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Benefits That You Derive Once You Are VAT Registered


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Title: Benefits That You Derive Once You Are VAT Registered

Benefits That You Derive Once You Are VAT
What Is VAT?
  • VAT is short of Value Added Tax. It is the tax
    that is also known as consumption tax that is
    imposed on each stage in the supply chain. And in
    each stage, a tax amount is added beginning from
    the production of the item to the time when it is
  • So in reality VAT is the amount of tax paid by
    the user which is based on the cost of the
    product deducted by the cost of the material that
    has already been paid in the preceding stage. If
    you have any difficulty in understanding and
    getting it done, then you can take the help
    of accountants in Dubai.

Types Of VAT Registration
  • VAT registration in the UAE is of two types. One
    is the voluntary VAT registration and the other
    is the mandatory VAT registration. In the
    voluntary VAT registration system if your earning
    is in the range of AED 187,500 375,000 then you
    are not liable to register for the VAT services.
    But if it exceeds AED 375,000 then you will have
    to compulsorily register to avail of the benefits
    of the system. You can do VAT registration in
    Dubai accordingly.

Why Should You Be VAT Registered?
  • If you are registered for the VAT services it
    means that you have the acknowledgement of the
    government of that country to continue doing
    business in keeping with the protocols of the
    land. You are permitted by the government to
    collect the VAT from customers and deposit the
    same with the government. You can file for VAT
    returns and claim the input. This is done
    professionally with VAT registration services in

Benefit 1
  • Every business owner does not see eye-to-eye with
    the government on the registration of VAT for
    their business but they will definitely benefit
    from it if they can understand the logical flow
    of things.
  • Once you are registered for VAT you are eligible
    to reclaim the VAT on all the goods and services
    that you purchased. Here your input is the tax
    that you pay to the government while output is
    the tax that you charge from the user of the
    goods and services. Get in touch with
    professional accounting services in Dubai for

Benefit 2
  • When you charge for the goods and services that
    you provide to your customers, investors see that
    a lot of money is being transacted in the
    business. This portrays you in a positive light.
    Every investor would of course like to see big
    amounts being involved before they can actually
    invest in your business.

Benefit 3
  • Nowadays, as this is the system in almost every
    country, lenders, buyers, suppliers, clients and
    investors are only interested in working with
    such VAT registered companies. So you will
    definitely benefit from VAT registration. You
    also look more professional to others and, people
    will tend to believe in your authenticity. It
    will help you to only increase your business
    because of its legitimacy.

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