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What’s Life Like in Independent Senior Apartment Communities?


In this article, we discuss what to expect from the best retirement communities for active adults. Continue reading to find out what to expect from senior living and how residents benefit. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What’s Life Like in Independent Senior Apartment Communities?

Whats life like in independent senior apartment
  • A recent survey found that 89 of residents were
    satisfied or very satisfied with their senior
    apartment communities. For many senior adults,
    the idea of senior living means losing their
    freedom. They dont realize that it means the
  • In this article, we discuss what to expect from
    the best retirement communities for active
    adults. Continue reading to find out what to
    expect from senior living and how residents
  • Independent senior living
  • When it comes to senior apartment communities,
    many people worry about losing their
    independence. On the contrary, senior community
    apartments work toward encouraging independence.

  • Unlike nursing homes, independent senior living
    communities are apartments meant for seniors.
    They dont provide nursing care or limit the
    comings and goings of their residents. Some
    communities even offer complimentary
    transportation so their residents dont need to
  • Independent senior living communities offer their
    residents more time to enjoy their independence.
    They do this through their wide array of
    time-saving amenities such as washers and dryers,
    hair salons, and more.
  • Interacting with a community of active adults
  • Independent senior living communities also
    provide the ability to interact with others.
    There are plenty of active senior adults and
    dedicated staff.

  • Its almost impossible to feel alone when youre
    surrounded by friendly faces.
  • The staff at senior apartment communities are a
    great source of support. These hard-working and
    caring professionals ensure everything is working
    as it should. They also make sure their
    residents needs are being met
  • New friends
  • The best retirement communities for active adults
    provide a unique environment. These environments
    allow for regular, fun socialization.
  • These types of communities are ideal for people
    who want to continue to experience life. They
    also tend to want to make friends in the process.

  • The layout of these apartments makes it easy to
    access community activities and visit neighbors.
    The more involved a person is in community
    activities and social events, the better
    experience they tend to have.
  • Support network
  • Retirement communities are also an ideal way of
    building a support network that truly understands
    what its like to be a senior. Family members
    often have the best intentions, but fail to fully
    understand the needs of a senior.
  • Surrounding oneself with like-minded friends
    helps build camaraderie. It creates a true and
    lasting sense of community unlike anything else.
    Plus, regular socialization offers health
    benefits such as an increased lifespan and
    decreased risk of depression.

  • Fun activities
  • Access to fun activities is one of the main draws
    of senior community apartments. They allow senior
    adults to gain new skills and hobbies. These
    include skills they may not have tried otherwise.
  • These activities range from community dances to
    book clubs and yoga. Through fun activities,
    residents can experience community, fun, and
  • Other activities are strictly aimed at
    entertaining residents. Some communities offer
    field trips to local museums, nature trail walks,
    and trivia nights.

  • Access to community amenities
  • The amenities offered by senior apartment
    communities make being self-sufficient a breeze.
    Instead of having to trek across town for a
    haircut, one can venture into the in-community
  • Likewise, a resident and their new friends can
    enjoy a night out from the comfort and security
    of the community. Many communities offer movie
    theaters, game rooms, and communal kitchens.
  • They also make it easier to keep up on tasks that
    are difficult to do from a traditional home. Its
    easy to stay active with regularly scheduled
  • However, an on-site gym means residents can
    exercise whenever its convenient for them to do

  • Access to in-home amenities
  • In-home amenities such as washers and dryers,
    water, sewer, and trash make life much less
    stressful. Everyday worries are lessened because
    these amenities are included in the monthly cost.
  • Plus, its easier to manage when something goes
    wrong like the hot water turns cold or the dryer
    wont dry. All residents need to worry about is
    notifying their community who will then take care
    of the issue for them.
  • Extra security
  • The best retirement communities for active adults
    give them new friendships, new activities, and
    increased security. Many facilities provide
    quality security systems and 24-hour front desk

  • If a resident is going away for the weekend,
    theres no short supply of friendly neighbors to
    look after their home.
  • For residents, this means a reduced sense of
    vulnerability when their home alone. For family
    members, it means that someone is nearby if a
    resident slips and falls. There is a great
    balance between independence and access to help
    if its needed.
  • Increased quality of life
  • Residents of a senior living community often
    report experiencing an increase in their quality
    of life. They get more exercise, more
    socialization, and have a more active lifestyle

  • The combination of new hobbies and new friends
    allows residents to embrace new challenges.
    Activities such as card games and trivia help
    maintain their mental capabilities while having a
    good time doing it.
  • Plus, they have fewer reasons for not
    participating since everything is within a short
    walk from their front door. They no longer have
    to worry about transportation or limitations from
    health conditions.
  • In contrast, seniors who live alone end up
    feeling lonely and disconnected. They have
    trouble staying active even if its something
    they want to do.

  • Start enjoying the benefits of senior apartment
  • When it comes to senior living, its easy to
    assume the worst such as a loss of freedom and
    independence. However, senior apartment
    communities offer their residents great benefits
    including, but not limited to, a greater sense of
    worry-free independence.
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