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Benefits of a High-Risk Payment Gateway and How to Get One


That’s why we made our merchant accounts to ensure that you will never miss a sale, a high-risk payment gateway will help you to accept online payments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of a High-Risk Payment Gateway and How to Get One

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Payment Gateway and How to Get One
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Like a company specializing in international
card-not-present credit card processing. Amald
provides a solid, reliable high-risk payment
gateway. When a customer comes to the checkout
part of your website, everything should be
perfect because there is no place for
error. Thats why we made our merchant accounts
to ensure that you will never miss a sale, a
high-risk payment gateway will help you to
accept online payments. Amald will allow you to
accept credit card payments and e-checks are easy
and secure. They are affordable as well. Because
our high- risk payment gateway provides you with
the interface and security. And that you will
need for fast, reliable, and secure transmission
of transaction data between your website and the
payment networks of Visa and MasterCard. And
there are also some benefits of a high- risk
payment gateway It helps you to accept credit
cards and also provides various payment
methods. A fully PCI DSS compliant service
performs a safe and secure transaction process.
24/7 customer support. It provides fraud
prevention tools. Automated payouts directly into
your bank account. Funds are received between
two to three days. You will get a solid acquirer
to show interest in transaction disputes and
chargebacks. Moreover, it provides full control
of a dedicated merchant account. Our payment
gateway and merchant account come with a powerful
website-based reporting functionality. And that
will give you a complete view of your credit card
processing activity. And it also includes. It
has an option to export data for a complete look
with personalized transaction data
ranges. Specialization by user type to change
your reports to the specific requirements of
CFOs, chargeback managers, fraud analysts, etc.
What is the process of online payments?
Lets see where the hig h-risk payment gateway
can fit into the transaction process. Do you know
what happens at the moment when a customer clicks
Place order? After that at the checkout of an
e-commerce website, the customer gets the
confirmation. At first, the customer provides
his card information for payment. And the
information is SSL-encrypted and forwarded to the
merchants web server. Then the payment gateway
collects the information. However, SSL encrypts
it once again and forwards it to the acquirers
server. And the acquirer transmits the data to
Visas or MasterCards Association payment
system. Then the Association forwards the data to
the card issuer. The issuer can approve or
decline authorization for the transaction. Then
send the revert back to the acquirer. And the
acquirer sends the issuers response to the
payment gateway. The payment gateway forwards the
authorization revert to the e-commerce
website. And if the issuer has approved the
authorization, the transaction takes place. But
the procedures may differ if it has declined. So
the customer can ask for an alternative mode of
payment as discover and American Express
transactions and the process is simple.
How Amald Helps You Succeed?
After getting a hig h-risk payment gateway with a
merchant account with Amald. You can also accept
online payments quickly and safely. Because our
solutions are made to save time and money.
Moreover, it includes some in-built features. 1.
It allows International Payment
Processing. Credit cards of all major brands.
Like Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
Discover, JCB, China UnionPay, etc. Signature
Debit Cards. E-checks. Accept transactions from
worldwide. Various settlement options. Because
our payment processing platform ensures fast
settlement in different currencies. Fast payout
process. As we know that funding schedules are
specified on a case-by-case basis. But our
high-risk payment gateway accounts have weekly
payouts. However daily funding is available for
some specific merchants.
2. It provides you with fraud prevention features.
  • It identifies and prevents fraudulent
    transactions. And it provides personalized fraud
    prevention features. (AVS) Address Verification
  • Card Security Code Verification.
  • You will get online account management. It will
    review and manage transactions, configuring
    account settings. And with a password-protected
    merchant reporting website.
  • Data security. It is a fully PCI-DSS compliant
    high-risk payment gateway that helps to secure
    your sensitive data.
  • You will get Growth in your business. It accepts
    credit cards by our high-risk payment gateway on
    your website with a direct merchant account to
    ensure your customers that you are an
    established company and a well-running business.
  • It provides you with 247 client support. You
    will get toll-free phone support, online chatting
    support, and e-mail support as well.
  • Offers Recurring and subscription billing.
    Because it also offers recurring billing for
    automatic management of ongoing subscriptions.

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Documents which you will require to get Amalds
Payment Gateway
Your high-risk payment gateway application will
process. As soon as weve received all the
important documents. And it also includes the
following documents. You will need to fill out
Amalds application form can be downloaded here.
Certificate of Incorporation. Business owners ID
or passport. Companys license. A void business
check for the bank account. Recent six months
processing statements of your latest processor.
Recent three months bank statements. Owners
address proof with a utility bill.
Why Amald?
At Amald, we deal in the high-risk range of the
payment gateway. We are always looking for a new
business to start working with them. Because
every merchant who is incorporated and has all
the required documents deserves a merchant
account. Our wide range of acquiring banks is
situated all over the world. We also assure you
that we have solutions for every industry. At
Amald, we will always be delighted in working
with you. Moreover, we will provide you with a
hig h-risk payment gateway that works easily
every time. So contact us now. So we can show
you what we can do for you as soon as
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h Risk Merchant Account, International Merchant
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