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How To Ensure Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace


The benefits of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace are plentiful. Here are the top 8 ways you can ensure equality and success in your company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Ensure Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

How To Ensure Diversity and Inclusion in Your
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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are no
longer considerations but prove to be a necessity
for success. The benefits of promoting diversity
and inclusion are paramount, and todays society
calls for a complete transformation to make this
goal a widespread reality. But while many
companies and organisations believe they are
upholding their dedication to equality and
diversity in the workplace, only 40 of employees
agree with this claim. Company attitudes and
actions must shift to increase this percentage
across the global economic workforce and also
create a more positive, uplifting, and inclusive
environment. The results of this increase the
drive and performance of employees and the annual
revenue and growth of a business as a whole.
  • Before we jump into the details of creating and
    maintaining equality and diversity in the
    workplace, we need to understand what it is and
    the importance of placing it as a companys top

What Does It Mean to Be Diverse and Inclusive at
  • Diversity refers to the range of individuals who
    populate our planet. To clarify, it relates to
    the amalgamation of different ethnical,
    religious, cultural, and gender identity

Within the workspace, diversity points to the
pool of employees from various walks of life.
This array of individuals will consequently bring
enhanced innovation, creativity, and perspectives
to the business table. Inclusion enables people
to feel accepted in their shared environment. It
comes about when all individuals harbour a sense
of mutual respect, enabling each individual to
share their unique talents and skillsets.
Together, diversity and inclusion in the
workplace create an environment where everyone
can flourish. These two ingredients contribute to
the soup of success within a company. Without
diverse perspectives, businesses lack creativity,
trample performance, and also squander the
opportunity to optimise growth.
The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in the
  • There are many benefits to businesses that
    prioritise equality. In fact, the perks are so
    numerous that they carve out an entirely new
    foundation on which many businesses orientate
    their leadership.

Ethnically and gender diverse companies create
employee teams that harbour more talent. With a
range of perspectives, experiences, and skill
sets, diverse workforces can cultivate deeper
insights and innovative solutions to the task at
hand. Doing so increases efficiency within the
company as a whole. According to Josh Bersins
research, diverse and inclusive companies are
1.7 more inclined to include innovative leaders.
In direct correlation, companies with diverse
management teams tend to realise higher profits.
Boston Consulting Group reported that in 2018
these businesses experienced 19 more revenue
than their less diverse counterparts.
Companies that have adopted and upheld their
commitment to diversity and inclusion in the
workplace create a positive circular process of
employment rates. The more gender and ethnically
accepting a company is, the more likely it is to
experience increased job applications and thus
more talented employees. Glassdoor statistics
report that over 67 of job seekers are more
inclined to apply for a job at more diverse
companies. When a company embraces inclusivity,
the entirety of the workforce feels respected,
accepted, and happier. This creates a knock-on
effect that promotes productivity. It increases
employee trust and engagement, encouraging
employees to go the extra mile and bolstering
performance across the board.
Eight Ways to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion in
Your Workplace
  • So, how can your company achieve and realise the
    benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace?
    Here are our top eight tips
  • 1. Lay It Down in the Fine Print
  • The best way to cultivate and sustain a diverse
    team is to create a non-negotiable policy that
    states every employee must be treated with
    respect and dignity. Any form of abusive
    behaviour should not be tolerated.

2. Listen In order to encourage inclusivity, you
must be willing to hear your employees out.
Whether you create a personal connection or reach
out to them through regular feedback forms, show
your interest in their thoughts, feelings, and
opinions. This can often create a strong starting
point from which your company can grow. 3. Be
Clear in Job Descriptions Discover a new
approach to your hiring process. Be clear in your
job descriptions and state that you are a company
that welcomes diverse applicants. Open the doors
of work opportunities to marginalised individuals
and actively attempt to lessen both the skills
and pay gap.
4. Prove Your Priority Through Management
Teams Your executive and management teams act as
symbols for the entire operation. So you should
harness the power these teams have to portray
your commitment by employing a more ethnically
and gender diverse management team. 5. Garner
an Inclusive Company Culture The way you treat
your employees and communicate with them across
the board creates the foundation of the company
culture. Implement monthly fun activities where
your diverse employee base is honoured, heard,
and welcomed. This cultivates a company culture
that is inclusive and accepting, which allows
employees to feel comfortable and proud to be in
their position.
6. Foster an All-Inclusive Dialogue
  • Gender and ethnical inequality in the workplace
    can be a sensitive topic. However, if you want to
    curate a trustworthy and transparent company, be
    open to speaking about it. Promote dialogue and
    be prepared to listen to your employees, their
    thoughts, and their concerns.

7. Recognise Multicultural and Religious
Days Honour the diverse cultures of your
employees through the celebration of specific
holidays and days of worship. Let your staff know
that you not only accept but honour their ways of
8. Build Bridges Through Collaborations Diversity
and inclusion in the workplace dont need to end
at the office. Broaden your reach and enhance
networks through meaningful collaborations with
other organisations and businesses with similar
goals. Also, you should spread the word and
encourage companies and businesses around you to
do the same. It is widely proven that diverse
and inclusive companies reap more benefits and
achieve sustainable success within the economic
environment. Diversity in the workforce is more
than just a trend its an effective approach to
uplift businesses and society. To partner with a
content creation agency that is dedicated to
improving workplace diversity and inclusion,
contact Goodman Lantern today.
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