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ISO 9001 Certification in Oman


ISO 9001 is a universally recognized standard for Quality Management System. It specifies requirements for an organization’s quality management system to meet customer demands – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ISO 9001 Certification in Oman

12. How much does it cost to get ISO 9001
certifications? Types of ISO certification ISO
stands for International Organization for
Standardization. It is an international
organization dedicated to the development,
establishment and promotion of standards. To
date, they have published more than 22,600
standards and related documents covering all
areas, from production to food safety to
accounting and health. Some of the common
standards used are ISO 9001 Quality management
system, ISO 14001 Environmental management
system, ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety
management system, ISO 22000 Food safety
management system, ISO 27001 Information
security management system. These standards offer
an approach taken by international experts. The
standards themselves are a set of best practices
that define product compatibility, identify
security issues, and share solutions and
know-how. For example, ISO standards are the
reason why an American cell phone can be
connected to a service in Europe with little
difficulty, why food is offered in a supermarket
for eating, and why credit cards can be used
everywhere. Country and location of your
organization ISO standards are developed by
groups of experts from all over the world who are
referred to larger groups called technical
committees. These experts consider all aspects of
the standard, including its scope, basic
definitions, and content. The development of ISO
standards is based on a consensus approach and
comments from all stakeholders are considered.
The technical committees consist not only of
experts in the relevant field, but also of
consumer associations, academies, NGOs and the
government. The country and location of your
organization does not mater for getting your
organization certified. Certification body and
its Credentials In fact, anyone can give you a
sheet that certifies that you are ISO certified
but not anyone is accepted for the job (i.e.
licensed) - so you need to see if this
certification body is accredited or
not. So, there it is - like any other provider,
you have to do your homework and choose the best
one for you. Remember to think about the total
cost of the service you receive and the price of
the missed opportunity. Variation in Costs
between CB Different Accreditation of the
Certification body cost differently. Each
certification body has tied up with different
certification body. The CB may charge you
differently than other CB based on the method of
calculation of cost in registration,
Certification, Surveillance, Recertification. How
to select a good CB with low costs It is
important for the certification body to provide
the right number of days at a fair price, but you
have also spent for the three-year certification
period as well as the initial cost. The
certification authorities usually offer you a
price that covers the entire three years, but it
is important to understand what this does not
include in these costs. It is based on the size
and scope of your organization, the scope of
certification, the activities and processes that
your organization engages in, and the
performance of each of these activities. Although
your certification body may not be able to
provide consulting services to you, it is
important to choose a certification body that
provides you the right support at the right
time. A competent auditor is what it matters for
an better value addition in the certification
process How to cut down the existing
certification costs Integrated Management
system If you plan to two or more ISO standards,
you can actually ask your certification authority
to do a comprehensible audit of a name. This
means that you do not have to go through
individual audits for each system (and pay full
fees for each of these), but you can do an audit
for each of these systems - not only do you save
time (integrated audit). takes less time than
some separate audits), but - yes, you pay
less Training To effectively implement a quality
system or make changes to new ISO requirements,
make sure that personnel are implemented quickly
and that new processes are properly,
well-studied, and documented. Existing
comprehensive training programs make it easier
for employees to make changes to their daily
routine. In addition, competent and reliable
employees minimize the risks and challenges that
help your organization save money. Transfer Get a
quota of more than one certification service to
determine all costs, including inspection visits.
Ask the certification body if they offer a
special price for your type of organization. Bewar
e of hidden costs. Prevention of unnecessary
expenses by discussing the rate with senior
management and divisions and, if necessary, apply
for transfer of certificate from one
certification body to other within the same
Accreditation. Read more ISO 9001 Certification
in Oman
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