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From detoxing your body to potentially aiding in weight loss, apple cider vinegar has risen as an important ingredient in the wellness and skincare space – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Nikita Raturi

What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do for Your
From detoxing your body to potentially aiding in
weight loss, apple cider vinegar has risen as an
important ingredient in the wellness and skincare
space. To add to its credit, Apple Cider Vinegar
is now being actively used for hair care as well.
Its accessibility and versatility make it an
all-encompassing solution for most health-related
issues. Just like onion
juice-based products like onion oils, onion
conditioners, onion hair masks, etc. have taken
the world by surprise, Apple Cider Vinegar has
become a sensation in the hair care space. Here
is how using apple cider vinegar in your hair
care products can help  Apple Cider Vinegar
helps with a healthy scalp Apple Cider Vinegar
conditioners and shampoos tend to offer healing
properties for the scalp. This is because the
anti-fungal and antibacterial elements in it
balance out the pH level of the scalp and
exfoliate it. An apple cider vinegar can prevent
the build-up of various infections and dandruff
that happen due to the presence of too much yeast
on oily areas of the scalp. Its anti-microbial
properties help relieve inflammation and reduce
itchiness as well. 
An apple cider vinegar conditioner adds volume to
the hair  Most of us face the problem of our
hair becoming limp, lifeless, and straggly within
a few hours of washing them. This is because the
excess grease weighs down the hair, eliminating
any chance of it appearing voluminous. Apple
cider vinegar not only clears out grime, grease,
and leftover product build-up that gets clumped
in the hair over time but also removes the weight
of excess oils. The result is healthy voluminous
hair.   Apple cider vinegar decreases colour
fading  People who have color-treated hair
actively endorse apple cider vinegar as it helps
close the cuticles, thereby maintaining the
vibrancy of the hair colour. Apple cider vinegar
conditioner detangles  For those with hair
prone to tangles and knots, an apple cider
vinegar conditioner and a wide-tooth comb are
your solutions.  Apple cider vinegar conditioner
strengthens and softens Apple cider vinegar adds
a layer of coating to the hair cuticles leaving
them shiny and soft. It further aids in
strengthening the hair by closing the hair shaft
and cuticles. 
Apple cider vinegar fights frizz and promotes
hair growth   Apple cider vinegar
conditioner smoothens the hair and keeps the
frizz at bay, which is why it is such a common 
treatment option for curly and textured hair. It
also encourages hair growth and brings down hair
fall by balancing pH and cleaning debris from the
hair follicles.  Even though apple cider vinegar
is not a treatment for hair loss, its acidity has
the potential to deal with hair thinning by
balancing pH levels. Other shampoos tend to
unbalance these levels. Thus, adding apple cider
vinegar conditioner and shampoo to your hair care
routine can address this issue.  People who are
new to apple cider vinegar and its application
should start by including apple cider vinegar
products in their routines. WOWs Apple Cider
Vinegar Shampoo is one such way to begin
introducing this wonder product. It is made from
100 organic apples from the Himalayas which
means one can be sure that they are in fresh and
natural hands.
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