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Civil Litigation Attorney in New Jersey — Allan H. Kanan, Esq


Are you looking for Civil Litigation Lawyer in New Jersey? Kanan is an experienced Civil Litigation Attorney for complex corporate and business matters. Call Kanan Today at 201-551-8460. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Civil Litigation Attorney in New Jersey — Allan H. Kanan, Esq

Allan H. Kanan, Esq.

  • Kanan is a skilled Attorney who delivers
    innovative solutions and outstanding value to his
    clients. Clients rely on Kanans business
    intelligence, strategy, and experience to help
    solve clients most complex legal issues. Whether
    clients are individuals or businesses, Kanan is
    committed to providing service beyond the
    standard. Kanan is motivated, enthused, and
    dedicated to continuously obtaining reasonable
    and satisfactory results for his clients. Kanans
    principle is simple each client deserves his
    best efforts, zealous representation, and easy


Looking for Civil Litigation Attorney in New
  • If youre embroiled in a civil dispute, you have
    several legal options for resolving the
    situation. The regulations and procedures
    governing these cases are complicated, and
    attempting them on your own can be stressful. 
    This is why you should require the assistance of
    an attorney.
  • Our attorneys understand how complicated these
    regulations, procedures, and substantive law
    governing civil matters are. Our attorneys are
    able to walk you through this complicated
    procedure step by step.  At our law firm, we will
    give you our undivided attention as we learn
    about the specifics of your situation and
    extensively examine the numerous legal concerns
    that may immediately interact with or be

Civil Ligation Cases We Handle
  • Whether youre an individual or a company, a
    plaintiff or a defendant, landlord or a tenant,
    our attorneys will fight to preserve your rights
    and best interests. Well build a compelling case
    on your behalf using a strategic strategy.

The following are the civil litigation cases that
we handle
Cases Involving Complicated Civil Litigation
  • Issues and/or facts that are difficult to
    discover and verify and that need skill in
    condensing them into intelligible ideas.

Debtor/Creditor Cases You have certain rights as
a debtor or creditor that may and should be
protected. Landlord/Tenant Cases You have
rights as a landlord or as a tenant that may and
should be protected.
Civil Litigation Attorneys Serving New Jersey
  • A civil lawsuit can come from a variety of
    factual situations, including a contract
    disagreement, an employment issue, a regulatory
    issue in the financial markets or with a
    professional licensing bureau, a violation of
    fiduciary duty, recompense for accident-related
    damage, and so on. The decisions of these cases
    have far-reaching consequences for a person or
  • If you are in a situation requiring litigation,
    we are lawyers based in New Jersey with a
    well-deserved reputation. Weve represented both
    plaintiffs and defendants in the State of New
    Jersey as well as before a variety of regulatory
    agencies, so we know how to navigate the legal
    system. Well walk you through the processes step
    by step and answer any questions. or concerns.

Contact Our Litigation Lawyers in New Jersey
  • Its critical to have a lawyer advising you if
    youre involved in a civil issue. Our New Jersey
    attorneys will put their expertise, talents, and
    resources to work for you.  Well assess your
    claim and offer recommendations on how and when
    to proceed.  Our objective is to resolve civil
    litigation cases promptly and quietly to avoid
    the often significant economic and/or
    reputational costs of litigation but to do it
    equitably, with our eyes always on the potential
    risks and advantages of going to trial.

Best Solution for Your Cases
  • In private discussions, regulatory forums,
    arbitrations, and mediation processes, our team
    can represent you. We are competent negotiators
    thanks to our litigation experience, and we will
    always try to reach a satisfactory conclusion
    outside of court. To effectively handle civil
    litigation situations, thorough preparation is
    essential, and our attorneys put in the time and
    effort to design persuasive legal strategies. Our
    attorneys can provide you with the knowledgeable
    and skilled legal advice you require.

What Makes Us Different?
  • The Firm works directly with clients to discuss
    choices, establish solutions, and resolve issues.
    Following are some factors that make us different
    from others.
  • Proactive Representation
  • We are committed to defending you and preserving
    your rights.
  • Innovative Approach
  • We offer customized, creative solutions to meet
    your specific requirements.

Looking To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in New
  • Our personal injury lawyers in New Jersey can
    assist you in determining your legal options.
    Personal injury law is wide which refers to many
    situations in which a person has been injured
    physically, economically, or psychologically. 
    Have you ever been in a major vehicle accident as
    a result of another driver's negligence? Perhaps
    you or a loved one was injured as a result of a
    defective device, such as a car seat or high
    chair, if you or a loved one requires the
    assistance provided by a New Jersey Personal
    Injury Attorney call Kanan Today at (201)

Personal Injury Cases
  • Personal injury lawsuits can occur almost
    anywhere and at any time.  If you have been hurt,
    you should get legal advice from a personal
    injury attorney in New Jersey.  Our lawyers can
    offer you a free consultation. To discover more
    about your legal options, contact us now.

