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Creating a healthier lifestyle for the body and mind requires considering what we eat and drink and our daily routines and habits. Psychological well-being and physical health go hand in hand when you have a positive relationship with food. In contrast to the morning ritual of a hot cup of coffee, many people swear by purple tea as their go-to health and wellness beverage each morning. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Creating a healthier lifestyle for the body and
mind requires considering what we eat and drink
and our daily routines and habits. Psychological
well-being and physical health go hand in hand
when you have a positive relationship with food.
In contrast to the morning ritual of a hot cup
of coffee, many people swear by purple tea as
their go-to health and wellness beverage each
Purple tea is a rare tea category made from
purple leaves found in Kenya. The leaves are an
amethyst shade of purple when brewed for tea.
The purple tea leaves in the PT Trim provide
significant health benefits and less caffeine
far outweigh any well-known health benefits that
green or black tea have to offer even though all
three teas come from the same Camellia Sinensis
plant. Purple tea can have a noticeable impact
on how your brain, heart, and body function
throughout the day if you drink it at least once
a week as part of your daily routine. Anti-inflam
matory, antiviral, anti-aging, and antioxidant
properties are all health benefits. The secret
of purple tea is that it contains high levels of
antioxidants and anthocyanins, polyphenols, and
lower caffeine amounts. Such antioxidants found
in purple tea are used in PT Trim Fat Burn, a
fat-burning supplement that improves overall
health alongside weight loss. The natural
ingredients in PT Trim Fat Burn help boost your
metabolism, which increases calorie burning and
aids in weight loss. Increased energy and focus
are among the many benefits of this supplement.
What is PT Trim Fat Burn?
PT Trim Fat Burn uses purple teas surprising
fat-burning power to reduce your weight set
point. Personal weight loss of over 100 pounds
was experienced by the creator of the PT Trim Fat
Burn formula, all thanks to the rare purple tea
ingredient. This strange purple tea ritual was
discovered by the creator of PT Trim Fat Burn in
the Nandi Hills of Kenya. There are many
catechins and epigallocatechin gallates in purple
tea extract, making it unique among tea
extracts. As per the official website, the
biochemical patterns that have decreased your
metabolism can be reversed by using purple tea
in the PF Trim Fat Burn supplement. As a result,
you can lose from fifteen to fifty pounds and
more within a short period without dieting or
joining a gym. The bonus advantages obtained
with the PT Trim Fat Burn purchase include a
list of healthy smoothie recipes and ways of life
that can help
you change your eating and lifestyle habits. Your
weight loss efforts will be accelerated, your
stress levels reduced, and your positive outlook
on life will be strengthened, all of which will
lead to a new physical and psychological
paradigm for you.
PT Trim Fat Burn Ingredients
PT Trim Fat Burn contains a proprietary blend of
1.3 grams of powerful herbs that address the issu
e of obesity and promote overall
improvements in health. It has the following
components and advantages Purple Tea Purple
tea is an excellent source of GHG, a unique type
of polyphenol found only in purple tea. Purple
teas weight loss and anti-obesity properties
may be due to GHG. Purple tea has been shown in
research studies to reduce body weight, stomach
fat, and body fat ratio when consumed over a
long period.
Berberine is a bioactive component extracted from
a group of shrubs called berberis.
Traditionally, berberine was used to treat many
illnesses in Chinese medicine. In addition to
providing health benefits, it has a profound
effect on your body at the molecular level.
Studies have shown that it can lower blood
sugar, cause weight loss, and improve
cardiovascular health, among other things.
Green Tea extract
As a result of its high nutritional and
antioxidant content, green tea has been linked
to numerous health benefits, including weight
loss. Caffeine and catechin, a flavonoid type,
are present in green tea. According to a recent
study, both substances have been shown to speed
up the metabolic process. A combination of
catechin and caffeine can help the body break
down excess fat while also increasing the energy
the body uses.
Garcinia fruit extract
Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a component naturally
present in garcinia Cambogia extract, has been
used in numerous supplements for years. Because
hydroxycitric acid reduces cravings, users wont
feel as hungry as they are. As a result, the
likelihood of users overeating and gaining
weight decreases due to appetite suppression.
Every PT Trim Fat Burn purchase comes with
additional free bonuses to help you get even
better results with your weight loss
efforts. Bonus 1 The 14-Day Flat Belly
Diet To use this new purple tea supplement, you
dont need to change your diet. To keep your
heart, arteries, and other vital organs healthy,
you must eat a diet rich in nutritious foods. A
complete list of nutritional foods was
incorporated into this 14-day Flat Belly diet
regime. For immediate results, it is undoubtedly
an easy-to-learn diet regime. Bonus 2 The
24-Hour Fat Melting Protocol You can use the
creators simple 24-hour fat-melting strategy
whenever you want to lose weight quickly or if
youre looking to destroy fatty tissues fast. It
is, therefore, recommended to use it as soon as
you receive your first shipment of PT Trim Fat
Burn. You can even double or triple your results
on the first day by integrating the two.
