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Top 15 AI-enabled cybersecurity companies in 2022


Several top cybersecurity companies are gaining traction in the fight against corporate intrusions. Various cybersecurity vendors that use artificial intelligence to defend internet-connected systems or other IoT devices exist. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 15 AI-enabled cybersecurity companies in 2022

  • Top 15 AI-enabled cybersecurity companies in 2022

Technology advancements are fueled by severe
competition, which forces every supplier to
include new ideas to stay ahead of the
competition. As more new and innovative
businesses enter the market, the demand for new
approaches grows even more. Cybersecurity is a
very busy topic right now, with new approaches
and attack protection strategies sprouting daily.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to appear
in a variety of IT products, including
cybersecurity, as a result of the advancement of
AI methodologies. At the forefront of
cybersecurity, an elite group of forward-thinking
companies are using artificial intelligence (AI)
in their products to defeat attackers and win
clients.The integration of cutting-edge
technology like artificial intelligence and
computer vision into IoT devices has resulted in
a huge increase in cybersecurity measures.
Several top cybersecurity companies are gaining
traction in the fight against corporate
intrusions. Various cybersecurity vendors that
use artificial intelligence to defend
internet-connected systems or other IoT devices
exist. Artificial intelligence and machine
learning can enhance a companys cybersecurity by
constantly monitoring for suspicious activity and
resolving the problem before it becomes a big
issue. To beat attackers and attract customers,
an elite group of inventive cybersecurity
companies is incorporating artificial
intelligence into their products.
  • The leading AI cybersecurity vendors
  • The cybersecurity sector has been changed by
    machine learning and flexible workflows. Here are
    the specifics on how each of the key players is
    contributing to this progress
  • FireEye
  • Fortinet
  • Webroot
  • Check Point
  • Darktrace
  • Sophos
  • Cylance
  • Symantec
  • CrowdStrike
  • Vectra
  • SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2)
  • Vade Secure
  • Cynet
  • Callsign
  • Blue Hexagon

  • FireEye
  • FireEye, which was founded in 2004, delivers
    threat intelligence technology that provides
    context and prioritizes attacks, allowing it to
    proactively protect against future threats.
    Threat detection, prevention, and response are
    all part of FireEyes comprehensive platform of
    services and intelligence. The company has
    expanded into the manufacture of cybersecurity
    technologies that employ AI to monitor networks
    and discover anomalies as a result of innovation
    and acquisitions. This strategy, together with
    the transition from a fee-based to a
    subscription-based Software-as-a-Service model,
    has made the company profitable and changed what
    was beginning to appear to be an overvalued
    novelty into a sought-after investment. To
    protect customers from cyber-attacks, FireEye now
    offers a full portfolio of security solutions,
    intelligence, and services.Fortinet
  • Fortinet, founded in California, combines
    automated, self-healing networks with Al-driven
    security for quick and efficient operations.
    Fortinets AI capabilities include analyzing
    billions of cyber-attacks and sending
    intelligence based on that analysis to its
    clients via its FortiGuard Labs. FortiWeb, their
    AI-based firewall, detects threats with
    unprecedented precision using machine learning
    and two levels of statistical probabilities.
  • The Fortinet Security Fabric platform protects
    many of the worlds major enterprises, service
    providers, and government agencies. As the
    security fabrics core analytical engine, the
    business created an AI-based Self-Evolving
    Detection System (SEDS). To be able to activate
    automatic defense operations to block any
    detected threats, the defense mechanism needs
    access to network resources such as firewall
    rules and operating systems.

  • Webroot
  • Webroot uses artificial intelligence to block
    zero-day threats in real-time, offering threat
    intelligence to businesses around the world and
    endpoint and network protection. The company uses
    AI to combat phishing assaults and malware,
    particularly JavaScript malware, as well as other
    online threats such as botnets. To broaden its
    awareness of the threat landscape, Webroots
    machine learning capabilities provide greater
    insight into why particular attacks are
  • Other phishing solutions exist to detect a
    phishing site many of them are based on metadata
    or URLs, relying on the classic list-based
    approach. To detect a phishing site, other
    organizations look for patterns in the URL.
    Webroots phishing solution, on the other hand,
    works in real-time, allowing it to open the URL
    and stop it there.Check Point
  • Check Point is a renowned cyber security solution
    supplier. Intellistore, Check Points fully
    customizable platform, is one of the most
    comprehensive and easy single-point control
    systems available, allowing users to select
    real-time threat intelligence that best meets
    their needs. This Israeli firm has long been a
    pioneer in the application of artificial
    intelligence in cybersecurity. Check Point
    provides its customers with the option of
    customizing threat intelligence received via the
    IntelliStore platform, allowing for customized
    security tailored to the needs of the business.

  • Rather than developing a single AI-based threat
    management product, the company invested in three
    AI-driven platforms that support several of the
    companys major services. Campaign Hunting,
    Huntress, and Context-Aware Detection are three
    of them (CADET). Campaign Hunting is a
    centralized service that provides the most
    up-to-date attack vectors and mitigation
    techniques to client-site threat detection
    systems. The Huntress AI-based system analyses
    the performance and behavior of the software in
    question and communicates any irregularities to
    Check Points central system. The CADET AI engine
    collects event data in real-time, allowing
    attackers to prevent attack paths that exploit
    seemingly unrelated resources at the same time.
    The threat database is fine-tuned by CADETs
    unsupervised machine-learning function, which
    reduces debilitating false positives. It
    establishes a digital security analyst and
    immediately initiates preventative measures.
  • Darktrace
  • Darktrace, based in the United Kingdom, was
    created by mathematicians in 2013. Thousands of
    firms across a wide range of industries have used
    Darktraces technologies to battle cyber-attacks
    in real-time. Darktraces services include
    machine learning-based analysis of real-time
    company data. This enables the study of any
    variations from normal behavior that could
    indicate that a companys system is in jeopardy.
    Darktrace detects and neutralizes threats across
    networks, the cloud, and IoT using self-learning
  • With its Enterprise Immune System and Darktrace
    Antigena systems, Darktrace uses artificial
    intelligence to identify a wide range of threats
    at their early stages, including cloud-based
    vulnerabilities, insider attacks, and
    state-sponsored espionage. Enterprise Immune
    System serves as a foundation for all of the
    companys cybersecurity offerings. EIS employs AI
    techniques and uses unsupervised machine learning
    to populate status rule bases.

  • Sophos
  • Sophos, based in the United Kingdom, offers a
    diverse range of innovative solutions and
    services to protect users, networks, and
    endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits,
    and phishing. Sophos is a global leader in
    cybersecurity solutions for the next generation.
    SophosLabs and SophosAI provide threat
    intelligence, AI, and machine learning for this
    portfolio. Intercept X for endpoint protection
    and the XG Firewall for network protection are
    the two key AI-based Sophos products.
  • Intercept X employs artificial intelligence to
    eliminate the requirement for a centralized
    threat database. A deep learning neural network
    developed by Invincea, which was acquired by
    Sophos in February 2017, is at the heart of the
    service. This software keeps track of normal
    behavior on the protected device and sends out
    notifications when something unusual happens.
    When exploits and viruses are found, Endpoint
    Detection and Response (EDR) sets in motion
    workflows and actions to shut them down and
    isolate them. The XG firewall is a network
    hardware device. Its dashboard provides
    information on current network events and
    traffic, but its real value is in its automated
    response mechanisms, which enforce security
    without the need for human participation.

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