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Financial Planning and Analysis


Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a set of four activities that support an organization's financial health: planning and budgeting, integrated financial planning, management and performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Financial Planning and Analysis

Welcome to our Company
Fortaleza Capital
About Us
Fortaleza Capital was founded in San José, Costa
Rica in 2011 when founder and current General
Director JC Porras joined its first real estate
project in Guanacaste, overseeing the project
structuring and funding. At the end of 2013, the
company expanded services to residential project
structuring, project management and enterprise
financial valuations. Over a decade later, we
have advised 25 investment deals, gaining
experience and expertise with a significantly
improved level of customer service and
responsiveness. We have built our reputation by
demonstrating financial discipline and
transparency principles. For the next five years,
we will serve a growing client base locally and
abroad. That client base considers lending
institutions, public and private companies,
private and public real estate funds as well as
owners of large commercial and industrial
Our Services
Enterprise financial valuation experts
In the increasingly sophisticated practice of
valuation services, experience, expertise, and
training are essential components to an
insightful valuation that allows your business to
make informed business decisions. Our Valuation
Services team can address a wide range of
valuation matters involving transactions
(domestic and international), intellectual
property, gifting, intangible assets, financial
reporting, stock options, and derivative
financial instruments in helping you determine
the fair value or fair market value of your
business or companys assets.
Our professionals assist a wide range of clients
including Private Equity and Private Debt Funds,
Private Equity-backed Companies, publicly traded
companies, and family offices, and small
privately held companies. To guide your business
forward, you will receive an analysis based on
the latest standards and ready for defensible
audit scrutiny, including expert testimony in
litigation proceedings.
Real Estate Finance Investment Banking
If you are planning to buy a home then that is a
very good decision but before you take the plunge
you must have proper knowledge about different
aspects of buying a home. For this, you need to
ask yourself some important questions and ensure
that you have the answers for the same and only
then you must invest in property.
The first thing that you need to ask is why you
want to Invest in Real Estate? Are you planning
to buy the property so that you can settle down
in that space with your family or do you intend
to sell off the property and get good returns
shortly? Now based on your goal for property
investment the choice of property depends. If you
want to live in that property then you have to
take into consideration your requirements and
then choose the property. If you are buying the
property for investment purposes then you need to
choose one from where you can get good resale
Project Management Construction
In Fortaleza Capital, we are capable of assessing
and promoting soft costs equity stakes in real
estate project investments, integrating permits,
project management, and construction know-how as
benefits for our partners and shareholders.
Construction projects typically include hundreds
of tasks and multiple phases that require a deep
knowledge of the building process and an ability
to problem-solve to keep the project on track.
Due to the complex, often shifting nature of
construction projects, the role of a construction
project manager is to keep the project moving
according to plan.
The goal is to manage the project so that it
finishes on time and on budget, while still
delivering a final product that meets codes,
plans, and specifications. Some of the
construction project managers responsibilities
include project management planning and cost,
quality, and safety management.
Analysis and Financing of Investment Projects
One can expect good services only when you
connect with the right company providing the best
services for real estate. One company that is
known for its exemplary services in the sector of
real estate investment banking is Fortaleza
Capital. If you want good returns for your
Investment money then you must approach this
organization. Fortaleza Capital is known for its
innovative ideas and has one of the finest
management that takes care of the client in the
best possible way. The analytical capabilities of
the team of this organization are high and with
their customer-centric approach and transparency,
this company can maintain the best relations with
their clients. Fortaleza Capital is not only
known for its efficient real estate finance and
investment banking services but they also provide
the best consultancy and project management
services to its clients.
Structuring and Development of Real Estate
Capital seekers are connected with capital
providers in the case of real estate investment
banking or REIB. An investment bank has an
investment banking division and REIB is a group
within this division. The analysis of the capital
stock such as preferred equity is done by the
investment banker and the identification of
potential capital sources is done by the
investment banker. Understanding the main
verticals of real estate investment banking Real
Estate Investment Trusts or REIT In Real Estate
Finance REITs are responsible for raising debt
and equity for the acquisition and development of
properties. Mortgage REITs are known to invest in
loan portfolios instead of property equity and
these mortgage REITs operate more like a
commercial bank.
  • Our Strengths
  • 20 years of real estate finance experience.
  • 500 financial models analyzed.
  • 10 enterprise financial valuations in last year.
  • 25mm in corporate sale and lease back deals
  • 10 years of construction experience and land

Currently our business investment portfolio
includes 5 different companies construction,
retail, stone crushing, real estate and
investment banking.
Real estate investment banking can be called the
meeting point of capital seekers and capital
investors. There are many diverse verticals in
real estate investment banking and the portfolio
of the analyst of real estate investment banks is
very vast. For the best services in real estate
investment banking connect with Fortaleza Capital.
Real Estate Investment
Current Certifications
Finance is not merely about making money. Its
about achieving our deep goals and protecting the
fruits of our labor. Its about stewardship and,
therefore, about achieving the good society.
Juan Carlos Porras Guzman
Partner CEO.
Expertise in real estate finance with 20 years
regarding sale and leaseback deals, loan
structuring, real estate development, housing
construction and municipality contracts. CEO
responsible for lending and evaluating
investment, business and startup opportunities,
raising capital and securing loans for real
estate developments. Oversees board of directors,
commercial performance and outlook, sales
projections and cash flow for all business
units. JC started his career as a project manager
for REITs where he analyzed project portfolios
totaling over 500mm in real estate proposals.
Additionally, JC has demonstrated expertise in
business and project analysis. JC has earned a
Masters Degree in Project Management from
Instituto Technological (Costa Rica), a B.A. in
Finance from Universidad de Costa Rica and a B.A.
in Business Administration from Universidad de
Costa Rica.
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