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Learn How To Delete Google Reviews The Right Way


Receiving positive reviews from your dental patients is crucial in growing your business. Feedback that praises your team members and services can be just the push needed for a prospective patient to book an appointment with you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Learn How To Delete Google Reviews The Right Way

  • Learn How To Delete Google Reviews The Right Way

  • Receiving positive reviews from your dental
    patients is crucial in growing your business.
    Feedback that praises your team members and
    services can be just the push needed for a
    prospective patient to book an appointment with
    you. But what if someone shares a poor experience
    on Google reviews? Knowing how to delete a google
    review that unfairly accuses your dental office
    of inadequate care or is spam from competitors is
  • But, going about isn't as simple as you might
    think. This article explains how Google Reviews
    work, what it takes to delete them, and what
    happens if you can't get them removed.
  • Google Review Basics
  • To better understand how to delete a Google
    Review, it's important to understand the basics
    of how they work. You likely already know what it
    is, but keep in mind that other feedback
    platforms out there look similar but aren't
    actually part of Google.
  • The interface used to manage any testimonials
    your dental practice receives is directly
    integrated with the search engine and its related
    business tools and applications. This system
    allows you to respond to online reviews you
    receive from patients, which requires careful
    consideration of tone, language, and HIPAA rules.
    It's also important to note that those who choose
    to leave your practice feedback after a visit can
    also edit their comments later.
  • Finally, you can't simply click a button and
    delete a review you receive.

  • Wait...You Can't Delete a Negative Review?

  • Could you imagine a world where every company
    only had perfect customer experiences and no
    negative feedback? No, we can't either. The
    reality is that a truly reputable dental company
    will have both positive and negative reviews
    visible on their Google My Business page.
  • Keep in mind, complaints that aren't legitimate
    shouldn't be permitted to remain, and there is a
    process to delete a Google review that violates
    the community standards.
  • To delete Google reviews, you only have two ways
    to go about it have the author remove it or flag
    it as inappropriate. To complete the flagging
    process, you will need to fill out a brief
    automated form that will include your email
    address and the violation type associated with
    the negative reviews you want to be removed.
  • Google's review system does use spam checkers
    when someone initially submits feedback. This is
    also an automated process that analyzes the
    content of the review for anything inappropriate,
    untrue, or irrelevant. It's proved to be a
    reliable system for detecting problematic
    comments pretty quickly, but it's still possible
    for some to slip through. This is why they
    provide this additional layer of quality
  • Naturally, reporting a review you don't like or
    feel is inappropriate doesn't guarantee its
    removal. So, it's important to know when you
    should or shouldn't report a bad review.
  • Situations When You Should Flag a Google Review
  • Google offers in-depth explanations of their
    community guidelines for acceptable review
    content, and below are the most common situations
    when you should report problematic feedback

  • Illegal Content
  • You may have someone spam your profile with
    negative reviews that have nothing to do with
    your business whatsoever. If these services or
    goods are illegal in your area, Google prohibits
    them from posting feedback that will have
    hyperlinks to other websites or emails that sell
    these products.
  • This prohibition also includes images, like
    infographics, advertising these items.
  • Impersonated Review
  • Google thrives because it strives to provide the
    most accurate services possible.
    Misrepresentation of businesses hurts user
    experiences, so anyone who leaves a review must
    be the account's owner writing it. Likewise,
    feedback left by individuals using fake accounts
    or using someone else's Google account to do so
    should be flagged.
  • Spam
  • Another issue is a spammy and/or fake google
    review. It could be a positive or negative review
    for a product or service that has nothing to do
    with your dental company. If you are receiving
    feedback from customers or individuals regarding
    experiences unrelated to your practice, don't
    hesitate to remove Google reviews of this type.

