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Study Accounting and Finance in the UK


If you want to pursue a MSc Accounting and Finance, you can look through the various universities in the UK offering your desired programme. Apply Hurry!! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Study Accounting and Finance in the UK

Study Accounting and Finance in the UK
  • Intake January, September
  • Mood of Study Full time
  • Course Length BSc (3 years), MSc (1- 2 years)
  • Fee Range Up to 25000 on an average

  • Making the decision to leave your native country
    to study abroad is a major move. Every year,
    students from all over the world pack their
    belongings and travel to another nation to study
    at a university. Moreover, studying abroad is a
    tried-and-true approach to expand one's horizons,
    improve one's education, and obtain valuable
    real-world experience. The United Kingdom is one
    of the best and most well-known foreign student
    destinations in the world. Every year, a
    considerable number of international students go
    to the United Kingdom to pursue higher education.
    The United Kingdom is well-known not only for its
    educational institutions, but also for its rich
    heritage and tradition, environment,
    multicultural atmosphere, level of life, and so
    on. The question is, what makes the UK so special
    that it attracts a large number of international
    students each year.

Accounting and finance degrees provide
outstanding graduate prospects as well as
opportunity to work in some of the most
prestigious firms and accounting practices.
Finance studies help you train and prepare for a
business profession, as well as create business
awareness. Financial accountants provide all of
the skills required by firms and are in high
demand, making accountancy a rapidly increasing
career option. Accountancy graduates frequently
have the abilities and expertise to move into
other areas of business and advance their
Reasons to Study Accounting and Finance
  • Reasons to pursue a degree in accounting and
    finance can be found below
  • Accounting and finance degrees are excellent
    choices for anyone looking to join some of the
    best graduate training programmes. Joining a
    well-established organization as a graduate
    trainee provides a more organized training
    programme as well as more prospects for
    professional advancement and personal
  • The accounting profession is unlikely to decline
    in popularity. Accountants and finance experts
    are required by every business in order to comply
    with relevant legislation and business
    procedures. You just need to stay up to date on
    changes in the finance industry to guarantee that
    you remain a highly valued and marketable member
    of staff.
  • Accountants are the backbone of any commercial or
    corporate organization. Graduate accountants can
    work in any industry or sector because their
    skills and knowledge are transferable.

  • Accounting and finance degrees complement a wide
    range of other degree areas, the redditionl
    skills and information that can be applied in the
  • Accounting and finance degrees complement a wide
    range of other degree areas, therefore it is
    possible to pursue a joint honors degree in
    accounting and finance as well as another
    subject, such as business or languages. Studying
    for a dual honors degree provides additional
    skills and information that can be applied in the
  • Accountancy and finance studies have a very
    practical approach, providing relevant
    experiences in business accounting and finance in
    both simulated and real-life.
  • Many accounting and finance degrees include an
    optional placement year, which allows you to work
    in the business and gain expertise in all
    elements of an accounting job.

International Admission Intake and Tuition Fees
  • A large number of UK universities offer both BSc
    and MSc in Accounting and Finance. A full time
    Bachelor programme in Accounting and Finance
    costs 18525- 23079. On the other hand, the
    tuition fees of the MSc programme are 16000-
    28900 for foreign students.

