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In the first course of the Machine Learning Specialization, you will: • Build machine learning models in Python using popular machine learning libraries NumPy and scikit-learn. • Build and train supervised machine learning models for prediction and binary classification tasks, including linear regression and logistic regression – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Machine learning

Roadmap To Success How To Become a Machine
Learning Specialist Over the past decade, we
have witnessed the transformation of Machine
Learning, starting from taking photos with
blurry backgrounds to now getting our queries
answered by virtual assistants like Alexa and
Siri. Such applications and products have people
hooked on to them because of implementing
machine learning at its crux. If you are also
interested in becoming a machine learning
specialist and want to polish your skills or
want to know all the qualifications you need for
the job, then heres what you need to know. You
may go through our brief version of a more
well-elaborated learn path and find out more
details of the same towards the end of this
article. What is machine learning? Machine
learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science built on the idea that
computers can deal with tasks that, until now,
have only been executed by people. It is the
field of study that enables systems with the
ability to learn without any human interference
or definite programming. Its one of those
exhilarating technologies that is promptly being
used in many places than one would
expect. Difference between artificial
intelligence and machine learning Mostly, people
tend to use artificial intelligence and machine
learning synonymously without actually knowing
what they really mean and how they function.
However, both these terms are actually two
different impressions. Artificial Intelligence
is essentially a superset of Machine Learning
that stimulates a computer system to impersonate
human intelligence. It has a wider range of scope
and is engaged in creating a smart system that
can perform various high complexity
tasks. Machine Learning is a subdivision of AI
that stimulates a system to consequently learn
from past data without definitive programming.
It has a narrower scope compared to AI and
primarily focuses on making machines execute
only the specific tasks in which they are
schooled. Learning paths If you want to learn or
get acquainted with a tailor-made skillset and
become a competent Machine Learning Specialist,
then there are two different methods of learning,
namely offline and online mode of learning. The
E-learning mode is preferred by those who want to
take up a certification or free crash course to
qualify with relevant skills and competencies. On
the other hand, Traditional learning is apt for
those who want to pursue a masters or bachelors
degree in Machine Learning and Data
Science. Well, both methods have their own
advantages and disadvantages. However, its
generally best to take up an online course as it
is more beneficial with regard to convenience,
cost and time.
Skills required To qualify as a Machine Learning
Specialist, you need to equip yourself with some
necessary soft and technical skills that can be
learned through various courses. It is further
classified into three categories
  • Prerequisite skills
  • This refers to non-technical skills and is
    required when you begin your ML journey. They
    are as follows
  • Communication Having solid communication skills
    is vital to progress in this career. It is not
    uncommon for a machine learning engineer to
    communicate and explain important technical
    concepts to people with minimal or no proficiency
    in this field.
  • Curiosity and exploratory nature It refers to
    having clarity on what the concept is and what
    its demands are. It is essential to have
    certainty about the subject matter and a strong
    drive to explore more about this field.
  • Structured thinking When data is involved, it is
    critical to abide by a structured, logical
    progression in order to analyze a problem and
    arrive at a solution in an organized way.

  • Storytelling skills You must possess these
    skills to deliver the data in an
    easy-to-understand pattern to arrive at coherent
  • Math and Statistics Having a basic knowledge of
    math and statistical concepts will aid you at
    many different levels, especially in this field.
  • How to Learn?
  • These are topics you can learn through textbooks
    or even through short videos posted online by
    multiple platforms. Here, we have curated a list
    of courses that can help you learn these topics
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Provider Henry Harvin, Price ?7,500 or 97,
    Duration 8 Hours, Level Intermediate
  • Statistics Essentials for Analytics, Edureka
  • Provider Edureka, Price ? 5,099 or 66
    Duration Flexible, Level Intermediate
  • Data Visualization It requires you to be
    well-versed with various data visualization
    tools such as MS Excel, SQL, Tableau, etc, to
    draw meaningful insights from large datasets.
  • How to learn?
  • These are topics you can learn through textbooks
    or even through short videos posted online on
    multiple platforms. However, we have curated a
    list of courses that can help you learn these
  • SQL Essentials Training Certification
  • Provider Edureka, Price ? 6,799 or 87,
    Duration Flexible, Level Beginner

