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5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants | Ant Control In South Jersey


Our specialized pest control trained professionals first identify the type of ant infestation, followed by the proper method of treatment for ant control in South Jersey. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants | Ant Control In South Jersey

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants Ant Control
In South Jersey
As Benjamin Franklin once said, prevention is
better than cure. It might not have been ant
control, but we like to think the founding
fathers would have welcomed professional pest
control with open arms. Check out these natural
ways to prevent, deter and kill ants in your home
without harmful chemicals
cut off their food source The easiest way to keep
ants away from your home is to keep your home as
clean as possible. The lack of open food sources
means there is little reason for ants to visit
your home. Seal all leftovers in reusable
containers or bags. Clean crumbs under and around
kitchen appliances, inside sofa cushions, in and
around garbage cans and inside the pantry. Ants
are also attracted to pet food, so keep food in
an airtight container and clean up any leftover
kibble around the bowl when your furry friend has
eaten his fill.
  • Clean traces of odor
  • Vinegar is an effective all-purpose cleaner, but
    it can also be used to remove uninvited guests
    from your home (sorry, we're not talking about
    your in-laws). Look at the lines the ants follow
    to determine where their scent trail is it's
    invisible to the naked eye, but you can watch
    where the ants move to get an idea of where the
    trail begins and leads.
  • Then spray your counters, walls, windowsills,
    etc. with a 50/50 mixture of undiluted vinegar
    and water to remove invaders.
  • Try natural remedies
  • There are many natural herbs, spices, and
    essential oils believed to kill or deter ants.
    Experiment with these methods and see if they
    work for your pest problem.
  • To deter ants
  • Black pepper or cayenne pepper
  • mint
  • Coffee beans
  • Whiteboard

Clean your lawn Ants and other pests can use tree
branches or nearby vegetation to gain easy access
to your home. Prune long tree branches and keep
shrubs planted near the outside of your home
neatly trimmed to prevent ants from using them as
a bridge to a window or other access
point. Stop the invasion. Call Hornet Pest
Control now! Because ants are social insects,
they work in organized patterns to collect
information using a tracking and communication
mechanism through the use of pheromones. Finding
where they came from can be tricky, and locating
their nests can be even more difficult. This is
why ant control is necessary to be
ant-free. From treating key areas with baits
that kill existing ants and their nests, to
taking preventative action to ensure ants don't
return for revenge, we have the Houston ant
control solutions you need. need to solve all
your ant infestation problems. . Are you looking
for Is Benefits of Professional Termite Control
Hornet Pest Control Get by Hornet Pest Control
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