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The Importance of Pool Maintainers (2)


The pool inspector will also inspect the pool area to ensure it is in good condition and does not cause any problems. The swimming pool construction and inspection process will also include checking the surrounding variables. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Importance of Pool Maintainers (2)

Swimming Pool Construction Inspection
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  • Many factors need to be taken into consideration
    when constructing a swimming pool, but it all
    starts with a site plan. The site plan should
    include the lot number and block number, as well
    as the zoning for the property. A site plan
    should also include any existing planting,
    screening, or fencing. Other details of a site
    plan may include sections that show the
    dimensions of the ground structure. For example,
    the sections should show the thickness of the
    wall and the slope. It should also provide the
    details of the excavation, sheeting, and bracing.
    Lastly, a detailed drawing should depict the
    connection to water circulation, stormwater
    disposal, and drainage.

Parts of Inspection
  • Another important part of a swimming pool is the
    plumbing and electrical lines. An inspector will
    check the pipes for leaks and breakers. He will
    also check the return line to see if there are
    any bubbles in it. Additionally, he will look for
    other variables surrounding the pool area. For
    example, the inspector will look at the roof
    gutters and whether they are emptying onto the
    ground below the building. If the gutters are not
    draining properly, rainwater could overflow into
    the swimming pool and end up on the ground below.

Swimming Pool Construction
  • Besides checking the water flow, the inspector
    will check for the safety of the pool's
    equipment. It should be properly plumbed and
    should be safe. The pool inspector will also
    inspect the pool area to ensure it is in good
    condition and does not cause any problems. The
    swimming pool construction and inspection process
    will also include checking the surrounding
    variables. The pool should have proper drainage.
    The rainwater may overflow from the roof and end
    up in the swimming facility, causing a suction

Electrical Work
  • When it comes to the shell of the swimming pool,
    the electrical work is very important. The
    process of installing the wiring and plumbing can
    take up to three days. This part of the
    construction process is often done at the same
    time as the tile, coping, and deck installation.
    The plumbing and electrical work must pass the
    NSF standards, and it is necessary to have a
    plumber do the final inspection. The plumbing is
    critical, so make sure your pool has proper
    ventilation and heating.

Safety Codes and Standards
  • A swimming pool should be inspected from top to
    bottom to make sure that it meets all safety
    codes and standards. It should also have a
    structural steel shell, which will give it
    additional strength. Furthermore, it should be
    equipped with NSF-approved plumbing. When you
    hire a professional, they will do all the work
    for you. Aside from the safety of the swimming
    pool, they will also help you to install the pool
    for your backyard.

  • The inspector will evaluate the condition of the
    pool and may even test the water to ensure that
    it is safe for use. Aside from performing an
    inspection, you should also consider the cost. A
    good inspector should have a price range that is
    affordable for most homeowners. They should not
    be too expensive, but they should be able to meet
    all the needs of the buyer.

Intricate Parts
  • A swimming pool has many intricate parts. A pool
    inspector must be familiar with pumps, filters,
    and heaters. Some swimming pools even feature
    specialty accessories. If you are considering
    buying a home with a swimming pool, you should
    consult with a local ASHI chapter for qualified
    swimming pool inspectors. A typical swimming pool
    inspection can cost a few hundred dollars, but a
    certified and experienced professional can charge
    as much as six hundred.

Swimming Pool Inspection
  • A swimming pool inspector should also check the
    deck to ensure that the foundation is solid and
    can withstand the water. Using a professional
    swimming pool inspection service is very
    important. An infinity-edge pool will need a
    catch basin. Advanced LED lighting systems
    provide years of energy-efficient illumination
    and rarely cause problems. However, you should
    pay special attention to the color-changing
    lights, as these are important to the overall
    appearance of the pool. A qualified swimming pool
    inspector should be able to spot these problems.

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