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How Web Content Writing Services Grow Your Company


Hiring content creation can substantially increase visibility and revenue. Discover how to hire the best web content writing services for your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Web Content Writing Services Grow Your Company

How Web Content Writing Services Grow Your Company
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Content is the foundation for any online
business. It leads to more sales, visibility, and
engagement. You attract new visitors while
strengthening relationships with existing
customers.  Unfortunately, not every business
owner has enough time to produce copy for
commercial impact. Business owners juggle various
responsibilities, and writing isnt a walk in the
park. Writing a quality blog post takes several
hours, and not every business owner can fit that
task into their schedule.
Companies must consistently post to stay in front
of people and get new leads. The moment they stop
publishing new copy, companies start to stagnate
and lose ground to competitors. Business owners
may have enough flexibility to write the
occasional blog post, but daily and weekly posts
can be a hassle. A website content writing
company can provide consistent articles for your
website. Writers optimise the articles to gain
traction on search engines and generate recurring
traffic. You can significantly improve revenue
and earnings growth with web content writing
services. Well share the process of hiring
copywriters that benefit your company.
Create Your Content Strategy Before Looking for
Web Content Writing Services
  • Before looking for talented writers, you must
    first establish your content strategy. A decent
    strategy sets the following
  • Core offers
  • Customer avatars
  • Main topics
  • Prioritised platforms
  • Key objectives

Core offers are products and services that
deserve the most focus. These offers generate
high ROIs or convert better than average.
Settling on core offers helps you create customer
avatars. Companies should create a customer
avatar for each core offer. Knowing customer
avatars helps you identify topics. Companies
should create topics that address each stage of
the customer journey.  Some website content
writing services provide copy ideas that target
the customer journey. Understanding what
prospects think and optimising articles for
search intent leads to a more robust strategy.
Youre no longer pumping out copy just for the
sake of it.
Knowing your offers, avatars, and main topics
will help you prioritise platforms. You cant be
on every social network, and it wouldnt make
sense to stay active on each one. Companies
thrive when they get the attention of their
prospects. Spend more time on social media
platforms that attract your clientele.  This
background information helps you identify key
goals for your content strategy. Establishing
objectives helps you measure success and focus on
what matters the most for your company. Some
companies dont see a return on investment from
writers because they dont create strategies.
Producing copy for the sake of it doesnt lead to
more revenue. You can either make the strategy
yourself or work with an agency to craft your
Should I Hire a Freelance Writer or a Website
Content Writing Company?
  • Companies can choose between a freelance writer
    or an agency. Both investments yield more content
    for your brand. Website copywriting services help
    you publish articles that increase visibility and

Companies want the most beneficial writers, which
requires a combination of value and price. No one
wants to overpay, but you dont want poor results
either. Some businesses will benefit from a
freelance writer, while others should invest in a
content marketing agency.  Understanding the
pros and cons of both choices will help you
narrow your focus. Making your choice refines
your outreach so you either focus on freelance
writers or copywriting agencies. Well outline
the pros and cons of each option.
The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Content Agency
  • Content agencies provide many advantages. You get
    access to a broader pool of writers and more
    professional help. Agencies train writers on how
    to optimise articles and vet talent. These
    agencies reject writers who dont fit their
    criteria to ensure clients get paired with great
  • The main disadvantage of agencies is the cost.
    Youll pay more for an agency than a freelance
    writer who offers website copywriting services.
    Not every agency will pair you with the same
    writer. If you enjoy an article, ask the agency
    to pair you with the same writer. Not every
    agency can fulfil the request, and the writer may
    be unavailable, prompting the agency to provide
    you with a temporary replacement.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Writer
  • Freelance writers charge less for their time than
    agencies that offer web content writing services.
    Youll also know the same writer will handle all
    of your assignments. If you enjoy working with
    the writer, you get direct contact with them.
    Some companies see this as a significant perk.
  • However, hiring a freelance writer has downsides.
    A freelance writer is often one person without a
    team. Freelance writers may not answer your
    emails while on vacation, and your work may not
    be a priority for them. Some freelance writers
    work part-time while working at a day job. You
    may not get a prompt response for an urgent

Content agencies provide copy and other assets to
businesses full-time. These companies regularly
invest money into staff and take themselves more
seriously than part-time freelance writers. You
may not get the same work ethic from a freelance
writer who treats their occupation as a part-time
career.  Some freelance writers provide great
content. However, youll have to spend extra time
vetting freelancers you find in the market since
an agency hasnt vetted them for you. You will
save money with a freelance writer, but youll
often get more value from an agency.
Ask Each Writer to Provide a Test Article
  • You can invite a freelance writer or content
    agency to provide a test article or short-term
    contract before hiring them. This measure allows
    companies to invest a low amount of money in
    determining if a writer or an agency of web
    content writing services can produce acceptable
  • Agreeing to long-term contracts with low-quality
    writers will hurt your brand. Low-quality copy
    reflects poorly on your brand. People make
    associations between what your offer and what you
    post. Great content indicates a great offer, but
    the reverse is also true. Prospects wont
    consider your offer if your posts have typos and
    are not engaging.
  • A test article helps you determine if a writer
    can produce good copy and follow your rules. Some
    companies have parameters for their content,
    requiring a specific call-to-action, keyword
    usage, and other details. 

