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Best cuisines to try in Europe


Let’s check out some of the best cuisines to try in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey, giving a tasty head start on the culinary journey. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best cuisines to try in Europe

Lets check out some of the best cuisines to try
in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey, giving a
tasty head start on the culinary journey.
Time for some Portuguese flavours
Being one of the oldest countries in Europe,
Portugal has developed a very authentic and
highly regarded culinary history. From chicken
Piri-Piri to regional stews, Portuguese recipes
have made their way into inspiring global fusion
Portuguese flavours
Bifanas is a delicious sandwich that originated
in the small town of Vendas Novas near Lisbon.
Bifanas are traditionally served as hot buns
blended with wine, garlic, paprika and spices.
Regardless of who invented it, Bifanas is
considered Portugals national sandwiches.
Prego Roll
Portuguese flavours
Prego roll is a grilled marinated steak, a
healthy amount of garlic butter and a fresh roll.
The name prego comes from a Portuguese word
that means nail, a noodle made of garlic,
mashed up to make the sauce for the dish.
Vegetarian friends can substitute meat with
Chicken Piri-Piri
Portuguese flavours
Chicken Piri-Piri is one of the traditional
dishes of Portugal. The dish came into existence
during Portugals colonial expansion into Angola
and Mozambique making Chicken Piri-Piri, one of
the traditional Portuguese dishes.
Aromatic Spanish flavours
Bienvenida a españa! If youve ever been to
Spain, you might know how important food is for
the people there. Over the centuries, Spanish
cuisine has developed into refined flavours and
spices from ancient times, giving your taste buds
an excuse to increase your weight!
Spanish flavours
Start your food list with the ultimate tapas bar
classic- croquetas. Combine your dish with cured
ham, morcilla and bacalao to enjoy the best
Croquetas. You can also blend it with béchamel
Tortilla Española
Spanish flavours
Tortilla is a Spanish omelette usually eaten as a
main course in Spain but is also flexible during
snack time. All you need is some onions and
potatoes sauteed in olive oil, adding the egg to
create yours. Deliciosa!
Leche Frita
Spanish flavours
Leche Frita - which translates to Fried Milk, is
a popular dessert in Northern Spain. It starts
with preparing a milk pudding. Then you encase
the pudding within a warm, crunchy batter dusted
with sugar and cinnamon. Serve it with whipped
cream enjoy!
Greek dishes coming right up!
Greece is famous for its ancient stories,
enchanting beauty and traditional Greek food.
But, there is something that you might not know.
Greek cuisine has been influenced by the Middle
East, Italian and Ottoman cultures.
Spanish flavours
Dolmades is prepared using grape or cabbage
leaves stuffed with onions, parsley, mint, dill
and rice. Dolmadakia is also very popular in the
Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East. They
can be served with or without a dip or sauce.
Spanish flavours
Several dishes in Greece are named Saganaki as
they are prepared using the Saganaki pan.
Saganaki is prepared using a variety of cheese
like halloumi and graviera. The cheese is melted
in the pan is melted. Saganaki is then served
with a sprinkle of lemon, pepper and bread.
Greek Salad
Spanish flavours
Thats enough cheese! Think of something healthy
now. Greek salad is very famous among the Greek
fitness freaks. The salad is served using
tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, capers and kalamata
olives. The salad is topped with feta cheese,
dressed with olives, salt and seasonings.
Lets Dig in Turkish Food Items
Turkish cuisine is famous for its olive-oil-based
dishes from the Mediterranean Coast, pastries and
subtle spicy flavours. Turkish recipes do not
rely much on seasonings, but they find out the
best ingredient to fit with your meal and let it
shine through. Hadi kazalim!
Marcinek Kofte
Turkish flavours
Marcinek kofte is a vegetarian delight. The dish
is also known as Belluh to the locals. Marcinek
is prepared using lentils, fine bulgur, onions,
scallions and tomatoes. Just pop one of these
nuggets of flavour onto a lettuce leaf. Squeeze a
lemon on top and munch away.
Cag Kebab
Turkish flavours
The delicious kebab is smeared with onions, salt
and black pepper mix. Then the heart is left to
marinate for at least half a day. After this long
wait, the divine Cag Kebabs are served with
slices of bread, tomato, white onion and sivri
(green peppers).
Turkish flavours
Goz, meaning eye, is believed to come from
dark spots forming pastry cooks, absorbing the
oil on the sac, making it look like eyes.
Gozleme is popularly known as sac boregi, a
pastry cooked on a sac, a hot metal plate. This
plate is filled with cheese, spinach and minced
Get on a plane now! Now that you have a
bucketful of dishes to pick from the
Mediterranean cuisine, you need to head out in
person and experience these marvels for yourself.
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