Bonus 3 PT Trim Slimming Smoothies
Even though smoothies are an excellent way to
lose weight, most people make them incorrectly!
Instead of using healthy ingredients, they stuff
them full of sugary fruits, carb-heavy
vegetables, and protein powder laced with toxic
chemicals. Thus, they face difficulty while
losing weight. With PT Trim Slimming Smoothies,
yearnings and cravings will diminish and
disappear. This bonus offer includes weight loss
shakes that work exceptionally well. The result
is more significant weight loss. PT Trim Fat
Burn also contains no artificial chemicals,
sweeteners, or fillers.
I lost over 70 pounds of pure fat and a whopping
110 pounds
From my belly, waist, thighs and hips, after
being obese and overweight for my entire
life. And now, two years later, NONE of the
weight has come back. My confidence shot through
the roof My sex drive came roaring back My
energy was at an all time high I felt more
motivated And suddenly, I was getting up before
my three young kids, even though I was never a
morning person. My mental focus and clarity
were sharper than they were 20 years ago, and I
finally felt comfortable in my own body for the
first time in my life. So if you've ever felt
like giving up If you hate looking at yourself
in the mirror Or you never wear a bikini
because you're afraid of what other people will
think... Then please stick with me because I'm
living proof that you can get the body of your
dreams a lot faster than you ever thought
possible And I'm going to share with you
EXACTLY how I did it, step by step, so that you
can do it too.
All thanks to a simple "purple tea" ritual
that's so simple and so
You can do it right at home in less than 15
seconds to start burning belly fat like
crazy No matter how old you are, or what type
of shape you're in. If you have 10, 20, even 50
or more pounds to lose, or you have way more
belly fat than you'd like, which always gets in
the way and never budges no matter what you
try Then this weird purple tea ritual
discovered in the Nandi Hills of Kenya, backed
by the latest scientific research from the U.S.
National Library of Medicine and the National
Institutes of Health is going to completely
change your life.
I got stuck, my body stalled, and my weight
plateaued. Like clockwork, this happened EVERY
single time. And it's not just because I had
kids I know most women blame their bodies after
having kids, because losing weight can seem
virtually impossible once you become a mom. But
for me, losing weight has been impossible my
entire life. When I was a teenager three of my
friends and I were hanging out at the mall when
it was time to eat We went to our favourite
place, but there was an hour-long wait. When we
finally got inside the hostess walked us to our
booth, and as I went to sit down I quickly
realised that I wasn't going to fit.
It helps reverse the "biochemical patterns" that
have slowed down
your metabolism
So you can quickly break through your "set
point," and lose 15, 30, even 50 or more
pounds Without the struggle, without the
frustration, and without the intense hunger and
cravings that have ruined every single diet
you've ever been on. Since this new type of tea
is so new and so rare, no one is using it,
except for the locals on the Nandi Hills of
Kenya Heck, even America's best doctors and
weight loss "experts" don't know about the
amazing, life changing power of purple tea, which
is probably why you've never heard of it
before. You can't find it in a grocery store
And the ones that are available online are just
cheap knock offs Filled with artificial
chemicals, fake sweeteners, and other fillers
Just as I was about to leave the doctor's
office... I was both excited and extremely
The fat was just melting off me
My hunger and cravings were completely gone My
belly was getting flatter than it had ever been
before The cellulite was disappearing from my
butt and thighs My face was thinning
out People were telling me how young I looked,
and even my skin was clearing up. Day after day
I kept doing my "purple tea" ritual Without
drastically changing my diet, or exercising like
crazy And in the end I lost a whopping 110
pounds of nagging, raw fat off my body....
It's like I stumbled upon the secret to rapidly
burning fat that no
one else had ever tried before
Remember, most of us are locked-in to our weight
"set point"... And whether that's weighing 130
pounds, 170 pounds, or 250 pounds Getting too
far down from that number is such a huge
struggle Your body fights against it It WANTS
to hang onto your fat in case of emergency, but
when you finally give your body a new dose of
nutrients that it's never gotten before, your
"set point" starts to go down Like dropping a
brick off the top of a skyscraper
Your weight starts going down so fast you almost
can't believe it's actually happening But the
number on the scale keeps going down, reminding
you that this IS real. It's like taking a pair
of jumper cables and SHOCKING your metabolism
into high gear
PT Trim Fat Burns purple tea formulation is
said to help you have toned limbs, a flat
stomach, and firmer glutes, among other benefits.
When using PT Trim Fat Burn, youll have the
sensation that fat is being burned quickly and
efficiently while also slowing down the ageing
process. Thanks to PT Trim Fat Burns
antioxidants, balanced energy levels are also
provided. It also helps control your appetite and
curb your cravings to help you realise your
weight loss goals. Some of the first users of
the new PT Trim Fat Burn formula were in their
twenties, while others were well into their
eighties, and all reported excellent results.
Even so, every persons body is unique, and it
all comes down to your level of consistency.
Although many people see results within the
first 24 hours, the best results come from daily
use. PT Trim Fat Burn is produced in a facility
following strict GMP guidelines.
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