Accounting and finance combine monetary
principles with those of business and management.
They encompass a wide range of institutional and
organizational reporting, calculation, and
assessment activities. Benefits to pursue a
degree in accounting and finance can be found
below1.Great Career Path After graduating from
university with a degree in accounting and
finance, you will have a number of professional
options. You may become a chartered accountant,
stockbroker, or forensic accountant, or you could
take an entirely other path and utilize your
degree to become a business development manager,
data analyst, or mortgage advisor. 2.Earn
handsome Wage Accounting and finance graduates
have the potential to earn high-paying salaries
depending on the career path they choose. If you
decide to work as a public or private accountant,
you can expect to start at roughly 18,000. With
further experience and the necessary
qualifications, you may make up to 100,000 per
year (National Careers Service).
Benefits of Studying Accounting and Finance
  • 3.Can Access Every Industry Choosing a career in
    accounting and finance means you will have the
    abilities to work in a field that is always in
    great demand. Accountants and finance specialists
    are needed by businesses of all sizes to handle
    their money. Because accounting and finance
    degrees are in high demand, you will have many
    work opportunities.
  • 4.Numerical Skills A degree in accounting and
    finance will provide you with a lot of
    transferable skills that will help you improve
    your CV and make you a desirable employee to a
    variety of organizations. You will get strong
    numerical and quantitative talents, as well as
    superior analytical and problem-solving ability.
    You will master the following abilities, which
    are often in high demand by employers
  • Communication
  • Organization and time management
  • Business organization knowledge and awareness
  • The ability to argue and negotiate your argument

  • Career after Studying Accounting and Finance
  • With a degree in accounting and finance, you will
    be able to explore a wide range of professional
    opportunities. Accounting can lead to a variety
    of jobs, including
  • Chartered Accountant As a chartered accountant,
    you can work in practically any industry, which
    means you can combine your profession with
    something that interests you. You will provide
    advice, audit accounts, and provide accounting
    and financial assistance. Typically, you will
    concentrate on one organization and manage all of
    its financial needs. As a chartered accountant,
    you will have numerous options for career
    advancement and a great earning potential.
  • Financial Manager Financial managers are in
    charge of an organization's financial health.
    They create financial reports and devise
    strategies to assist their firm in meeting its
    long-term financial objectives.

  • Financial Advisor Financial advisors assist
    their clients in understanding their financial
    situation and making customized investment
    decisions. They keep track of their customers'
    investments and finances and can advise them on
    insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate
    planning, taxes, and retirement.
  • Forensic Accountant Forensic accountants, one of
    the most in-demand career options for accounting
    and financial graduates, specialize primarily on
    fraud, scams, embezzlement, and identity theft.
    With the majority of financial services being
    available online, the risk of any of these events
    occurring has dramatically increased. As a
    forensic accountant, you'll conduct record audits
    to assess liability, fraud, and valuation. To be
    successful, you'll need an investigative attitude
    and exceptional attention to detail, but you'll
    have good career options with the ability to make
    high incomes that are often supplemented with
    additional company advantages.

  • UK Universities for Accounting and Finance
  • 1. Newcastle University Students will learn
    about the academic theory that underpins
    professional accounting and finance practice.
    Accounting and finance are supported by technical
    brilliance and ethical behavior. This
    university's degree combines academic theory with
    real-world problem solving. Professional practice
    backs them up. They will provide students with a
    head start in their careers by providing
  • Industry -recognized certifications
  • Insight from a research
  • Informed teaching practitioner
  • 2. Northumbria University Accounting and finance
    is a fluid and ever-changing industry, with
    innovations and best practices evolving to meet
    the world's concerns on both a local and global
    scale. Through business-relevant and
    research-rich learning, this course will assist
    you in developing employability skills. You'll
    learn how global economic and financial
    difficulties affect business activity, as well as
    how organizations interact within the business
    environment. You will learn how to critically
    assess current accounting and financial
    processes, business ethics rules, and corporate
    governance frameworks in order to offer solutions
    to global concerns

  • 3. University of Portsmouth Accounting and
    finance professionals are constantly in demand,
    so if you studied a business subject at
    undergraduate level and have an eye for detail
    and the will to thrive in a demanding corporate
    climate, our MSc Accounting and Finance degree
    course is the route to advance your objectives.
    The university will assist you in identifying
    volunteer roles and opportunities to supplement
    your study. When students complete this course,
    the institution's Careers and Employability
    programme can assist them in finding a job that
    utilizes their talents in the accounting and
    financial sectors.
  • In the end, Accounting and finance professionals
    play critical roles in all sorts and sizes of
    organizations, both in the UK and around the
    world. This degree is suitable if you want to
    pursue a career in accounting or if you are
    currently professionally certified and want to
    pursue a degree.

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