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Eteva Tech- Trusted digital enablement and technology consulting partner


"Eteva Tech Consulting is the ultimate destination for cutting-edge architectural solutions and end-to-end product development. Power up your business idea with empathetic design thinking, DevOps, and Agile-backed enterprise architecture – all in one place. From Digital Modernization to Micro-Frontend App Development, and from MVP Development to UX Design, we’ve got you covered. Come, let us build super-intelligent products for your superhuman customers together. For more information, you can website visit: " – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Eteva Tech- Trusted digital enablement and technology consulting partner

New Age Tech Services
The global tech arena has become dynamic and the
pace at which it is changing can leave any one
?abbergasted. For instance, take the year
2018-19, business communities were all excited
about digital transformation and new age tech,
fast forward to 2022 people are talking about
metaverse and massive business opportunities it
can bring to the table. There has been a massive
transformation in the tech landscape as well as
in the perspective of businesses. Such is the
magic of technology. When we talk about new age
tech, we come across a hoard of terminologies on
internet, but have we ever thought what exactly
do they mean and what are their implications on
businesses? Lets check it out through this
Digital Enablement
Digital enablement is the process of driving the
digital transformation journey of an
organization through digital business platform
in order to achieve ef?ciency in business
processes, team engagement, deliver impeccable
value and customer experience, and generating
value through innovation in business models.
Why do organizations pursue digital
transformation driven by digital enablement?
Satisfy the demand Improve user Multi-platform Enhance Enrich partner Generate Increase
for customer experience support customer collaboration revenue employee
enablement and of platforms service channels productivity
self-service apps
MVP-Minimum Viable Product
It is the most basic working version of your
product that helps in collecting maximum amount
of validated learnings about customers and
their preferences enabling further improvement
of the product on feature and functionality
Tech giants that started off with MVP
A ard v a rk
Reasons to start with MVP
Less expensive
Faster release
Faster feedback and validation
Re?ned marketing message
Less risky
Micro Frontend Development
Micro frontends are a new pattern where web
application UIs (front ends) are composed from
semi- independent fragments that can be built
by different teams using different technologies.
Micro- frontend architectures resemble back-end
architectures where back ends are composed from
semi- independent microservices.
Companies that have exploited the true potential
of micro-frontend
Reasons to adopt micro frontend
Market maturity Micro-Frontends Are Becoming
More Popular Among Developers and Analysts
Easy transition Transition Legacy Apps into a
Micro Frontend Architecture or Build Net New
Apps Using Micro Frontends
Frontend to enterprise Ef?ciency in scaling
from frontend app to enterprise solution saving
organizational cost and time
Microservices and serverless computing Microserv
ices, or microservice architecture, is an
architectural style of coding used to build
applications as a collection of services.
Serverless Computing is a cloud-native
development model in which developers can build
and run applications without the trouble of
managing servers.
  • Reasons to adopt microservices
  • According to a survey of 1502 software engineers
    by O Reilly an American learning company
  • 77 respondents adopted microservices
  • Out of the 77, 92 of their respondents
    experienced success post microservices
    architecture adoption
  • 49 respondents described their deployment as
    Complete Success
  • The survey found that teams who own the software
    lifecycle (building, testing, deployment and
    maintenance) succeed with microservices at a
    rate 18 higher than those who dont

Brands that have made it big by using
Serverless computing
  • Why to go for serverless computing?
  • Faster deployment
  • No need to spend time provisioning servers or
    managing production systems
  • Scales in seconds
  • Servers automatically gets con?gured as per
    changes in traf?c and load
  • Make your budget go further
  • Up to 45 of all cloud spend may be wasted due
    wasted/idle capacity of servers, serverless
    computing enables pay as per usage helping in
    saving cost
  • Improve security
  • helps you deploy applications that are more
    secure by taking advantage of built-in security
    features in the platform
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Serverless computing makes it easier to take
    advantage of modern approaches to IT, such as
    containerization, APIs and functions for
    modernization of infra

UX Design
User Experience Design (UXD or UED) is a design
process whose sole objective is to design a
system that offers a great experience to its
users, the way your customers interact with
your product or service.
  • Reasons to put UX design among top priorities in
    your strategy
  • According to research by Mckinsey,
  • 89 of users purchase from a competitor after a
    poor customer experience.
  • 70 of new projects fail because of a lack of
    user acceptance
  • Investing in good UX design can reduce
    development time by up to 55
  • 80 of post-launch ?xes in digital products
    impact the user experience
  • Investing in good UX design reduces support costs
    by up to 90
  • Good UX design improves key performance
    indicators (KPIs) by up to 83

Few of the best examples of great UX design
About Etevatech
We are the de?nitive destination of cutting-e
architectural solutions and end to end product
development. We rocket fuel our clients
businesses and enable them to power up their
growth and scalability with our solutions built
on empathetic design, DevOps, and Agile backed
We are Eteva Tech Consulting, we help you
transform your next big idea into a
revolutionary digital product and service
enabling you to turn yourself into next big
disruptor of your own industry.
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