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Healthcare: List of 10 psychiatric pharmaceutical companies


Here, we shared the top 10 pharmaceutical companies that may help see the best and most effective medicine for the issue. They provide a wide range of products available at their stores. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Healthcare: List of 10 psychiatric pharmaceutical companies

Top 10 Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Companies In
  • To treat mental disorders, psychological
    imbalance, depression, obsessive-compulsive
    disorder (OCD), hallucination, etc. To the
    competitive society, they attribute their source,
    domestic tensions. Due to this, suicide takes
    place as an easy way out for the victims going
    through mental disorders. Therefore its proper
    treatment is required.
  • But actually, when we see it is not a solution.
    In recent times these diseases have attained
    their viral nature. Due to the growing demand for
    these drugs for a longer period.

Need of Psychiatric Medicines
  • To deal with neuro or mental disorders.
  • To cure people suffering from depression.
  • Persons having suicidal thoughts.
  • To treat the disease related to the nervous

List of top 10 Psychiatric Pharmaceutical
  • 1. Eridanus healthcare
  • It is the most efficient, trustworthy company in
    psychiatric pharmaceuticals.
  • Its network across the world and connections
    within the country are vast.
  • The Neuropsychiatry products ranges are best in
  • They are the leading pharma professionals in the
  • It is best known for its wide range of
    high-quality, affordable range, effective of
    advanced nature.
  • Leading producer and supplying quality drugs.
  • It offers a wide range of products.
  • Products that are available-
  • Anti Depressants
  • Anxiolytics
  • CNS product 
  • Male infertility/female infertility.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Uro Specific Spasmalytic
  • Anti addiction

  • 2. Arlak biotech-
  • In India, it is one of the best PCD pharma
    company India manufacturer.
  • At an affordable price, they provide high-quality
  • A variety of drugs and medicines are available at
  • The company aims to keep the product effective
    and safe parcel packaging.
  • Quality is superior for Arlak biotech.
  • The product's main aim is to have proper hygiene.
  • Address- SCO 5-6 Wadhwa Nagar Near Hotel Sunpark
    Kalka Highway, Zirakpur, Punjab, India.
  • Products that are available-
  • - Q- CIT
  • - ARKFLO-D
  • - Q-CIT P

  • 3. Sanity pharma-
  • Best PCD pharma company India products
  • The correct measures so that the patient using
    their products can have a speedy recovery.
  • They use a material that is not harmful to the
    liver, kidney, and other body parts, and medicine
    only targets the ailed part, not the whole body.
  • They find themselves among those trusted
    companies who always try to keep their quality of
    medicines at a high rate to help the intakers.
  • They sell these tablets in packs of 10 so that
    the patients can buy them in a pack rather than
    1- 2 tablets.
  • Address on which one may contact-
  • 802 Safal Prelude, Nr. Ashwaraj Bungalow, Nr.
    Prahlad Nagar Garden, Off - S.G. Highway,
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015.
  • The products which they provide are as follows-
  • - AMITREAT -25
  • - AMITREAT 10
  • - SERNITY - 50
  • - MAPINE - 15

  • 4.  Life care neuro product- 
  • It is a highly engaged company in the marketing
    and manufacture of psychiatric pharmaceuticals. 
  • It is a well-known company known for its quality
    products and a vast range of products available.
  • This company is well known for neuro-related or
    psychiatric-related diseases.
  • This company is certificated by the WHO - cGMP
    complaint due to its specialty in modern
  • They believe in continuing changes that may bring
    their business positivity and a boost to reach
    more endeavors.
  • Besides this, they also manufacture their brands.
  • The product which they contain are as follows-
  • -Escitalopram - 10 mg 
  • - Escitalopram 5,10,20 mg tablets.
  • -Loxapine 10, 25 mg.

  • 5. Alencure biotech
  • It is one of the top neuro products manufacturing
  • It is one of the certificated and registered
  • They have certificates from ISO and GMC, and WHO.
  • Because of its aim and desire to serve humanity.
  • It has its name as an antipsychotic medicines
  • For research and development, they incorporated
    various tasks.
  • 6. Somacare- Renowned Neuropsychiatry Franchise
  • The company has many neuropsychiatric medicines
    doctors, physicians, and surgeons.
  • They provide products at affordable prices, and
    quality-wise they provide the best products.
  • They believe in the safe packing of products to
    avoid spoilage.
  • They believe in positive changes.

  • 7. Neuracle Lifesciences
  • This company provides help with providing optimal
    health products at a cost-effective rate to reach
    the masses.
  • The capability of manufacturing, supplying, and
    exporting a varied and high-quality
    neuropsychiatric product portfolio. 
  • Anti-addiction
  • Antidepressants
  • Anxiolytics Medicines
  • 8. Neuralco Labs-Dynamic Pharma Company-
  • These labs are for the improvement of the
    well-being of the patient.
  • To meet and exceed the expectations of customers
    while maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • They aim to work with a positive attitude to make
    consistent and reasonable products.
  • They have qualified and experienced experts to
    analyze and check the products supplied to

  • 9. GNova Biotech- Top psychiatric Pharmaceutical
  • They aim to provide and manufacture the finest
    and wide range of pharmaceutical medicines at the
    best rate.
  • To ensure and to provide good health.
  • To grow, expand and fulfill client expectations.
  • They can provide you with the best support to
    achieve success.
  • 10. Pax healthcare-
  • A specialty in providing promotional and
    marketing support.
  • Marketing support to its associates.
  • They have a goal of producing neuro prods with
    innovative tactics.
  • They are best at their manufacturing because of-
  • - a team of expert and leading professionals.
  • - They have a sophisticated infrastructure
  • - Quality assurance
  • - Best range distribution.

  • As per the need for psychiatric pharmaceuticals,
    medicines are increasing day by day due to
    increased depression, overload of work, family
    issues, decrease in job vacancies, and the
    depression created many such mental health
  • Looking on to the need of the hours, these top 10
    pharmaceutical companies may help find the best
    and effective cure for the issue. 
  • Not only this, they provide their service at a
    wide range which may help one out in a wide range
    area if one thought about the price of the
    product the listed above pharmaceuticals provide
    the product at a reasonable price and the best
  • They provide a wide range of products available
    at their stores. They provide speedy delivery one
    not to worry about the delivery. The top
    pharmaceutical companies may help you match your

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