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B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal


Travelopro is the industry leader in the design and development of a competitive B2C B2B white label travel portal. It provides a complete package of travel website services right from development to maintenance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal

B2B And B2C White Label Travel Portal
What Is B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal? 
  • White Label Software is the ideal solution for
    any travel agency or service provider looking to
    distribute or sell hotels, flights, cars, and
    buses through their website. It enables travel
    service providers, such as travel agencies and
    travel agents, to book airline tickets, hotel
    accommodations, and other travel services under
    their brand.
  • White label travel websites are gaining
    popularity and are being used by tour operators,
    travel agents, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs all
    over the world. Many startups are leveraging the
    power of white label travel portals into their
    operations to increase profits with minimal
  • Having a white label travel portal gives you
    access to a convenient platform that allows you
    to expand your brand's reach most
  • A white label travel solution is a comprehensive
    platform that allows you to book flight tickets,
    hotel accommodations, vacation packages, and
    other travel products all from one place.
  • This white label solution makes it simple to
    reach out to your customers and increase your
    business's sales revenue. It allows diversifying
    business in the global market and boosts brand

  • If you want to flourish your travel brand in the
    global travel industry with less investment,
    Travelopro B2C B2B White Label Travel Portal is
    the right choice for you.
  • Travelopro delivers the perfect solution
    for white labels. Our highly skilled developers
    are developing the best White Label Services that
    meet our customers' requirements.
  • We offer both B2B and B2C white label booking
    solutions for travel agencies and travel agents.
    Our white label solutions also provide ultimate
    value to your website and can help you grow your
    business with our effective and dynamic white
    label solutions.
  • We influence the travel industry market with
    advanced business solutions and aspire to be a
    one-stop-shop for all of your online travel
    needs. Our white label travel portals can yield a
    profit margin for you at every single click.
  • We strive to maximize the client's potential by
    providing the best travel portal development
    services, thereby assisting them in achieving
    their objectives.
  • The ready-to-go White Label Website for b2c and
    b2b travel portals can benefit entrepreneurs,
    travel agents, tour operators, and hoteliers.

B2C White Label Travel Portal 
  • The person who has an interest in the retail
    market and wants to provide or sell travel
    services like Airline booking, Hotel reservation,
    Bus booking, Cab booking, and Tour package
    booking can start their business by getting a B2C
    White Label Travel Portal with a little
  • B2C White Label System enables travelers to book
    services at their leisure and make payments using
    multiple payment options such as credit card,
    debit card, net banking, and others available in
    the payment gateway.
  • B2C or End-User can check the bookings payments
    history and send a request for cancellation at
    any time from anywhere by login in Customer
    Dashboard. Your guests and registered customers
    can book directly through your B2C White Label
    Travel website, preventing the intervention of
    tour operators.
  • Users can also sign up using their social media
    or Google accounts. We have integrated 12
    Inventory suppliers including GDS and local
    operators to provide the best deal to our
    clients. Our White Label system is tested and
    technically strong being used by 1100 clients.

B2B White Label Travel Portal 
  • B2B White Label Travel Portal is ideal for Travel
    Agencies that want to offer services through
    their Representatives of Registered Agents. Our
    B2B System supports unlimited agent registration
    and management, category-wise discounts, and
    mark-up management. Travelopro offers a strong
    back office to track bookings, sales, business
    volume, and so on for each agent.
  • Our White Label Travel Portal is the best in
    class solution that has Multi GDS API and LCCs
    Operators API integration that facilitates 24/7
    real-time booking and cancellation facility for
    travel services like flight booking, Hotel
    booking, and Bus/Car booking to avoid manual
  • We have a team of experts that is continuously
    updated our white label system to load it with
    all advanced features. As a result, your business
    is always up to date and ready to outperform the
  • In our Travel Portal, you have all the access to
    which agent can use which service. Any agent can
    be activated or deactivated at any time. When you
    deactivate an agent account, that agent will no
    longer be able to access your portal.
  • Similarly, when you activate an agent account,
    that agent can log in and start using the
    services. Agents can work on your portal to
    prepaid wallet or credit limit as per your ease.
    You can assign classes to the agents and apply
    mark-ups and discount coupons class-wise.