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney
  • Our New Jersey attorneys have experience with
    personal injury matters. Our NJ personal injury
    lawyers can talk to you about your situation. If
    you or a loved one has been injured, it is
    critical to consult with a knowledgeable personal
    injury attorney-at-law in NJ to learn about your
    legal options.

Types of Personal Injury Claims
  • Some common types of personal injury cases are
  •  Involving automobiles, such as car, truck, boat,
    and motorbike collisions.
  • Accidents involving mass transport, such as
    trains, airplanes, and buses
  • Accidents in the construction industry.
  • Cases involving medical misconduct, such as
    significant birth injuries and birth
  • Various types of traumatic brain injuries.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord, paralysis, and other
    serious injuries.
  • Product liability lawsuits, product recalls, and
    deadly medicine lawsuits are all on the rise.
  • Accidents involving slips and falls, as well as
    other situations involving premises
  • Animal assaults and dog bites.
  • Accidents, injuries, and hazardous torts in the
  • Claims for workers' compensation.

How Long Will My Injury Case Take?
  • There are several sorts of personal injury cases,
    and the length of time it takes to resolve each
    one varies greatly. A personal injury lawyer in
    New Jersey may be able to help you settle for a
    large compensation in some circumstances. In
    other cases, you may have to wait for a jury
    decision. Some situations are complicated, and
    resolving them might take a long period. In some
    circumstances, the opposing party might want to
    drag out your case as long as possible to avoid
    or delay paying.
  • It's critical to have a personal injury lawyer by
    your side throughout the procedure. Defendants
    are typically more willing to work with
    experienced attorneys, and they may even agree to
    a reasonable amount of compensation in a
    settlement if they are dealing with a skilled
    attorney. We understand how costly and
    time-consuming personal injury cases can be. Our
    attorneys do not charge a fee until we obtain
    compensation for you, and we will fight for your
    rights at every turn.

  • Real Estate Attorney New Jersey
  • Our Attorneys can be a great resource whether you
    are buying, selling, financing, or leasing. Our
    attorneys represent people involved in
    complicated real estate transactions including
    residential housing concerns, home remodeling
    disputes, and housing code breaches. We provide
    real estate legal service to you in New Jersey.
  • Finding Real Estate Attorneys New Jersey
  • While hiring a real estate attorney to help you
    with your real estate situation may not be
    strictly essential, it is a good idea to talk
    with our attorneys to safeguard your rights and
    your investment. Our attorneys have great
    knowledge and grasp of New Jersey Real Estate
    laws and court rules. Our attorneys are tuned in
    to our customers' requirements.
  • Our attorneys have long-standing and
    well-established relationships with many area
    brokers, mortgage lenders, and title agencies,
    allowing us to offer our customers the most
    effective, efficient, and knowledgeable
    representation possible.

Real Estate Transactions
  • Our attorneys represent both buyers and sellers
    of residential and commercial property in New
    Jersey. Our attorneys have handled negotiating
    deals, preserving our clients' rights, and
    finalizing deals.
  • A variety of challenges develop concerning
    property, including title issues, border
    conflicts, tax concerns, liens, and abandoned
    tanks, in addition to real estate transactions.
    In all of these situations, our New Jersey
    Lawyers worked to protect our clients' interests
    so that they may get the outcomes they want and
    need in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Commercial and Residential Transactions
  • We handle transactions ranging in value from tens
    of thousands to millions of dollars in commercial
    and residential real estate. Our attorneys
    represent corporations and individuals in
    distressed property and foreclosure situations.
    We assist purchasers and sellers in real estate
    transactions including tenants, holdover tenants,
    boundary issues, and title problems.

Real Estate Property Litigation
  • Disputes originating from contracts to acquire,
    sell, or lease residential or commercial real
    estate are common in our New Jersey real estate
    and property litigation practice. Buyers can sue
    for breach of contract, specific performance,
    rescission, and fraud.
  • Sellers may sue to enforce particular execution
    of the contract of sale and for breach of
    contract, while buyers may sue for
    misrepresentations about the property. Boundary
    disputes, challenges to good title and ownership
    of land, foreclosure, drainage, and easement
    concerns are all dealt with in this area of law.
    In addition, cases against realtors and house
    inspection businesses for breach of contract,
    professional negligence, and violation of
    fiduciary duty fall under this category.
  • Why Should You Choose Us?
  • Our attorneys have handled numerous real estate
    disputes, including breach of contract for the
    sale of property, breach of buyer or seller
    warranties, prosecuting and defending accusations
    of the seller or real estate agent fraud, and
    unjust withholding of down payment. Our Lawyers
    in New Jersey are skilled at advocating for our
    client's best interests so that they obtain
    exactly what they bargained for. In real estate
    litigation, our attorneys are dedicated to
    fighting for our client's rights and best

Traffic Violations
  • Traffic Violations Attorney In New Jersey
  • In the United States, traffic offenses are among
    the most prevalent offenses. Tens of millions of
    drivers are issued fines and penalties each year
    for minor and significant traffic violations.
    Traffic offenses account for a significant
    portion of the overall number of violations
    recorded each year in New Jersey, a state with a
    large commuter population. You have the right to
    retain an attorney experienced in traffic
    violations regardless of the circumstances of
    your traffic infraction.
  • Traffic Violations Attorneys
  • In Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County,
    Union County, Middlesex County, and throughout
    New Jersey, our attorneys have successfully
    represented many clients and have reduced or
    dismissed their traffic violations. Our lawyers
    will work closely with you to gain no points, no
    suspensions, no insurance rate increase, and
    lessen your fines.

