removed or worn easily.

Differences in Construction
  • How your gloves are constructed can have a
    significant impact on the performance and
    durability of gloves. There are a few things you
    should consider when it comes to the construction
    of your gloves.
  • The first thing to consider is the type of
    stitching used in the gloves. The best boxing
    gloves are stitched using a chain-stitch method
    to ensure that your glove will not come apart
    when you are in the middle of a tough training
    session. Based on the kind of activity you want
    to buy gloves for, the type of stitching can make
    or break the deal for you.

  • The next thing to look at is the material used in
    the gloves wrist strap. When purchasing boxing
    gloves, it is important to note whether they
    feature a Velcro or lace-up closure because it
    will offer you an easier way in and out.
  • Velcro closures are quicker to put on and take
    off however, they also tend to loosen up a
    little more during training sessions as they lose
    their adhesive power over time.

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Different Material Choices
  • The material makeup of your boxing gloves is also
    worth taking into consideration. Many different
    types of materials are used in boxing gloves
    some are superior to others.
  • Most professional boxing gloves have a mix of
    leather and synthetic materials like foam and
    faux leather. Instead of real leather, a
    synthetic covering offers more durability and
    longevity because real leather wears off easily.
  • Some boxing gloves are made from 100 leather.
    However, these tend to be more expensive than
    synthetic options. It is worth noting that not
    all leather boxing gloves are created equal.

The Importance of Wrist Straps
  • The wrist strap is one of the most important
    features of your boxing gloves. It protects your
    wrists from injury (1) and aids in rotating your
    wrists. While wrist straps vary between each
    manufacturer, there are a couple of things to
    look out for when it comes to boxing gloves. Most
    wrist straps are fully adjustable and allow you
    to adjust the tightness depending on your
    training goals.

  • For example, it is important to have tighter
    wrist support to prevent the gloves from falling
    off. Another feature to look out for is the type
    of closure used in the wrist strap on boxing
    gloves. Therefore, finding a glove that has a
    secure closure that wont come undone during
    training sessions is important. Velcro straps are
    the most convenient. You will find them only on
    high-quality boxing gloves.

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Determining your budget How to find the best
value for money
  • When purchasing boxing gloves, it is important to
    take into consideration what you are after from
    your gloves. The more expensive gloves will
    typically be more durable and provide better
    wrist support, but they might not be necessary if
    you are just starting out.

  • A great way to determine the best value for money
    is to determine your budget. There is no right or
    wrong amount to spend on boxing gloves it all
    comes down to your budget. There are some
    excellent boxing gloves that are under 50 and
    provide great value for money.

  • If you are looking for boxing gloves that will
    last you a long time, it is important to find
    a reputable brand that offers a money-back
    guarantee. This will allow you to return your
    gloves if they break or fall apart within that
    period. If you are new to the sport of boxing, it
    is important to purchase gloves that provide
    adequate wrist support and protection for your
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