Cloud-based technology is the future of construction management to stay ahead in the construction industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud-based technology is the future of construction management to stay ahead in the construction industry


iFCloud is a secure place in the cloud to easily store, access, and collaborate files from anywhere, anytime. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cloud-based technology is the future of construction management to stay ahead in the construction industry

Cloud-based technology is the future of
construction management to stay ahead in the
construction industry
  • It is important for construction project
    stakeholders not to go mobile without the cloud.
    With construction projects turning complex,
    various mobile devices and platforms have
    revolutionized the construction sector.
    Cloud-based construction management software or
    applications are delivering significant
    productivity improvements for BIM-based projects.
    Construction apps that do not integrate a
    cloud-based framework can cause project
    complications and reduce efficiency. If you want
    to collaborate, work remotely, visit a job site
    through video conferencing, or even collaborate
    with your team, youll need a cloud-based
    platform and mobile device to boost productivity
    on job sites.

  • Based on a study by Associated General
    Contractors of America (AGC), 85 of the
    construction contractors plan-to-use or already
    use cloud-based software.
  • A complete understanding of the cloud enhances
    project processes, and stay ahead in the
    construction industry.

  • The difference between general mobile apps
    cloud-based project management apps.
  • Although there is an overlay between general apps
    and cloud-based projects, there is a distinct
    difference between the two. As these are two
    different types of technology, they can be easily
    classified with the following explanation.
  • Mobile computing includes devices like
    smartphones, tablets, or laptops that users use
    to access the web.
  • Cloud computing or virtual storage holds files,
    applications, and project data that stakeholders
    can access from anywhere, anytime.

  • When choosing a suite of communication and
    collaboration apps for your cloud project, AEC
    companies and professionals can leverage the best
    of both the technologies.
  • iFBIM, iFCloud, and iFMeets is one cloud-based
    software super-suite that enables AEC companies
    and users the potential to leverage powerful
    project collaboration, video conferencing, and
    cloud storage all under one roof.

  • Benefits of a cloud-based project management
  • There are various benefits construction project
    management professionals and AEC stakeholders can
  • Optimized Accessibility Access your cloud
    applications, documents, files, and projects from
    any location that includes job sites, home, or
    any client office. With team-wide accessibility,
    project stakeholders have complete control over
    project visibility progress.
  • No need to update manually With cloud-based
    construction management applications, there is no
    need to update the software, as they are updated
    automatically. As information is pushed into the
    cloud, project stakeholders can leverage crucial
    information or updates.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Based on enhanced
    collaboration, project stakeholders can access
    files, create edits, etc. Every project member
    can view the changes instantly with cloud-based
    construction management software that includes
    cloud storage, video conferencing, and project
    collaboration software. Project collaboration
    software includes features that enhance project
    visualization with a 3D file viewer, real-time
    statistics, clash management, network sync, etc.
    Video conferencing features like whiteboards,
    screen-sharing, agenda-based meetings, etc.
    enhance project collaboration and make every
    process streamlined.
  • Enhanced Security Cloud-based construction
    management software augments data security as all
    project files are stored on the cloud, rather
    than on a physical drive.

  • Single data point source A cloud-based
    construction management app enables project
    stakeholders to leverage a common data
    environment or a single data source, the entire
    team can store, access, and collaborate data in
    the cloud. Project stakeholders can leverage
    features like large data storage, 3D model
    viewer, digital signatures, user activity
    tracking, expand project assemblies, display
    control objects, etc.
  • Optimized time-savings Todays construction
    teams waste significant time looking for data and
    information. Construction professionals spend
    more than 30 of their time on non-productive
    activities that include looking for conflict
    resolution, project information, and deal with
    errors and rework. When cloud-based processes are
    deployed, it allows project stakeholders to save
    significant time by double-checking documents,
    work orders, 3D models, plans, etc. from any
    location, and anytime.

  • Unites the entire team Cloud-based project
    management apps make it efficient and easier for
    teams to collaborate. Project stakeholders can
    track project changes, work progress can be
    monitored by project managers, supervisors, or
    various trade stakeholders. With the entire team
    on the same page, each activity can be
    streamlined by analyzing and resolving issues,
    while other team members can work on project
    timelines and costs.
  • Cloud-based scalability Since project
    stakeholders have information at their
    fingertips, it offers exceptional scalability to
    perform multiple tasks like placing a bid, build
    important conversations, etc. This helps convert
    challenges into opportunities and completes the
    project on budget and time.

  • Conclusion
  • The verdict is in you dont just need mobile,
    but the cloud integrated with it. A plain mobile
    app is not a fully-functional tool as it fails to
    add a crucial cloud component, and thus serves as
    being useless. If youre not using a cloud-based
    management tool for your construction projects,
    then its time to switch and upgrade your software
    for better accessibility, efficiency,
    convenience, and security.

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