Read through each article and review them for
grammar and style. Seeing grammatical errors
should draw you away. Professional freelance
writers and content marketing agencies will run
each piece through Grammarly or another software
to identify errors before submitting articles to
clients. Quality grammar is a basic
expectation. After checking for grammar, read
the article. Ask yourself if it would resonate
with readers and if the writer addressed that
articles objectives. You can also have someone
on your team review articles to determine if they
fit your companys branding. 
Interview Web Content Writing Services or Writers
Who Reach the Next Step
  • Test articles submissions create an affordable
    filtering process. You can shortlist your
    favourite writers and content marketing agencies
    and proceed to jump on calls. Ask writers and
    agencies several questions to gauge their
    interest and ability to write for your company.
    Weve provided some starter questions to help you
    conduct an effective interview.

How Do You Handle Writing About Topics That Are
New to You?
  • Some writers dont know about your topic going
    into a contract. Agencies will do their best to
    pair you with an expert, but due to availability,
    you may get paired with someone who doesnt know
    your industry. This isnt always bad, as the best
    writers do enough research to write a compelling
    article. Ask about the process even if the writer
    knows about your industry. No one knows

How Much Copy Can You Produce for Us Each Week?
  • Some companies need writers and agencies who can
    commit to full-time hours. Other businesses only
    need 5,000 words per week. Even if a writers
    potential output surpasses what you need, you can
    always make a change later if you want more copy.

How Do You Expect to Get Paid?
  • Writers and agencies have various payment
    structures. Knowing how a writer or agency
    expects to get paid helps with budgeting. Some
    website content writing services expect payment
    by the article or word. Some services will charge
    0.20 per word or set a rate of 200 for a
    1,000-word article. 

How Do You Optimise Each Article for Search
  • This question reveals a candidates ability to
    optimise for search engines. Youll want to hear
    something about keywords and backlinks in the
    article, but an SEO strategy can stretch beyond
    those tactics. Search engine optimisation
    presents a tremendous long-term opportunity for
    your businesses. No search engine optimisations
    will close the door on that opportunity.

How Do You Handle Editing and Feedback?
  • Writers and copywriting agencies should not
    charge an extra fee for editing and feedback.
    Its common for service providers to charge for
    content and make any changes free of cost. Ask
    candidates about their availability to handle
    editing and feedback. Receiving updates in a day
    compared to a week makes a big difference.

Facilitating Communication With Your Writers
  • Communication can make or break any relationship.
    After hiring a writer, quickly provide them with
    assignments so they can get started. Promptly
    respond to submissions with requests for feedback
    to stay top of mind. If you ask for feedback
    several weeks later, a writer may reject your

Asking for feedback within a few days will speed
up the process and lead to an earlier
publication. You can email writers, but using
other platforms will strengthen communication.
Messaging boards such as Slack help you
communicate with many writers at once.  You can
also use a resource like Trello to visualise the
workflow across your company. You can create
columns for assigned articles, tasks in the
editing phase, and which pieces should get
published. Business owners have to juggle
freelancer communication with other parts of
their business. You can assign this
responsibility to a team member, but a content
agency can perform this role more effectively. 
Content agencies handle the communication and
have the software to facilitate smooth
interaction. Instead of communicating with many
writers, you can speak with a writing agencys
manager. This manager can communicate with all
writers and provide you with a summary of whats
happening. The manager can also reach out to all
writers and inform them of a clients changes. 
Hire the Best Web Content Writing Services for
Your Company
  • Content can perform various objectives. Some
    posts will educate visitors and make them aware
    of your brand. Other posts help people select the
    right offer in the late stages of the customer
  • Its overwhelming to manage production and
    planning by yourself. The best web content
    writing services streamline the process for you,
    providing additional time to focus on other
    business activities. If youre still looking for
    a team of writers for your business, look no
    further than Goodman Lantern.
  • Goodman Lantern vets all of its writers and
    ensures smooth communication. We let our writers
    know if you want changes, and they get the job
    done. You wont have to worry about talking with
    many writers or fret over communication issues. 

We will help your business craft a successful
content strategy, so each article grows your
brand. Content marketing isnt going away. Many
consumers use search engines to find products and
services. Goodman Lantern wants your company to
show up on top of those search results and grow
revenue. Wed be happy to assist your company
with those goals.
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