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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials 2021 – from Shirts to Accessories


That is it for our take on men’s fashion essentials that we believe every man out there must own in order to look well-kept and organised. Pair these pieces of clothing and accessories together. Experiment with them and try mixing and matching to come up with awesome cool outfits that will earn you compliments from everyone. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Men’s Wardrobe Essentials 2021 – from Shirts to Accessories

Mens Wardrobe Essentials 2021 from Shirts to

  • Find out about all the mens wardrobe essentials
    trending in 2021.
  • The key to always dressing good and looking very
    well-kept is a versatile wardrobe. You do not
    need to go all out and spend hundreds and
    thousands of dollars to fill your wardrobe with
    the most stylish items of clothing and
    accessories. All you need is to invest in some
    mens wardrobe essentials. But what clothes and
    accessories are considered mens wardrobe staple?
    Well, to answer that million-dollar question, we
    have curated a complete guide on everything a man
    needs in his wardrobe to look good. Continue
    reading to find out what you need to buy

Button-Down Shirts
  • The button-down is not short of impressive
    variety and diversity, comprising endless
    colours, fabrics, and patterns to choose from.
  • Plus, button-downs can be worn year-round with
    tons of different outfits for all sorts of
    events. It is safe to say that they are every
    mens wardrobe staples. Lets take a look at all
    the types of button-downs you can get your hands

  • Gingham is a mid-weight checkered-in-white
    pattern woven from blended yarn or cotton and is
    mostly worn in spring or summer. Do not confuse
    it with plaid, as gingham is white and combined
    with other colours, and it has equally spaced
  • Being a very busy pattern, gingham is difficult
    to pair with other clothes, so the safest option
    is black gingham. Maintain simplicity and
    cohesion by not going overboard with a lot of
    distracting patterns.

  • Chambray is a kid of plain weave cloth with a
    white weft and coloured warp, which gives it a
    speckled look. You can get it in a variety of
    colours, but the most common colours for men,
    according to mens style guide, are grey, light
    blue, and grey.
  • For mens basic wardrobe, any shade of grey or
    blue will do just fine and also look good with a
    band collar and a nice pair of pants.

  • Linen is made from flax plants fibres and is
    extremely laborious and expensive to produce, but
    it is the best fabric for hot weather. It makes
    up a large proportion of mens wardrobe must
    haves for summer and spring, including
    pants, bags, and shirts.
  • Another plus point that linen offers is
    breathability, especially when it is extremely
    hot out there. Even though it wrinkles quite
    easily, it is the right fabric to combat the
    scorching heat during the summer.

  • Oxford is a basket weave cloth thats neither too
    heavy nor too light, and is a fabric you can rely
    on to fit in every style. The oxford cloth
    button-downs are the rage when it comes to mens
    fashion essentials, and you can get them in all
    types of patterns and colours.
  • It is everyones favourite fashion accessory
    because you have so many colours at your
    disposal, including neutral, plain colours, such
    as white, light green, and light blue, which are
    the easiest to wear and pair than busier patterns.

  • Flannel is a soft woven fabric made from cotton
    or wool and is the best choice for anyone who
    wants to effortlessly pull off a casual look.
    However, it is way too casual for ties, but it
    still doesnt sacrifice style for comfort, so it
    has got you covered.
  • Flannel too comes in every colour imaginable with
    red flannels being the most common ones, and you
    can never go wrong with them. But keep in mind
    that flannels are usually made in large boxy fits
    so look for the size chart before placing an

  • Outerwear comprises all sorts of coats, jackets,
    vests, flip jackets, and top coats, etc. You can
    mix and match according to your weather
    conditions. The spectrum of outerwear is quite
    large, which makes layering them an easier task
    to do, especially when it is far too cold to even
    step out. 
  • You can layer your outerwear over sweaters or
    Henleys to stay as warm as possible. Here are
    some amazing types of outerwear that you can add
    to your wardrobe

Cotton Parka
  • Parka is a broader term for a hooded coat. You
    can get a parka thats thick and heavy or opt for
    one that is lighter like a cotton one.
  • Parkas are a major part of Scandinavian fashion,
    and it acts as an exceptional layering piece of
    clothing that complements knit sweaters with
    boots and chinos.

Denim Trucker
  • Denim truckers are not everyones cup of tea
    however they are one of the most worn and most
    fashion-forward mens wardrobe essentials.
  • You can fit a denim trucker into a lot of outfits
    and wear it formally or casually, however you

  • Bombers gained a lot of popularity in 2020 and
    are still on the rise as they give the perfect
    streetwear-esque look. You can get them in a
    range of material, such as wool, nylon, leather,
    and cotton, etc.
  • They are perfect for casual settings. If you want
    to make bombers a part of your classic mens
    wardrobe essentials, then go for a nylon jacket.