What Happens if You get Traffic Ticket?
  • When you acquire a speeding ticket or any type of
    traffic penalty in New Jersey, you should be
    concerned about three things
  • Driver Record.
  • Auto insurance rate.
  • Fines, court expenses, surcharges, and jail terms
    are all possible consequences.
  • All of these factors will be considered in an
    efficient plan for dealing with your traffic
  • Driving Record
  • The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)
    will add points to your driving record if you are
    convicted of a moving infraction, whether it is
    an in-state or out-of-state ticket. This is a
    record that will last forever. It will never be
    erased. However, you may lose points in specific
    circumstances. Your driver's license may be
    suspended if you accumulate enough points. 
  • Auto Insurance Rates
  • Your vehicle insurance cost may increase if you
    are convicted of a traffic offense. It will be
    determined by the policies of your insurance
    provider. The sort of infraction, as well as your
    driving record and accident history, can all
    influence the insurer's decision.

Fines, court expenses, surcharges
  • If you are guilty of a traffic infraction in New
    Jersey, you might face a fine. For example, if
    you are guilty of exceeding the legal speed limit
    by 1 to 9 mph, you will be fined 85. A
    punishment of 260 is imposed if you are caught
    speeding 35-39 mph above the speed limit. The
    local Municipal Court might charge you up to 33
    in court expenses if you opt to travel to court
    instead of settling your traffic ticket online.
    If you are convicted of certain offenses, you may
    face a surcharge. The surcharge fee must be paid
    every year for three years. So in all of the
    above situations, if you find yourself in any
    situation, you should retain an attorney to help
    you to reduce or dismiss your traffic ticket.
  • How Can A Lawyer Assist You With Your Traffic
    Violation Ticket?
  • If you get a traffic citation in New Jersey, look
    at the bottom of the ticket to see if the box
    that says "court appearance needed" is ticked. If
    this is the case, make a note of the court date
    and time. You should hire an attorney who would
    stand on your side in the court. Our Attorneys
    will work closely with you and see all aspects of
    the case and come out with the best options for
    you. So you should have a traffic violation
    lawyer on your court date.

Hiring a Traffic Violations Attorney
  • Even the simplest traffic offense can easily spin
    out of control. Our attorneys are experienced and
    skilled lawyers that understand the nuances of
    traffic offenses in New Jersey, and we will fight
    to get your charges reduced or dismissed
    completely. Please contact us right away if you
    have a traffic violation in New Jersey.

Traffic Rules
  • CARELESS DRIVING (394-97).
  • IMPROPER PASSING (394-85).

What our customers say
About Allan H. Kanan
Allan H. Kanan is an Attorney at The Law Offices
of Abdelhadi Associates. Kanan is a skilled
litigation attorney and has extensive experience
in litigation of various matters, including
personal injury, contract disputes,
landlord/tenant, municipal matters. Kanan is
devoted to exceptional client care and tirelessly
works to achieve the best results possible for
his clients. Clients can expect personalized
treatment and honest answers. Kanan is known for
obtaining and negotiating settlements to achieve
the best results for clients. Kanan has a unique
approach towards dispute resolution with his sole
focus on achieving positive client
outcomes. Kanan understands how upsetting,
stressful and emotional situations can be for
clients. He knows he cannot spare his clients the
grief that comes along with legal matters but
wants to put their minds at rest about legal
concerns so they can focus on their own needs and
those of their families. Having seen the impact
on clients of poorly-crafted legal documentation,
Kanan offers services designed to resolve and
minimize the risk of future disputes. Kanan
enjoys providing experienced advocacy for his
clients and supporting them through an
unfamiliar, sometimes overwhelming process. It
gives him great satisfaction to lift a burden of
worry off of their shoulders. Kanan takes the
client's trust put in him and puts himself into
every case  
  • Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University,
  • Rutgers University - Newark, B.A.
  • Admissions to Practice
  • New Jersey.
  • New York.
  • Professional Memberships and Affiliations
  • New Jersey State Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Hudson County Bar Association
  • Bergen County Bar Association

Contact us.
  • (201) 551-8460991 Main Street, Suite 3A
    Paterson, NJOffice (201) 551-8460 Fax (973)

  • The information you obtain at this site is not,
    nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You
    should consult an attorney for advice regarding
    your individual situation. We invite you to
    contact us and welcome your calls, letters, and
    electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an
    attorney-client relationship. Please do not send
    any confidential information to us until such
    time as an attorney-client relationship has been

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