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International Merchant Account for Estonia and Payment Gateway


Eskaypay payment gateway in Estonia for high-risk merchants connects businesses with the best merchant account providers. Visit us today and have a conversation with us to get a suitable payment solution ready for you. For more details:- Mail us at Visit Here: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: International Merchant Account for Estonia and Payment Gateway

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How an International Merchant Account for
Estonia and Payment Gateway Amalgamate for
High-risk Merchants?
Merchant accounts and payment gateways work
together because without them a merchant cannot
complete his payment process with customers.
Estonia, a country in Northern Europe is a
?ourishing spot for high-risk businesses. The
merchants here desperately look for the best
service providers in merchant account solutions
and payment gateway solutions. The best is to get
a deal where both services amalgamate. It happens
in reality as well. Some payment gateways also
connect the merchants with the acquiring banks
that provide the business accounts to receive
payment money. For example Eskaypay connects
businesses with an international merchant account
for Estonia and payment gateway services are also
Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways are
Interdepended for Payment Processing
Every high-risk merchant knows this fact. The
payment that a merchant account for a business
receives from the customers can be processed
through a payment gateway. A payment gateway in
the ?rst stage where the money comes. To forward
it to the merchant account, it needs to go
through the gateway. The gateway company provides
a safer platform for the smooth travel of the
money to the acquirer bank that has the merchant
account of a business. At the same time,
processing of money by the payment gateway is
useless if it does not have any destination to
Security Concerns of an International Merchant
Account for Estonia and Payment Gateway Connect
Each Other
Both the merchant account providing acquiring
banks and payment gateways are concerned about
the security of their merchant clients. For this
purpose, both the acquirer and payment gateway
need work together on payment security
technologies. Tokenization, chip and encryption
are the most popular ones on which both the ends
that is gateway and account providers work. They
implement these technologies to work smarter and
o?er secured transaction experience to the
business owners. Also, the payment gateways
follow the PCI-DSS that is payment card industry
data security standards for the security purpose.
Both Merchant Account Providers and Payment
Gateways Work Based on the Market Goodwill Status
That is absolutely true. A merchant account
provider may reject the application of a merchant
if it has a payment gateway notorious
for ine?iciency. There are two reasons for that
?rst is a weaker gateway company cannot control
and ?nancial fraud. Any loop in the security
system can also harm the customer data of
merchant account provider. Similarly, the payment
gateways work only with a renowned acquiring
bank. A payment gateway company will never
connect its merchant clients to a merchant
account provider notorious for any reason.
The acquirer with higher rate of per transaction
rate or with tricky hidden policies etc. will
only worsen the merchants experience. In that
case, the merchant customer will also complaint
to the payment gateway company for connecting him
to a bad merchant account provider.
Integration of Multiple Currency and Payment
Methods is Incomplete Without Any of The Two
Yes, again it is a clear thing. A high-risk
merchant needs to have multiple payment methods
and multiple currency payment option as payment
facility to the customers. But for that he also
needs a merchant account and also needs a payment
gateway. Both the ends work on their
responsibilities to provide best services to a
high-risk company and to its customers. A
merchant that enables credit card payments, need
to connect to a payment processor but a payment
gateway connects the merchant from that
processor. Similarly, when the payment completes,
the money needs to go to a particular account and
that can be a merchant account only. Now, if you
talk about the multiple currency payment options,
it can happen only when the acquirer bank gives
permission and facility. Some areas are notorious
for ?nancial fraud, in that case, the merchant
account bank may not allow a merchant to make and
accept payments from that particular country or
region. The point is risky businesses cannot
operate without the mutual presence of a merchant
account provider and also a payment gateway
service provider. Eskaypay, the payment gateway
solution provider o?ers high-risk payment
solutions. Also, it has a global and vast network
on acquirers. Conclusion The interdependence of
merchant account providers and payment gateways
is known. The good thing is that both the ends
are ?ourishing fast to contribute for best
payment solutions. It is the result of the
advancement that today we are even able to
process cryptocurrency payments in high-risk
businesses. For business owners, the
opportunities are more and threats are less an
even none in properly managed payment
processing. If you are a high-risk merchant, you
should employ a perfect amalgamation of merchant
account solutions and payment solutions.
Eskaypay payment gateway in Estonia for high-risk
merchants connect businesses with the
best merchant account providers. Visit us today
and have a conversation with us to get a suitable
payment solution ready for you. Tags Payment
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