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Tips For an Inspirational Apartment Renovation


Renovating your apartment is a big step to take, but when done right, it can be truly inspirational. To help guarantee the success of your renovation project, here are a few helpful tips: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips For an Inspirational Apartment Renovation

Tips For an Inspirational Apartment Renovation
  • Renovating your apartment is a big step to take,
    but when done right, it can be truly
    inspirational. To help guarantee the success of
    your renovation project, here are a few helpful
  • Dont be afraid to knock walls down
  • Sometimes, the only way to give your apartment
    the space that you crave, is by knocking down
    walls, and if youve hired a professional and
    experienced general contractor to run the
    renovation, this should be a relatively easy step
    to take. Sometimes, you need only knock one wall
    down, while other projects it might be necessary
    to knock them all done and effectively start anew.

  • Under no circumstances should you knock any walls
    down in your home without an assessment from an
    architect. Your general contractor should work
    with an architect, so if youve hired help, it
    should be fine.
  • Have new floors installed
  • Floors are a huge element of any design project,
    and can totally transform the look of an
    apartment. By modernizing your floors throughout
    the apartment, or even just selecting the main
    living areas to be updated, you could give your
    apartment the illusion of space and grandeur, and
    give it the wow factor when anyone walks in.

  • Open up the kitchen
  • Kitchens in many older apartments are often small
    and cramped, and leave no space other than for
    doing the essentials, such as cooking, and even
    then, it can be difficult for more than one
    person to move comfortably around in. Nowadays,
    open kitchens are growing in popularity, and many
    homeowners value that space above all others.
  • Opt for a shower and a tub
  • When renovating your bathroom and trying to think
    about how best to use the space, you might not
    have room for both a shower and a tub, in which
    case, you should probably opt for a shower.
    However, tubs are very desirable, and should you
    come to sell the apartment, they can be a real
    selling point.

  • Think carefully about your bathroom renovation,
    and talk to your general contractor if youre
    unsure as to how best to utilize the room.
  • Never neglect closet space
  • For some families (and indeed, individuals!),
    there is never enough storage in a property, and
    the more clever and thoughtfully designed closets
    you can fit in, the more youll benefit.

  • Simple is sometimes best
  • It isnt always necessary to have complicated
    plans for your apartment renovation, and
    oftentimes, a simple project is the most
    effective. This also enables you to keep your
    spending in check, and maximize your apartments
    potential without breaking the bank.
  • Work closely with your general contractor
  • Perhaps the single most effective piece of advice
    that can be given to someone who is renovating
    their apartment, is to always work closely with
    their general contractor. Every member of the
    project must be in full agreement with one
    another, and the general contractor should be
    able to take full control of the project,
    relieving you of the stress and burden.

  • Renovating your apartment may be a great idea,
    but without thinking it through carefully and
    getting input from your general contractor, it
    could all so easily go horribly wrong. Take the
    time to get it right, however, and you could feel
    as if youre living in a new apartment!

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