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Dynamic Packaging Technology


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Title: Dynamic Packaging Technology

Dynamic packaging technology
  • The Most Advanced Dynamic Packaging for Travel
    Agents and Tour Operators
  • Dynamic Packaging System is complete Software
    comes with a specialized Dynamic Packaging Engine
    that helps to identify the business processes
    that are applied to the customer at the time of
    booking, making it easy to add a mark-up and
    dynamically packaged flight, hotel, and other
    services in one tour packages.
  • Travel agency software with dynamic packaging of
    flights and hotels empowers travel vendors to
    package various travel products in real-time and
    sell them in one transaction across multiple
    distribution channels.
  • The Dynamic Packaging Module is an optional
    evolution that enables agents or consumers to
    build their unique travel packages. It provides
    live pricing and availability for cruises,
    flights, and hotels as well as other travel
    products and enables agents or consumers to
    dynamically build their travel packages.
  • Travel software with the dynamic package of
    flights and hotels must be able to dynamically
    generate inventories of flight, accommodation,
    and car rental components for the package in
    real-time. The software also will rapidly
    generate the customer's choices into packages and
    give the total price.

  • How Dynamic Packaging helps Travel Agencies
    Tour Operators?
  • Dynamic Packaging is the process of creating a
    custom package in which consumers can build their
    package by combining multiple travel services
    such as flights hotels, flights transfers,
    flights tours, flights hotels tours,
    flights car rentals, etc. in one package
    depending on their choice.
  • Dynamic packaging tools operate by dynamically
    purchasing package flights, hotels, car rental,
    and other travel components in real-time. These
    modules are then dynamically combined into
    packages and markup is also set up seamlessly.
    Dynamic packaging is versatile on all levels.
  • This Dynamic Packaging System empowers tour
    operators and travel agents to access travel
    inventory of flight, hotel, tour, transfer, car
    rental or other travel solutions and seamlessly
    combine it into a single tour or vacation
    package as per client needs.
  • This makes dynamic packaging an excellent
    beginning opportunity. Tour operators, on the
    other hand, can make the customer experience more
    flexible by configuring packaged tours based on a
    precise understanding of client choices.

  • Partner with Groupy for Dynamic Packaging that
    make a difference
  • Groupy has been at the forefront of the dynamic
    packaging technology market, helping travel
    companies to find suitable systems and technology
    to compete in the latest changing marketplace.
  • We are willing to offer dynamic packages with
    hotel and flight and apply a different mark-up to
    each product (hotel or flight) based on how you
    sell it (individual or as a package).
  • Our Dynamic packaging software will help using
    additional dynamic inventories of many suppliers,
    distributing and offering the resulting
    pre-packaged tours. Such tour software is helpful
    to travel companies because it expands their
    product offerings with "custom" tour packages.
  • Dynamic Packaging comes with an advanced XML API
    integration feature that enables travel agents to
    inventory flights, hotels, etc. from global
    travel suppliers and combines them with their
    inventory to build dynamic packages of multiple
    services such as hotels, flights, tours,

  • Features of Dynamic Packaging we offer
  • Special discounts on dynamic bookings
  • A single window multi-service booking
  • Packaging and selling multiple travel products in
    a single window
  • Selling at numerous points B2B, B2C
  • Integrate with GDS and external supplier and
    wholesaler systems in real-time
  • Retailers can offer their dynamic packages
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Customer interacts with full-service packages
  • Selling packages using feeds from multiple
  • Setting your growth rate by automating operations
  • Maintaining markups and commissions
  • Improve the profitability of your travel booking
  • Create accounting, management, operational, or
    custom reports quickly
  • Promotes vouchers, itineraries, invoices, bills,
    passenger manifest reports, etc.

  • Key Benefits of our Dynamic Packaging
  • Bring various travel services on one platform
  • Allow package customization
  • Set up and manage packages across hotels,
    transfers, flights, and sightseeing from your
    inventory or different XML suppliers
  • Increase business efficiency and boost revenues
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Simple and easy management of bookings
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Filling gaps in accessibility when fixed packages
    may not be available
  • Effectively monitoring business rules and
    producing dynamically priced holidays
  • Create vouchers, custom itineraries, invoices,
    and expenses from a single platform.
  • Automate operations, reduce costs, and increase
  • Expand the product offerings

  • CONTACT USFor more details, please visit our
    website https//www.groupy.travel/dynamic-packagi
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