  • Novice skills
  • These are some important technical skills that
    essentially revolve around information
    technology. Lets briefly go through them
  • Advanced Excel Being well versed with advanced
    tools like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and having
    specialized knowledge of PIVOT tables in MS Excel
    will be extremely beneficial for you to secure a
    bright future in ML.
  • How to learn?
  • MS Excel, from beginner to advanced level, can be
    learned in just a few weeks through the abundant
    free resources that are available online.
  • MS EXCEL 2016 Certification Training, Edureka
  • Provider Edureka, Price ? 7,203 or 93,
    Duration Flexible, Level Advanced
  • Advanced Excel Course, Henry Harvin
  • Provider Henry Harvin, Price ?6750 or 87,
    Duration 24 Hours, Level Intermediate

  • Machine Learning Basics It goes without saying,
    to become a good machine learning specialist,
    one should be well informed on all the common
    machine learning basics. They are divided into
    three types starting, from Supervised to
    Unsupervised and going to Reinforcement learning.
  • How to Learn?
  • Having good theoretical knowledge is amazing, but
    implementing it in a real-time deep learning and
    neural networks project is another task. You
    might get different and unexpected results based
    on various problems and datasets. Here are a few
    courses to learn these topics
  • Deep Learning Nanodegree Program
  • Provider Udacity, Price ? 63,956 or 824,
    Duration 4 months, Level Beginner
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree Program
  • Provider Udacity, Price ?77,676 or 1K,
    Duration 4 months, Level Intermediate
  • AI and Cloud Computing Possessing the knowledge
    of AI and cloud computing basics can help in
    enhancing your expertise and give you a holistic
    experience in this field.
  • How to Learn?
  • To gain in-demand skills in cloud computing to
    take your career to next level, here are some
    relevant training programs and certifications for
    beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • Cloud Computing E-Degree
  • Provider Eduonix, Price ?2650 or 34, Duration
    50 hours, Level Beginner

  • Expert skills
  • These skills are required to move from novice to
    expert level in machine learning. Lets quickly
    overview them

  • Text Mining It uses natural language processing
    to translate unstructured text into a structured
  • How to Learn?
  • Data mining plays an important role in Machine
    Learning and understanding it beforehand will be
    highly beneficial. Here are some courses we have
    shortlisted for you to master data mining.
  • Data Mining Specialization
  • Provider Coursera, Price ?8,653 or 111,
    Duration 3 months, Level Intermediate
  • Data Mining Foundations and Practice
  • Provider Coursera, Price ?8,653 or 111,
    Duration 3 months, Level Intermediate
  • Artificial Neural Network It functions across
    multiple layers starting from when the data is
    received in the input layer, which then goes
    through several hidden layers, which helps in
    translating the raw data into a valuable form for
    the output layer.
  • C It is commonly found in games and large
    systems and is famous for its transportability.
  • How to learn?
  • These are topics you can learn through online
    videos or various certification courses. Here
    are some courses that can help you understand
    these topics
  • C Nanodegree Program, Udacity
  • Provider Udacity, Price ? 77,676 or 1K,
    Duration 4 months, Level Advanced

How to Learn? You can learn these topics through
textbooks or even through short videos posted
online on multiple platforms. Furthermore, we
have shortlisted the best courses for you below
and you can enroll for the most suitable
option. Apache Spark and Scala Certification
Training Provider Edureka, Price ?19,795 or
255, Duration 36 hours, Level Intermediate
Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Provider
Edureka, Price ? 16,995 or 219, Duration 30
hours, Level Intermediate Conclusion In
recent times, Machine Learning has become more
pervasive and is everywhere around us. Hence,
wanting to become a Machine Learning Specialist
has a lot of scope and potential in itself. And
so, we have put together a thorough learn path to
guide you through suggestive skills required,
learning courses and potential career options. To
future-proof your career and improve your
prospects, do check out our Learn path for
Machine Learning. You can also probe into a
variety of learn paths catering to different
industries. Please view them from our advice
page. To learn more about the skills, Enroll
today in the best available and highly curated
courses in Artificial Intelligence and Data
Science. About us is a global
edtech market platform. With over 12K courses
from 65 global partners across tech and
non-tech domains. provides 70 key
decision-making inputs to search and compare
from amongst top global courses to zero down on
your decision-making by learning partner,
skills, course, price, and learn type.
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