How is B2C B2B White Label Solution helping
travel agencies grow?
  • As a travel agent, you must recognize the value
    of a white label travel solution. It is one of
    the most important aspects of launching a
    business. If you want to start a travel business,
    you must have this feature on your website.
  • With access to the White Label Travel Site, you
    can offer your customers easy and quick tickets,
    as well as real-time offers, allowing you to
    increase profits and enhance your travel
    website's business credibility.
  • Best White Label Travel Portal is highly
    beneficial for customers as they can avail of
    numerous services on the same platform. But for
    travel agents too, white-label websites are an
    ideal choice for accelerating business revenue
  • Travelopro white Label options give visitors an
    easy way to plan their travel solutions like
    hotel bookings, transfer reservations, airline
    bookings, and more. Our developers ensure that
    you can manage all of your financial transactions
    online while also maximizing conversions.
  • Travelopro's integrated architecture and
    user-friendly operations increase sales and
    strengthen the interface between existing
    customers and the travel company.
  • Our dedicated team ensures that you get
    everything you want from your white label travel
    portals effectively.
  • Travelopro has provided B2C B2B white label
    travel portal solutions to travel agents all over
    the world, allowing them to launch their online
    travel businesses. Over 2500 travel partners have
    shown their integrity while using
    Travelopro's white-label travel solutions. Our
    solutions enable you to engage with your
    customers more closely while providing them with
    a wide range of services.

Key features of our White Label Solution
  • B2B/B2C Travel Portals 
  • Real-time search and booking functionality 
  • Mobile-friendly interface 
  • Personalized Travel Portal/Website Development 
  • Third-party API Integration 
  • Booking engine for flights, hotels, tours,
    transfers, and other services
  • Provide an online presence for your travel
  • A diverse inventory to attract new customers
  • A simple interface that allows customers to book
  • User-friendly maintenance tools allow agents to
    boost effective cancellation of bookings and
    other related updates
  • Administration and Dashboard Management Tools
  • Customize your website according to your
  • Graphic Reporting Tracking

  • Increased commission and sales efforts
  • GDS integration for flights, hotels, and other
    travel content
  • Fully branded and adaptable website
  • Highest commission on airline tickets, hotel
    reservations, vacation packages, and other travel
  • Online booking, cancellation, rescheduling, and
    refund accessibility
  • 24/7 technical and customer support
  • Completely branded and responsive website
  • Your website and booking engine can be optimized
    for search engines
  • Online e-ticketing
  • Easy implementation
  • Manage your booking and markup value
  • Manage your agents and accounting details
  • It is simple to manage all booking reports
  • There are no minimum deposits or maintenance

Benefits of our White Label Solution
  • Online presence for your travel brand
  • Attract new customers with larger travel
  • User-friendly interface that will inspire
    existing customers to purchase from your site
    more frequently
  • Flexibility to choose all or limited travel
    products to be integrated into the portal 
  • Round the clock technical and customer assistance
  • Flexible reporting with a wide range of reports -
    including booking, sales, performance, and other
    data that can be tailored according to the
    business need
  • User-friendly maintenance tools enabling you to
    be in control at all times will make sure
    updating, amending, and taking care of your site
    is as easy as it can be

How Travelopro helps OTAs White Label Travel
Portal at a reasonable cost?
  • When you collaborate with Travelopro, you are
    partnered with travel technology industry
    leaders. Consequently, we take the opportunity to
    deliver the best possible work at the most
    affordable White Label Travel Portal Cost by
    leveraging our skills and experience.
  • At Travelopro, we have extensive experience and
    skill in the field of white label travel portal
    development services, and we can assist you in
    putting your potential business concept into
    action and developing the most comprehensive
    applications to ensure your clients are 100
  • With years of experience in the industry, we
    provide a white-label solution for B2C travel
    portal development, white label travel portal,
    travel portal API/XML integration, GDS API
    integration, and much more.

  • We specialize in the design, development, and
    integration of various GDS XML, LCCs, Hotel APIs,
    Transfer APIs, Car Rental APIs, Cruise APIs, and
    Travel Insurance APIs.
  • We help travel agencies and businesses that need
    B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2E, Franchise Module, and
    Distributor solutions. You can easily take your
    business to the next level and gain a competitive
  • We have expertise in white label travel portal
    development with API integration solutions to
    provide secure and cost-effective web portal
    development solutions for global clients such as
    flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, tour
    packages, sightseeing, transfers, and so on.
  • We assure you that you get all the latest
    required features from a travel portal such as
    the best API integrations to responsiveness. Our
    White Label Solutions Travel has major GDS LCC
    operators, third party suppliers/operators APIs
    integrated into the backend which makes your
    travel portal rich in data.
  • We also put in the effort to reduce overall costs
    and time involved in the development. We realize
    that the budget of the travel industry or
    companies varies based on their necessities

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