  • Offensive Content
  • Google content guidelines for reviews expressly
    prohibit offensive content it deems to be
    profane, obscene, or explicit. The platform will
    also take down feedback with comments that could
    be seen as threatening or derogatory.
  • Anytime you receive a comment or review that
    would fall under these restrictions, protect your
    dental brand's image and report the posts.
  • Conflicts Of Interest
  • Another important thing to remember is Google
    wants honest reviews that aren't manipulated to
    favor the company receiving them. This means that
    those who work for a company, own it, or have any
    other interest in its success shouldn't leave
  • Likewise, remove Google Reviews of employees who
    leave poor feedback about operating conditions or
    your services.
  • Trying to Delete a Google Review May Not Be a
    Good Thing
  • One of the disadvantages of having a Google
    Review deleted is there isn't any guarantee it
    will get taken down. If your request is agreed
    to, you still have no idea how long it will take
    the search giant to get around to doing so
    either. During this time, you could potentially
    lose customers who can still see it.

  • It's also important to remember that a review
    being negative on its own isn't enough. Just
    because a patient uses negative language isn't
    enough either. Unless they specifically violated
    the community guidelines for content that Google
    has in place, it will remain. The reason is that
    the platform focuses on customer experiences, so
    if someone didn't appreciate your hygienist's
    bedside manner during a routine cleaning, the
    search giant wants other potential patients to
    know about it.
  • So, what can you do?
  • Five Approaches Dental Companies Use to Handle
    Negative Google Reviews

  • Respond
  • The majority of the time, responding to a poor
    review can lead to it getting deleted. However,
    the reality is that customers want
    acknowledgment, and sometimes, all it takes is a
    heartfelt apology, and they will take it down or
    update it to mention you did something about
    their issue. The latter is especially beneficial
    because it shows your market audience you care
    about providing the best possible service.
  • Follow Up
  • An interesting point to remember about Google
    Reviews is how long they remain relevant on your
    rating. Google will continue to factor feedback
    that is years old into your rating, which means
    that an upset patient from five years ago can
    still be hurting your reputation. However, most
    prospects looking for dental care mostly rely on
    recent testimonials when deciding on a new
  • You could potentially have the Google review
    deleted if your business has changed so much that
    you may be able to consider taking down their
    feedback. However, many dental companies will
    offer a special service deal to get them to
    return and then update their comments to reflect
    their new experience.
  • Solve The Problem
  • Similar to following up, by doing what it takes
    to resolve whatever led to a negative review
    reasonably, you can probably convince the patient
    to delete it or update it.

  • Being accountable for the issues your dental
    practice has in areas of customer service,
    patient care, and other related problems is
    crucial to the long-term success of your
    business, regardless of a Google review being
    left or not.
  • Also, letting a reviewer know that you addressed
    the problem they reported and that going forward,
    it won't happen again can repair your
    relationship with them. Even if they don't remove
    their comments, you can update your own response
    outlining the steps you took so that the public
    will know that you took their complaint
  • Authenticate The Review
  • The Internet can feel like the Wild West
    sometimes. Individuals will go out of their way
    to be malicious and leave fake reviews to hurt
    businesses. Often, this is due to an employee
    being disgruntled or a competitor is trying to
    sabotage your success.
  • Regardless of its source, take time to
    authenticate any review you receive that seems
    illegitimate. Maybe the feedback you received was
    only a 1-star rating and no details given from a
    customer you don't recognize. Do a quick review
    of the account that left the Google Review on
    your profile and see if there are any other posts
    they've made on other businesses. You can also
    check out Google Maps to see if they are
    referring to a different dental office.
  • If you don't see a profile picture associated
    with them, try responding to their comments and
    see if they respond. If they don't, flag it as

  • Take Control of Your Dental Practice's Reputation
    with Adit

  • For many dental companies, waiting on a response
    from Google regarding a flagged review isn't
    worth the wait. Instead, being proactive and
    staying on top of your brand's reputation is the
    most effective way to increase your positive
    review count and deal with the negatives that pop
    up now and then.
  • Adit recognizes that your dental office's online
    reputation is crucial to the success of your
    marketing strategy and sustainability. So our
    company created a review process called Pozative
    that helps you generate a Google review faster on
    websites that matter. From Google to Yelp and
    Facebook, we make it easy for your patients to
    leave their opinion of their service experience.
  • This program also easily integrates with your
    current practice management software, allowing
    you to manage all the places you receive reviews
    in one convenient location. For more tips on
    managing customer feedback, read our ultimate
    guide for.
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