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Prevention from another Heart attack


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Title: Prevention from another Heart attack

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Prevention from another Heart attack
Preventing yourself from heart diseases and heart
attack is not a one day prevention, changing
lifestyle and many habits play a significant role
in prevention of  heart attack and heart
diseases. Recovering from a past Heart attack can
seem to be a very long process, it is recommended
that you should change your daily normal physical
and activity routine. 20 changes can help you to
generally improve your overall health and most
importantly it can help you to reduce the risk of
of having another heart attack. 
Risk factors-
There are some of the risk factors that can
increase the risk of another heart attack, these
include - 
  • Higher cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar levels
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Being overweight or obesity
  • Smoking
  • Stress 
  • Heavy use of alcohol

Prevention tips-
Quit smoking- quitting smoking can help you to
cut down the risk of another heart disease by
50. Smoking is the major risk factor for heart
disease, tobacco can cause blood clots which can
damage the blood vessels and make it difficult
for blood and oxygen to reach the heart and the
other organs of the body. Nicotine can raise the
blood pressure which creates extra stress on the
Control Blood pressure and cholesterol
levels- hypertension for high blood pressure can
lead to stressed heart and blood vessels, besides
eating a healthy diet try to keep up your
cholesterol under control by regular exercises.
Lifestyle changes , following a low sodium diet,
maintaining a healthy weight can help you to
reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol
Regular exercise- exercise play a major role in
strengthening of the heart muscles, exercise
helps to boost the energy levels and helps in
proper weight management. Along with this
exercise can help you to control the blood
pressure and cholesterol levels. Running jogging
cycling swimming dancing are some of the most
common exercises which should be done regularly
to avoid heart diseases. It's very important to
consult your cardiologist before getting into 
exercise routine after a heart attack, always
consult Your doctor if you have any of the
symptoms during exercise.
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • cold sweats
  • nausea and vomiting
  • weakness or swelling in legs

Maintain healthy weight- opacity for overweight
can lead to extra stress on the heart due to
which it has to work harder and less efficiently.
Try to maintain a healthy weight to avoid risk of
heart disease and heart attacks, exercising
regularly and maintaining a proper diet can help
you in weight management.

Eating proper healthy diet- try to maintain a
healthy diet plan for yourself by adding proper
amount of proteins carbohydrates and healthy
fats. Diet that is rich in saturated and trans
fat can lead to formation of plaque into the
vessels which  slows down or prevent the blood
flow to the heart which can lead to heart attack.
Stay away from backed preservative food items
such as cookies crackers fries doughnuts etc.
Manage stress- depression anxiety stress and
anger can damage the heart and overall health,
it's very normal to experience a wide range of
emotions after heart attack, but it's very e
important to adjust yourself and manage the
stress, if you are under stress it can lead to
high blood pressure which ultimately leads to 
heart diseases.
Take medications on time-  medications play an
important role in prevention of any type of
health related problem,  taking proper
medications on time are an important part of your
heart health, after heart attack doctors must
have prescribe certain medications which should
be taken on time as to prevent another heart
Limit alcohol- Over drinking alcohol can raise
the blood pressure and increase the stress on the
heart alcohol can also raise the blood sugar
level and dry glycerides levels which is a risk
factor for heart attack. Try to limit for cut
alcohol as to avoid any further risk of heart
attack. Stop using illegal drugs- using illegal
drugs such as cocaine amphetamines can read the
blood pressure, which later on affects the heart
If you are looking for the Best cardiologist in
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