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Muslim Charities in USA & Canada


We have compiled a list of Muslim charities in the US and Canada to help you make an informed decision. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Muslim Charities in USA & Canada

Muslim Charities in USA Canada
  • We have compiled a list of Muslim charities in
    the US and Canada to help you make an informed

Muslim Charities in US
  • In 2020, Muslims in America donated about 4.5
    billion USD. It can be challenging to find
    charitable organizations that accept Zakat,
    Sadaqah, and other donations and distribute it
    according to Islamic principles. We have compiled
    a list of Muslim charities in the US and Canada
    to help you make an informed decision.
  • Transparent Hands
  • Islamic Relief Canada
  • Islamic Relief USA
  • Muslim Welfare Canada
  • Muslim Hands Canada

Transparent Hands
  • Transparent Hands is a Pakistan-based NGO, but we
    are registered in the US as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
    organization. This means you can get a tax
    exemption when you donate to one of the causes we
    support. The organization provides free surgical
    and medical treatment to deserving adults and
    children in Pakistan. We also hold free medical
    camps to provide basic medical care to
    communities located in remote areas.
  • Since its foundation in 2014, Transparent Hands
    has provided surgeries and other medical
    treatment to over 42,000 deserving patients.
    Details of all cases are available on the website
    and you can read patient stories to make an
    informed decision. You can easily find Zakat
    eligible patients and make donations via online
    bank transfers, cheques, PayPal, and credit/debit

Islamic Relief Canada
  • Islamic Relief Canada collects donations from
    Canadian citizens and uses the funds to help
    Muslims in crisis-ridden countries. Muslims
    living in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and Somalia
    have received a lot of support through this
    organization. The NGO offers a spectrum of
    services, ranging from building water wells to
    providing warm clotheas in winters.
  • Islamic Relief also distributes Qurbani meat. One
    of their recent achievements is the provision of
    COVID-19 vaccines to Palestine and Yemen. You can
    donate to IRC online via their webpage.

Islamic Relief USA
  • Islamic Relief USA is based in Virginia and
    supports disadvantaged Muslims around the globe.
    IRUSA has established 20 projects related to
    education in 14 countries and provided free
    education to 21,000 students. The NGO also
    focuses on health care. Their mobile clinics
    routinely visit refugee camps. In addition, the
    NGO provides food, microfinance, and helps people
    with securing livelihoods. 

Muslim Welfare Canada
  • MWC was founded by a Pakistani immigrant, Major
    Muhammad Abbas Ali, in the late 1980s. The
    organization initially focussed on homelessness.
    The NGO has come a long way since then and
    provides refuge camps, mobile food banks, and
    necessary items to people coping with poverty in
  • They have also expanded their operations
    internationally and taken up several causes. One
    that stands out is the Deaf Support Program in
    Pakistan. The program encourages parents to
    enroll their differently-abled children in
    schools and provides them with quality education.
    MWC has pledged 50,000 Canadian dollars annually
    to the program.
  • Besides this, MWC is also involved in water
    exploration, projects to curb child labor,
    addressing illiteracy, and curtailing poverty in
    developing countries. 

Muslim Hands Canada
  • MHC is an international aid agency that started
    as an emergency relief trust but now focuses on
    several causes. It operates in developing
    countries, including Pakistan, India, and
    Afghanistan. The organization is involved in
    establishing livelihoods for families, clean
    water facilities, and educational projects around
    the world.
  • The lack of healthcare facilities is a major
    problem in the developing world. Fortunately, a
    large number of organizations are working to
    address problems associated with it. Muslim Hands
    Canada is also playing its part. 
  • You can donate to MHC online and those that are
    not financially able can volunteer. The
    organization accepts all sorts of donations
    including Zakat and Sadaqah.

Honorable Mentions
  • Some of the other Muslim charities working in
    Canada and the US include
  • Zakat Foundation of America
  • Muslim Aid USA
  • Muslim Legal Fund of America
  • National Zakat Foundation, Canada
  • Canada Zakat
  • Canada Helps
  • International Development and Relief Foundation

Bottom Line
  • Islam encourages Muslims to each other. An easy
    way to do so is through charitable organizations
    like Transparent Hands. Donate to a noble cause
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