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Top IT Security Certifications for 2022


Cybersecurity is the practice of preventing breaches, damage, loss, or unauthorized access to computers, networks, and data. As our global reach expands, bad actors will have more opportunities to misuse, malfunction, or disrupt data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job market for cybersecurity professionals will increase by 31% between 2019 and 2029. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top IT Security Certifications for 2022

Top IT Security Certifications for 2022
Cybersecurity is the practice of preventing
breaches, damage, loss, or unauthorized access to
computers, networks, and data. As our global
reach expands, bad actors will have more
opportunities to misuse, malfunction, or disrupt
data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts
that the job market for cybersecurity
professionals will increase by 31 between 2019
and 2029.
If youre a security professional looking to
boost your profile and improve your skills by
earning a certification, this article is for you.
Because all organizations are now becoming
targets of malware and cyberattacks, its no
surprise that the demand for skilled
professionals is increasing. For that, you should
make sure that your next milestone is a
Cybersecurity certification. Top Security
Certifications companies are looking for While
the majority of cybersecurity professionals have
a bachelors degree in computer science, many
organizations seek candidates who have an
additional certification to verify their
knowledge and skills. There is a wide range of
certifications available, from entry-level to
advanced. Before you decide to invest your time
and money in certification, ensure it will
provide you with a significant competitive
advantage in your field. So, here are some of the
most popular security certifications
  • 1.EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH
    v11) CEH certification training aims to teach
    candidates how to identify system
    vulnerabilities. This is one of the most
    well-known data security certificates available.
    It is designed to put the candidates abilities
    to test in realistic scenarios. An ethical hacker
    tests a networks security from the inside or
    pretends to be an intruder from the outside. This
    certification is an entry-level certification
    that is 100 network offensive, intended for
    skilled, ethical hackers seeking to pursue
    positions such as
  • Cyber Incident Analyst- 86,453
  • Penetration Tester- 103,126
  • Cybersecurity Engineer- 100,627
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst- 90,269
Prerequisite Basic knowledge of network
fundamentals and core ideas, such as server and
network components, is enough to take the CEH v11
certification exam. CEH Exam In the CEH exam,
you have to attempt 125 multiple choice questions
in 240 min, and the passing score is 60 to 80.
  • 2. Certified Information Systems Security
    Professional (CISSP) Moving ahead, the
    cybersecurity professional organization
    ISC2s CISSP certification is one of the most
    sought-after certifications in the industry.
    Obtaining your CISSP certification demonstrates
    that you have IT security experience and can thus
    set up, implement, and manage a cybersecurity
    program. This advanced certification is intended
    for skilled security professionals seeking to
    pursue positions such as
  • Security Administrator- 85,752
  • IT Security Engineer- 101,605
  • Chief Information Security Officer- 169,795
  • Senior Security Consultant- 112,250
  • Information Assurance Analyst- 81,070
Prerequisite As this is a higher-level
certification, you must have five or more years
of cumulative work experience in at least two of
the eight cybersecurity domains to take the CISSP
exam. CISSP Exam The CISSP exam includes 250
multiple choice questions and advanced innovative
questions, which you have to answer in 6 hours
with a 70 passing score.
  • 3. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
    ISACAs CISM certification validates your
    understanding of governance, program development,
    event, and risk management in information
    security management. Earning your CISM
    certification could be a good choice if you wish
    to move from a technical to managerial
    cybersecurity role. This certification is
    intended for skilled security professionals
    seeking to pursue positions such as
  • Data Governance Manager- 120,817
  • Information Risk Consultant- 92,624
  • IT Manager- 109,353
  • Director of Information Security- 171,397
  • Information Systems Security Officer- 95,567
Prerequisite Candidates must have five years of
experience in the field of information security,
with at least three years in the role of
Information Security Manager, to be certified
against this qualification. CISM Exam The CISM
exam consists of 200 questions that must be
answered in 4 hours. The exams passing score is
450, ranging from 200 to 800.
  • 4. ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor
    (CISA) This CISA certification from ISACA
    demonstrates your experience and expertise in
    assessing security flaws, planning and
    implementing controls, and reporting compliance.
    Its one of the most well-known certifications in
    the field of cybersecurity auditing. After
    completing CISA certification, professionals
    advance into positions such as
  • IT Audit Manager- 123,253
  • Information Security Analyst- 99,371
  • IT Project Manager- 103,742
  • Cybersecurity Auditor- 69,081
  • IT Security Engineer- 93,537
  • Compliance Program Manager- 92,830
Prerequisite Aspirants must have five years of
relevant work experience in the field, focusing
on information systems auditing, control,
assurance, or security. CISA Exam CISA
certification exam consists of 150 questions and
takes 4 hours to complete. The passing score for
the exam is 450, ranging from 200 to 800.
  • 5. CompTIA Security The CompTIA Security
    certification is one of the most popular
    entry-level exams. Its an excellent place to
    start because its a vendor-neutral security
    certification. It teaches fundamental security
    concepts and is widely regarded as the first step
    towards obtaining more advanced certifications.
    Obtaining your Security certification can assist
    you in a variety of roles, including
  • System Administrator- 74,076
  • Security Engineer- 108,863
  • Help Desk Manager- 69,541
  • Cloud Engineer- 109,155
  • Security Administrator- 86,732
  • IT Auditor- 79,532
Prerequisites A CompTIA Network certification
is preferred but not mandatory and two years of
experience in systems administration with a
security focus. CompTIA Security Exam CompTIA
Security exam consists of 90 questions and takes
90min to complete. The passing score for the exam
is 75.
  • 6. Systems Security Certified Practitioner
    (SSCP) With this (ISC)2 intermediate security
    certification, you can demonstrate to employers
    that you have the knowledge and skills to create,
    utilize, and manage a secure IT infrastructure.
    The exam assesses your knowledge of security
    administration, risk identification, incident
    response, cryptography, as well as network
    communication and system security. The SSCP
    certification is for IT professionals who work
    directly with a companys security systems or
    resources. This certification is suitable for
    jobs such as
  • Network Analyst- 66,926
  • Security Analyst- 78,568
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst- 89,561
  • System Administrator- 76,568
  • DevOps Engineer- 105,017
  • Security Engineer- 111,691
Prerequisites Must have a minimum of 1 year of
paid work experience in one or more testing
areas. SSCP Exam The SSCP exam consists of 125
multiple-choice questions and takes 3 hours to
complete with 70 passing marks.
  • 7. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
    (CASP) As the name implies, CompTIAs Advanced
    Security Professional certification is intended
    for professionals and managers. The program will
    teach you how to comprehend cyber security
    policies and frameworks and how to implement them
    in your enterprise. The CASP certification can
    lead to advanced positions in architecture, risk
    management, and enterprise security integration.
    Among the possible job titles are
  • Security Architect- 153,732
  • Technical Lead Analyst- 108,776
  • Vulnerability Analyst- 81,465
  • Application Security Engineer- 109,665
  • Prerequisites The CASP certification doesnt
    necessitate any conditions to taking the CASP
    exam. Professionals with at least 10 years of IT
    administration experience are recommended by
  • CASP Exam CASP consists of 90 multiple-choice
    questions and performance-based questions and
    takes 165 min to complete.
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