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Weight loss the truth


When people say they want to lose weight, they usually mean fat loss. When the body reduces lean mass (muscle) instead of fat, it loses weight quickly. This occurs because the body prefers muscle to fat as a source of energy. Learn more about the difference between muscle and fat loss. Continue reading - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Weight loss the truth

Weight loss The Truth

About Fat Loss vs. Muscle Loss
  • To being with fat is not at all like a muscle. It
    is more energy-dense, in that, it contains more
    calories (9) per gram than muscle.
  • The more muscle mass you have the higher your
    energy requirementcalories burnedat rest.
    Thats right, muscle needs to burn those calories
    just to stay alive.
  • So losing weight in the form of muscle mass is
    something to be avoided, as it means you will
    burn fewer calories at rest. Not just that, by
    virtue of having less muscle mass, you will also
    tend to put on the weight you lost quickly.

Difference Between Muscle Loss Fat loss
  • You'll be more easily exhausted, and you'll be
    less able to manage the same amount of weight as
  • Even routine activities will exhaust you.
  • Your body composition will either remain the same
    or deteriorate.
  • Weight loss will be greater than usual.

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Why do we lose muscle mass first and then fat?
  • Its clearly bad to lose muscle mass instead of
    or before fat loss.
  • Unfortunately when there is a large calorie
    deficit, as usually happens when a person is
    attempting to lose weight by eating
    insufficiently, the body tends to burn muscle
  • This is because, by choice, the body prefers
    glucose for energy.

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