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How To Get A CompTIA 1002 A+ Certification


The goal of CompTIA 1002 A+ Certification is to provide students with an established foundation they can use at the beginning of their IT careers. This PPT file will help the best way to pass the CompTIA 1002 A+ test. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Get A CompTIA 1002 A+ Certification

How To Get A CompTIA 1002 A Certification
  • Many are turning to IT professions due to the
    abundance of opportunities for employment in
    addition to financial stability and exciting
    work. The best part is that such shifts can be
    made, and they need not be extreme. Anyone can
    begin by passing several tests and getting the
    correct certifications.
  • A few of the sought-after and sought-after
    certificates are the CompTIA A certification.
    The acquisition of the CompTIA A Certification
    is the ideal start to getting into the IT
    business. This article will discuss the best way
    to pass the CompTIA 1002 A test.

What is CompTIA A Certification?
  • The goal of the course is to provide students
    with an established foundation they can use at
    the beginning of their IT careers. But, due to
    the amount of content that it contains and the
    amount of information that the CompTIA A
    examination aims to impart, it's broken down into
    two exams.
  • Two exams are offered the CompTIA 220 1001 exam
    (also called The Core 1 examination) and the
    CompTIA 220 1002 A examination (also called The
    Core 2 examination). We've already discussed this
    Core 1 examination in a previous blog and will
    now examine this exam. CompTIA Core 2 exam.

A Look at the CompTIA 1002 A Certification Exam
  • It is the CompTIA A 220 1002 core series that
    was replaced by that of 902. The version was
    released on January 15th, 2019, and is designed
    to train candidates in everything necessary to
    become IT technicians. It also covers positions
    like IT operations and technical support. The
    purpose of this CompTIA A 220 1002 test is to
    test applicants in their understanding of the
    following fields
  • Operating Systems (27)
  • Security Expanded (24)
  • Software Troubleshooting (26)
  • Operational procedures (23 percent)

CompTIA 1002 A Exam Details
  • Although Core 2 and the CompTIA Core 1
    examination and Core 2 examination might seem
    like they are in many ways, it's important to be
    aware of some different characteristics. Here's
    what you should be aware of regarding Core 2
    Core 2 examination
  • Experience (Recommended) It does not mean that
    the test is open to anyone to take any time
    however, it is highly advised to pass the exam
    when you've had at least 9-12 months of
  • Questions The Core 2 examination has a maximum
    of 90 questions per exam. Although this is a
    large amount, it's uncommon for the exam to
    include all 90 questions. In most cases, exams
    will have between 70-and 80 questions.
  • Questions Types - The exam will include a variety
    of kinds of questions. The first, and typically
    the most frequently asked questions are multiple
    selection questions. Candidates must select the
    right answer or answer to the questions asked.
    Another type of question is drag-and-drop
    questions and questions based on performance.
  • Time for Test - Similar to that of the Core 1
    examination, the Core 2 examination lasts 90
    minutes. This means that you'll be given an hour
    and a half to complete the exams. You must make
    sure that you utilize your time effectively and
    do not spend it on questions that you're not sure
    about. Instead, revisit them after you've gone
    through the exam and answered the questions
    you're confident in.
  • Scores for passing The pass mark on core 2 of
    the Core 2 exam is 700 (on a scale from 100-900).
    This is equivalent to 75 on the test to pass.
    Many candidates opt to attempt practice exams and
    aim to get 85 or better while preparing for an
    exam. CompTIA A1002 test.

Prepare for the CompTIA 1002 A Exam
  • Before you step foot in the testing facility,
    keep in mind that preparation for the exam is
    essential. Failure to prepare for the exam is as
    bad as planning to fail. This is a great motto to
    follow while preparing for an exam like the
    CompTIA Core 2 test.
  • This CompTIA A certification is designed to help
    candidates jumpstart their IT careers. After you
    have become A certified you'll be equipped with
    the skills and knowledge to start your new
    career. If you're planning to earn your CompTIA
    certifications, get in touch with MCC and begin
    the first step towards becoming certified and
    accepted as a member of the CompTIA professional
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