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CBD Honey Sticks UK : Everything You Need To Know About


Curious about the hype surrounding CBD honey sticks in the UK? Here's everything you need to know about these amazing honey sticks we have in the UK! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: CBD Honey Sticks UK : Everything You Need To Know About

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From the sunny climate of Florida to the rainy
weather of London, hemp is resilient and
thrives everywhere and so do we! Sun State Hemp
is now available in the UK and were here to
bring you some of the finest CBD products
available in the market. With 99 Pure CBD, our
CBD Products are 100 natural. We have a wide
range of products to choose from, including CBD
Skin Care Products like Lotions and Bath Bombs,
CBD Candy Chewables, CBD Vitamins and
Supplements, Full Spectrum Gummies for all sorts
of everyday issues like sleeplessness, stress,
and anxiety, and even CBD Oils. All our
CBD products are made with pure Organic CBD Hemp
Oil. We even have an arsenal of vegan
alternatives to CBD gummies for an extra natural
Safe, Legal and Will It Get Me High?
Cannabidiol or known to many as CBD is a
naturally occurring compound found in Hemp, a
species of cannabis. From its non-psychoactive
properties to well known anti-inflammatory
benefits it has really created a buzz in the
health and well-being industry. Its very low
levels of THC will not get you high and this is
why over 1.2 million people have turned to CBD
as way of extracting the therapeutic benefits of
the cannabis plant. CBD is safe and sold legally
in the UK as a food supplement.
Youve heard of superfoods like avacados and chia
seeds.. Now get ready for a brand new superfood
thats taken the UK by storm!
CBD Honey Sticks are very popular in the UK, and
for good reason too. This ancient medicine mix
of honey and cannabis has an amazing modern spin
to it. Packed with nutrients, CBD honey sticks
are a delicious and healthy way to get your daily
health fix. Honey is known to heal wounds, clear
up bad bacteria, soothe burns, and supply your
body with energy. Its been used for its
medicinal properties for centuries now.
Cannabis, on the other hand, has also been used
famously throughout the ages due to the anti-
inflammatory and antioxidative property of CBD.
It also has neuroprotective and pain-killing
effects. When you combine honey and CBD, you get
a superfood like no other! Weve put together
this article to give you a closer look into CBD
honey sticks in the UK. Read on to learn more
about what CBD honey sticks in the UK are, their
effects, and where you can get them.
Everything You Need To Know About CBD Honey
Sticks (UK)
What Are CBD Honey Sticks In The UK?
CBD honey sticks (UK) are pretty self-explanatory
as its right there in the name theyre straws
packed with CBD-infused honey. You can consume
the honey directly, or mix it into your drink to
feel the health kick from these combined
superfoods. CBD honey sticks are also called
honey straws due to the fact that they look like
normal straws. CBD honey sticks have a mix of
pure honey infused with hemp-derived CBD.
Full-Spectrum honey sticks have other
cannabinoids as well, like CBG, CBN, CBDV, CBC,
terpenes, flavonoids, and even trace amounts of
CBD (less than 0.2). These miraculous straws of
delight can be found in solid as well as liquid
form. In solid form, they fell and look like
candy that you can serve in a hot drink or suck
on. In liquid form, its just honey in a straw,
with a CBD twist.
How Do You Use Honey Sticks in the UK?
Though the superfood used are ancient, CBD honey
sticks in the UK are made for modern- day
convenience. Theyre super easy to consume
on-the-go and can give you that instant kick of
energy you need, no matter where you are. In
fact, CBD honey sticks are a popular snack among
health-conscious people. Theyre a great way to
keep your energy and focus up, even when youre
outdoors! The natural sugar found in honey is a
healthy way to get you sweet fix with a jolt of
energy. Heres how you use CBD honey sticks in
the UK Open up your CBD honey stick packet and
take out one straw Cut or bite off one end of
the straw Suck the honey out of the straw as
youd normally use a straw If you dont want to
consume it directly, you can also mix your CBD
honey stick into your favourite drink or use it
as a spread on bread to really indulge. One of
the best things about CBD honey sticks is the
fact that you consume it in its purest form, so
you dont lose out on any nutrients!
Now that you know the wonderful benefits of CBD
honey sticks, youre
probably wondering where you can get these
amazing honey sticks in the UK. Youve come to
the right place! Here at Sun State Hemp, we have
all your CBD needs covered with a galaxy of
amazing choices to choose from. Check out our
online shop for the best CBD honey sticks in the
UK, among many other exciting products!
Contact Us
info_at_sunstatehemp.co.uk 325 Kirkgate. Wakefield.
WF1 1HS www.sunstatehemp.co.uk
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