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Custom woven patches for finer details.


Patches are fantastic accessories that people have used for a long time to repair clothes. With time people turned patches into decorative pieces of items used to show passion, belonging to a group or cause. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Custom woven patches for finer details.

  • Custom woven patches for finer details.
  • Patches are fantastic accessories that people
    have used for a long time to repair clothes.
    With time people turned patches into decorative
    pieces of items used to show passion, belonging
    to a group or cause. It is used in the military
    for displaying ranks, units, and accomplishments.
  • Nowadays, they are also used for advertising
    organizations use them on hats, jackets,
    t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, etc., to spread
    brand awareness or show their support for a
    specific issue and raise funds.
  • Although there are many patches, you can create
    and choose custom woven patches when you want to
    look classy while incorporating finer details.
    They will take your style and marketing quotient
    to the next level.
  • When understanding custom woven patches, it would
    be better to highlight the differences from
    custom embroidered patches.
  • Woven patches are created by directly stitching
    the design into the fabric, while interlacing
    threads create embroidered patches.
  • There are differences in the way both the patches
    look. Since the weave of woven patches is
    created using thinner threads, you can
  • achieve much more delicate details. The threads
    provide more precise lines and flatter
    appearances, which resemble a printed look.
  • The patch thickness is also lesser and more
    streamlined than other patches, making them
    suitable for patches used for a temporary
    purpose, e.g., you are creating an awareness
    drive for Earth day. You want people and
    volunteers to use the patches on the spot.
  • Unlike its counterpart, woven patches can be
    customized into smaller sizes because of the
    materials and manufacturing process without
    losing their integrity. People can use woven
    patches inside or outside the clothing without
    feeling bulky.
  • Different types of backing for woven patches

Iron-on backing Users can heat a press and use
these patches on any piece of cloth they want.
They are easy to apply and remove without
ruining the fabric. Adhesive backing These
backings are suitable for one-time use users
can apply them on any cloth. They are temporary,
and the adhesive loses its integrity after
taking off the cloth. Velcro backing When you
want easy application regularly, these are the
ones to choose. They are used by people in the
military, police, and other agencies. Sew on
backing If you want permanent backing, go with
sew-on backing. It gives a more structured look
and is ideal for jackets, backpacks, hats, etc.
Mostly people belonging to a group such as a
motorcycle group use custom patches with a sew-on
backing. Whatever backing you choose, you need
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