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Hemming Tape Guide - Know How To Use Wonder Webbing


Want to know how tailor use hemming tape on cloth? Here is our guide to use wonder webbing on different fabric or garments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hemming Tape Guide - Know How To Use Wonder Webbing

Hemming Tape Guide Know How To Use Wonder Webbing
Hemming tape is an effective option for quick
hems and repairs, but it can be difficult for new
sewers. I've compiled a list of the hem tape use
and how to use hem tape. It's ideal for when
you're in a hurry or need to fix a hem quickly.
First, measure the hemline, put the tape between
the clothing and the hem, and press. Next, the
hem is fixed to use the iron's heat and the
tape's bonding. Guideline To Use Hemming
Tape Hemming tape of good quality is durable and
made to be washed. Hemming tape can be found at
any fabric store or clothing store. Also, check
whether your local supermarket or department shop
has a sewing section. Applying hemming tape is
easy if you follow these steps. 1 - Prewash
Make sure your fabric or garment has been
pre-washed and is ready to be hemmed. A fabric
softener should not be used on the first
application as it will impair the bonding
solution, causing the tape to attach less
strongly. Also Read Your Checkout List Before
Doing a Clothing Alteration 2 -
Shortening Clothing alteration service suggests
shortening a pair of pants or a skirt using
hemming tape, measuring the required length and
adding at least 1 14 inches (3 cm) for seam
allowance on the hem. Hemming tapes are usually 1
inch wide (2.5 cm). Remember to wash your jeans
beforehand in case they stretch. 3 -
Finishing One alteration near me suggested that
the edge can be left raw or finished with a
zigzag stitch if you have a sewing machine.
Sergers are frequently used to prevent the edge
of a garment from fraying. Likewise, pinking
scissors reduce fraying by cutting the edge in a
zigzag pattern. 4 - Cutting Cut the hemming
tape to the length of the fabric for the
requirement of hemmed. First, measure the part of
the hem that has to be fixed and cut the tape
correctly if it's a hem repair. Then, press the
hem and put the tape between the hem and the
garment's wrong side. The hem should be pressed
up 1/8 inch (3mm) more than the width of the tape.
Pay attention to the pressing instructions press
and hem little sections if a short area has to be
hemmed. If your outfit is delicate or made of
synthetic materials, use a cotton pressing cloth
between it and the fabric while ironing. Also
Read Reasons Why Every Men Needs a Tailor
Things To Consider While Using Hem Tape (Wonder
  • Materials that are highly elastic, waterproof,
    have a raised fabric, or have a rough surface (or
    can't be pressed) will not work with hemming
  • Try on a scrap piece of fabric first, especially
    if it's your first time. While it's not difficult
    to use, it takes a little effort to get the tape
    position and iron temperature.
  • If you leave your hem tape exposed to the iron,
    it will melt and become difficult, if not
    impossible, to remove.
  • With the iron, press down firmly. Hold for a few
    seconds to allow the tape to heat, then release
    and remove the iron.
  • Let the tape cool before testing the adherence.
  • If the tape doesn't stick well, your iron wasn't
    warm enough (or you didn't leave it on long
    enough for the tape to heat up).
  • When working with delicate fabrics, use a
    pressing cloth.
  • Work in sections if you're working on a wide area
    to keep your tape nice and straight and your
    hemline from being uneven or wrinkled.
  • To ensure that your hem is straight and free of
    wrinkles, iron both sides of your fabric.
  • Conclusion

Hemming tape is one-of-a-kind and very handy
equipment that every sewer should have on hand.
Learning how to use it takes some skill, but
you'll be glad you did once you've mastered it.
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