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2022 Updated Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions


Use the updated Adobe AD0-E709 exam questions to pass the test easily. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 2022 Updated Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions

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Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 1.An Adobe Commerce developer has added an iframe
    and included a JavaScript library from an
    external domain to the website. After that they
    found the following error in the console Refused
    to frame IURLJ because it violates the Content
    Security Policy directive. In order to fix this
    error, what would be the correct policy ids to
    add to the csp_whitelist.xmi file?
  • A. default-src and object-src
  • B. frame-src and script-src
  • C. frame-ancentors and connect-src

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 2.An Adobe Commerce Developer wishes to add an
    action to a pre-existing route, but does not wish
    to interfere with the functionality of the
    actions from the original route. What must the
    developer do to ensure that their action works
    without any side effects in the original module?
  • A. In the route declaration, use the before or
    after parameters to load their module in before
    or after the original module.
  • B. Inject the new action into the standard router
    constructor's Sactionlist parameter.
  • C. Add the action into to the Controllers/front.na
    me/ in My_Module. Magento will automatically
    detect and use it.

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 3.A customer is creating a new website, store and
    store view that will have a new category
    structure. How would an Adobe Commerce developer
    implement this?
  • A. All stores have unique category structures,
    select which root category to duplicate to the
    new store during creation.
  • B. Create a new root category in the admin and
    then select it when creating the website.
  • C. Create a new root category in the admin and
    then select it when creating the store.

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 4.An Adobe Commerce developer is being tasked
    with creating a new cron job to run a method that
    has already been written. What are the minimally
    required steps to accomplish this?
  • A. Create crontab.xml and cron_groups.xml files
    to assign the new job to a cron group.
  • B. Create a crontab.xml file and set a schedule
    for the new cron job.
  • C. Create a crontab.xml file and a new system
    configuration in system.xml for the schedule.

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 5.What are two functions of a resource model?
    (Choose two.)
  • A. It executes create, retrieve, update and
    delete actions for an entity
  • B. It loads lists of entity models
  • C. It is made available in the Magento API for
    the purpose of data manipulation
  • D. It maps an entity to one or more database rows

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 6.There are two different configurable products
    which both share one variation. The shared
    variation is represented by the same simple
    product. A customer added both configurables to
    the cart with the same selected variation? How
    will they be displayed?
  • A. As two separate line items with quantity 1
  • B. As one line item which lists both configurable
    products with quantity 1 each
  • C. As one line item of the first product with
    quantity 2
  • D. As one line item of the second product with
    quantity 2

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 7.As you are scanning folder in the
    vendor/module-catalog directory, you see a
    directory that is named Ui. What is this folder's
  • A. It contains UI component data providers and
    component information.
  • B. It contains templates, CSS and JS pertinent to
    the module.
  • C. It contains the block PHP files that render
    HTML onto the frontend.
  • D. It is not a normal folder and further
    investigation is necessary to determine the

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 8.How many shipping addresses may be selected for
    an order during the checkout process?
  • A. One shipping address per line item is possible
  • B. Only one shipping address per order is
  • C. One shipping addresses per unit of quantity is
  • D. One shipping address per product type is

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 9.A merchant tasks you to keep sales managers out
    of the system configuration backend pages. How do
    you do that using the admin interface?
  • A. You remove access to the restricted pages from
    each users ACL settings
  • B. You create a role with limited permissions and
    assign all sales manager users to the new role
  • C. This is not possible in a native Magento
    instance and requires customization
  • D. You create a role with access to the system
    configuration pages and assign it to all users
    except the sales managers

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Questions
  • 10.You are creating a new indexer which must run
    after the targetrule_product_rule index process.
    When you run bin/magento indexerreindex, your
    rule always runs first creating inaccurate data.
    What is the resolution?
  • A. Use a dependencies node in your indexer
  • B. Specify the sortOrder in your indexer
  • C. Use a plugin on the IndexManager class to
    change load order.
  • D. Create a bash script to execute each indexer
    in the correct order.

Adobe AD0-E709 Exam Answers
  • 1.Answer A
  • 2.Answer A
  • 3.Answer A
  • 4.Answer C
  • 5.Answer A,D
  • 6.Answer A
  • 7.Answer A
  • 8.Answer B
  • 9.Answer B
  • 10.Answer A
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