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While creating Modern home plans if you are still focusing and square and rectangular rooms then you are just creating a boring and repetitive design. If you want to create an outstanding design then you have to learn to experiment with different geometric designs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Modern House Plan

High Quality Construction Design SolutionsFor
Residential Commercial Developments
EF Douglas Associates was formed as a small
consulting team in March 2010, by its founder
Errol Douglas who saw the need for a
multidisciplinary approach in the consulting
engineering practices in St. Kitts and Nevis.
Having worked on projects of national
significance, clarity was brought to the fact
that engineering design solutions had to be
efficient and sustainable and promote future
development and growth. In 2011 Grenville
Phillips a senior structural engineer began
working as a consultant to the small firm to
improve the firms capacity to address the
increasing demands of its clientele. The firm
currently employs two full-time civil engineers
and consults with various international
consulting firms and individuals for
cost-effective and competitive design solutions
and project delivery based on needs. The
philosophy of a small core staff with access to
experts in various fields has given the firm the
flexibility to execute very complex and demanding
designs and supervision on various projects in
the twin-island state. The firms principal and
founder have had over thirty-seven (37) years of
experience in the civil and structural
engineering design, construction, and engineering
field in the local and regional environment. The
firm has a combined experience of sixty-eight
(68) years of experience in the construction
industry. EF Douglas Associates has provided
civil, structural engineering design and
supervision for single projects valued in excess
of US75m.
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Firm's Capabilities
EF Douglas Associates has proven capabilities
and experience with highly qualified engineers
and designers working in the twin-island
federation. In its short history, the firm has
met and often exceeded its clients expectations.
The firm within recent years has worked on
several reasonably sized projects in St. Kitts
and Nevis both in the residential and commercial
sectors.The firm has provided civil engineering
design and supervision in these areas
  • Roads and small bridges
  • Culverts
  • Breakwater and revetment structures
  • Small piers
  • A luxury marina (currently in design)
  • Site drainage including retention basins
  • Sewage treatment collections and treatment
  • Dredging and land reclamation
  • Large retaining walls in excess of twenty-five
  • Twenty-foot-high MSE sea wall
  • Land cutting and slope stabilization
  • Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Site Cutting and Grading

Structural Engineering Design Supervision
  • Multi-story steel construction design and
    Analysis up to eight floors
  • Reinforced concrete frame building design and
    supervision up to five floors
  • Reinforced concrete shear wall buildings design
    and analysis up to seven floors
  • Foundation design for several structures
  • Pile Foundation designs
  • Retaining Wall designs
  • Deep Beam and long-span reinforced concrete
  • Review of Hotel design (nine floors) to ASCE 7-10
    and to AISC codes
  • Design of large Swimming pools and water
    retaining structures
  • Seismic resistant design for various building
    structures including elevator shafts

EF Douglas Associates Services
Contents Here
Contents Here
Road Construction
We provide Road Construction service within Saint
Kitts and Nevis and beyond. We specialize in road
construction and repair, including paving and
gravel. We have extensive expertise building
roads, repairing slides, and making improvements
for a wide range of public, commercial, and
government institutions. Our inventory includes a
variety of equipment for jobs ranging from small
residential driveways to large commercial lots.
Our equipment is of excellent quality and our
staff is highly skilled to assist you with your
next project.
Highway Bridge Construction EF Douglas and
Associates is a complete system construction
company that specializes in the building of state
and federal highways as well as local roadways.
We have excelled throughout the years in the
field of all-terrain, all-weather roads, which
include features such as a tunnel, large and
small bridges, drainage, and so on. EF Douglas
and Associates has completed projects in the most
distant locations and under the most difficult
conditions. The firm has a sufficient skilled
workforce, competent and experienced engineers,
as well as different machinery, materials, and
equipment to ensure the companys high standards
of quality.
Sea Wall Construction
EF Douglas and Associates is a leading provider
of ground improvement and sea wall construction
services. Our approach to solving your seawall
construction needs can be summed up in one word
Attention to Detail. EF Douglas and Associates
experienced staff will provide you with
personalized service from start to finish. In
addition, we are committed to providing the
latest technology, employing knowledgeable staff,
and utilizing the most efficient methods for our
customers projects.
Sea wall construction, sea wall demolition, and
beach nourishment services, from design to site
clean up. Coastal erosion is a problem that
affects few more properties than it does sea
walls. With longer and harsher winters each year,
we are experiencing many structural issues with
existing sea walls. We offer design and
installation solutions to improve the structural
integrity of your sea wall while providing you
with plantings that will help protect it in the
Steel Seawalls Steel seawalls have a long service
life and assist to protect the shoreline from
erosion. There isnt any upkeep necessary. Steel
seawalls are highly robust and are one of the
finest choices for a heavy-duty wall.
Break Water Construction
Breakwaters are used to protect shorelines and
harbors. Breakwaters are constructions
constructed along coastlines to shelter beaches,
dunes, ports, and bluffs from incoming waves.
Because of the enormous expense of creating
offshore breakwaters, the majority of them are
built to defend the shoreline as well as provide
navigational aids. EF Douglas and Associates is
an able construction company that has been in
existence in the field for years. We specialize
in breakwater construction and maintenance, and
were fortunate to be able to service the
majority of the locations in St. Kitts Nevis
and beyond.
Keeping Harbors and Ships Safe Building an
underwater wall or a natural barrier such as a
reef can safeguard harbors and ships anchorages.
A rock barrier can be used to improve or extend
other breakwaters. Geotextile Tubes Southern
Dredging Marine Geotextile Tubes and Bags are
UV resistant sand-colored geotextile containers
that are filled with sand either hydraulically or
mechanically and utilized to defend the shoreline
instead of stone, concrete, or other hardened
systems. They are particularly essential in areas
with little native stone or when a stone or
concrete construction would detract from the
areas natural charm. Our Geotextile Tubes are
classified as soft armored constructions,
making them easier to get permits than hard
armored structures like concrete or riprap.
EF Douglas Associates was formed as a
consulting team
EF Douglas Associates was formed as a small
consulting team in March 2010, by its founder
Errol F. Douglas who saw the need for
multidisciplinary approaches to consulting
engineering practices in St. Kitts and Nevis.
Having worked on projects of national
significance, clarity was brought to the fact
that engineering design solutions had to be
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