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Branding With Premium Mailing Bags


Crystal mailing Premier postal bags are made up of high-quality material and you can easily customize them as per your needs. Read More: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Branding With Premium Mailing Bags

About Us
  • At Crystal Mailing, it is our mission to provide
    internet mail-order businesses with a greatly
    improved,cost-efficient fulfilment operation so
    that they can mail happy. We will achieve this
    by deliveringuniquely engineered solutions that
    reinvent their view of packaging, through the
    application ofunmatched expertise in packaging
    design and world-class manufacturing
  • With a great range of products and strong buying
    capabilities we are able to offer VALUE prices
    andyet still maintain a high level of QUALITY and
    SERVICE! We pride ourselves on being distributor
    ofmany brands coupled with many years knowledge
    of manufacturing processes and buying ofpackaging
    material supplies

Branding With Premium Mailing Bags
  • There has been a significant shift in the way we
    purchase goods during the last several decades.
    Online shopping has become a highly prevalent
    trend among the general population. If you want
    to promote your eCommerce business in an
    efficient manner, then utilizing high-quality
    postal mailing bags and postal mailing boxes will
    definitely make a difference.
  • Most of the e-commerce Business merchants either
    ignore or are just unaware of the benefits of
    premier Mailing Bags. Since they 1.) are unaware
    that they may be personalized, or 2.) are unaware
    of how a postal mailing box and premier mailing
    bags can promote their brand.
  • Personalized Premier mailing bags or
    personalized postal boxes are simply more than a
    box for your products they can also be utilized
    for promoting your brand. As such premier mailing
    bags are available in different colors and sizes,
    hence you can choose the one that meets your

  • Premier mailing bags are often manufactured of
    coextruded plastic, which can contain recycled
    material and be recyclable. They are composed of
    two distinct films that provide the ideal blend
    of sharp look and strength. The exterior film is
    composed of LDPE, which allows for detailed
    printing, gloss, and flexibility, while the inner
    is made of HDPE, which adds strength and
  • Crystal mailing offers high-quality premier
    mailing bags in different colors and sizes.
    Adding your unique logo, or phrase to these
    mailers may truly make a great lasting impact
    with your consumers.
  • Advantages of Premier Mailing Bags
  • If you aspire to promote your business by
    utilizing high-quality mailing bags, you should
    take a look into some of the crucial advantages
    of Premier mailing bags.

  • Benefits to Premier Mailing bags
  • Durable, waterproof
  • Tear/puncture resistant
  • Affordable
  • Lower shipping expenses
  • Double peel and seal for easy customer returns
  • When customized are a great marketing tool
  • Types of Premier mailing Bags offered by Crystal
  • If you aspire to purchase high-quality mailing
    bags and postal mailing boxes, then crystal
    mailing is the best choice for you. Crystal
    mailings offer a wide range of premier mailing
    bags in different sizes and colors. Have a look
    at our diverse types of Premier mailing bags.

  • 1. Gray Mailing bags
  • Our gray mailing bags are made from 3-layer
    co-extruded film. The polythene film is made from
    at least 25 is 100 Oxo-Biodegradable. When
    exposed, these mailing bags can degrade into
    biodegradable materials in 8-12 months. They are
    also recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • 2. Blue Mailing Bags
  • The blue mailing bags are made with a minimum
    thickness of 45 microns. They are extremely light
    while maintaining excellent puncture resistance
    and strength. They are shiny on the outside, but
    have been properly treated so that the glue on
    the closing lip adheres permanently and firmly,
    and so that labels, stamps, and other adornments
    may be applied
  • 3. Pink Mailing Bags
  • Our Pink Mailing Bags are quite popular and are
    ideal for sending perfumes, flowers, makeup kits,
    and bouquets to your loved ones. They are
    incredibly lightweight, lowering your postal

  • 4. White Mailing Bags
  • Our White mailing bags are 100 recyclable and
    have a thickness of at least 45 microns. They are
    opaque and Ideal for mail orders, delivery
    services, or any other situation where discretion
    is required
  • They are made of three layers of polythene film
    and are exceedingly durable. They are glossy
    white on the surface, with a middle unseen layer
    and a black interior, assuring that no contents
    can be identified through them
  • Crystal mailing Premier postal bags are made up
    of high-quality material and you can easily
    customize them as per your needs. You can use our
    diverse mailing bags and postal boxes as a
    marketing tool by personalizing them by adding a
    logo or personalized message on them
  • So, what are you waiting for? Order our premier
    mailing bags and postal mailing boxes from
    crystal mailing and promote your brand more
    efficiently. For any query or assistance, you can
    reach us _at_ 0161 707 0117

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