  • Originally made for sailors in the 18th century,
    peacoats are characterised by double-breasted
    fronts and broad lapels. The ideal material, to
    look for when buying a peacoat is, a wool blend,
    as models made from 100 wool lack structural
  • Some of the most aesthetically-pleasing colours
    in which you can get yourself a peacoat are grey,
    navy, black, camel, and tan. In other words, a
    peacoat is an eternally stylish piece of
    outerwear that does a superb job at keeping a
    person warm.

Field Jacket
  • Field jackets were originally modelled after the
    jackets made for soldiers, and they come in all
    kinds of styles. Perfect for the rugged
    aesthetic, field jackets look best when paired
    with boots and denim.
  • The best colour to get yourself a field jacket in
    is green, and it can add variety to your
    wardrobe. However, beware that they can be on the
    pricer side of the spectrum.

  • No outfit can be completed without an equally
    nice and stylish pair of pants regardless of your
    style of outfit. Be it a casual look or a formal
    one, you need these staples in your life and
  • Chinos
  • Chinos have to be the best type of pants to ever
    exist. They are totally effortless and
    effortlessly chic, at the same time. You can pair
    them with a simple white t-shirt and still,
    everyone will think that you dress good and put
    effort into your outfits every morning. When
    buying chinos, aim for a slim-fit but do not go
    too skinny and go for neutral colours, such as
    grey, khaki, and navy, etc.

  • I think its safe to say that almost every man in
    the world owns a pair of jeans. However, the
    old-fashioned acid-washed boot cut jeans that are
    lying in the corner of your wardrobe as you read
    this are not what you want to wear if you want to
    be stylish.
  • Modern slim fit jeans are trending at the moment
    and for a basic casual look, they are the best
    option, especially in black.

  • Sweaters dont just provide warmth and comfort,
    but also they complete outfits with a flawless
    finish. You can wear sweaters casually and
    formally, however you want, but try to stick to
    neutral colours, such as beige, dark grey, navy,
    heather grey, and black etc.
  • Here are some types of materials and styles that
    you must buy for yourself

  • Wool is one of the most used fabrics for making
    sweaters after cotton. It comes in a wide range
    of varieties, including Shetland, merino, and
  • Wool is super warm, but it can also be very itchy
    at times, so the best way to ensure utmost
    comfort is by wearing a shirt underneath a woolly
    sweater. Just do not forget to wear a shirt whose
    colour does not peek through your sweater.

Cable Knit
  • Cable knit sweaters are the ideal choice for
    people who want to achieve that chunky look with
    skinny jeans. Apart from giving off the chunky
    appeal, they are also capable of keeping the body
    extremely warm, and you do not even have to worry
    about styling them because their texture defeats
    the need for a pattern.
  • Buy yourself at least one cable knit sweater, so
    your wardrobe has some type of variety in it.

  • Now that you all the mens wardrobe essentials
    that you need, lets finish off your outfits with
    some chic and aesthetic accessories.
  • There are so many accessories that you can add to
    your outfit, the choices are endless, but lets
    just focus on a few mandatory ones

Shoe Trees
  • We consider shoe trees a part of mens wardrobe
    staples because they help keep footwear in shape
    and prevent creases from developing.
  • Plus, they get rid of the odour. Even though they
    are not absolutely necessary, they are still a
    good thing to invest your money in, especially if
    you own a pair of expensive boots or shoes.

  • Even though bracelets are not the most important
    accessories, they are still a very fashionable
    part of every mens style guide. They have become
    quite popular since 2020, and almost every guy on
    Instagram is wearing them.
  • However, do not go overboard with them, and fill
    your arms with loads of bracelets, instead stay
    minimal with a bracelet or two. Pair them with a
    watch or a band and that is it.

Leather Belts
  • Pants usually have belt loops and those loops
    need belts to fill them up. So, invest in leather
    belts and look for something sturdy and durable.
    It is as simple as that.
  • Expensive belts are better than cheaper belts
    because the former can actually last for years.
    And you can get just two of them one in black
    and one in brown.

  • That is it for our take on mens fashion
    essentials that we believe every man out there
    must own in order to look well-kept and
    organised. Pair these pieces of clothing and
    accessories together. Experiment with them and
    try mixing and matching to come up with awesome
    cool outfits that will earn you compliments from
    everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Go and
    buy these mens wardrobe essentials for yourself.
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