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SAP Environment Health and Safety Training PPT | SAP EHS PPT | SAP EHS Module PPT


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Title: SAP Environment Health and Safety Training PPT | SAP EHS PPT | SAP EHS Module PPT

SAP EHS (Environmental Health And Safety)
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  • For any organization, employees are the main
    resources. Apart from utilizing their abilities,
    organizations also have a responsibility to take
    care of their well-being. This includes looking
    after their health and safety while they are at
    work. They need to have strategies to deal with
    the danger at workplace. And, the legal process
    also needs to be taken care of.SAP EHS is a
    software that comes to the help here. It assists
    organizations to identify and moderate
    organizational risks. So SAP EHS tools help to
    manage occupational/ product safety measures and
    corporate responsibility.

What Is SAP EHS?
  • SAP EHS is software that was created to
    effectively and efficiently deal with
    occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the
    overall safety of workers, products, and the
    organization. It empowers the integration of
    safety and health measures in the organization's
    existing business processes. SAP EHS allows
    organizations to be legally compliant, reduce
    costs, and minimum risks simultaneously. It
    provides an overall solution for the
    organizations for management of the environment,
    health, and safety.

SAP EHS Key Components
  • 1. Hazardous substance management  Includes all
    of the activities that need to be carried out in
    order to work safely and track Hazardous
  • 2. Dangerous goods management  Involves the
    processes that should be carried out in order to
    efficiently, effectively, and safely manage the
    storage management, transportation, and delivery
    of dangerous goods.
  • 3. Product safety management Includes adequately
    and safely dealing with the manufacturing and
    procurement of hazardous products
  • 4. Waste management Includes creation of a
    central process, wherein all of the exercises
    that you need to engage in order to effectively
    and safely manage the waste disposal process are
    carried out.

  • 5. Occupational health management Includes
    periodically analyzing, tracking, and conducting
    health observation checks in the organization in
    order to determine patterns and trends in the
    overall health of the organization and to take
    the necessary actions to fix and address those
    health concerns.
  • 6.  Industrial hygiene and safetyIncludes
    focusing on the hygiene and safety of your
    organization and effectively and efficiently
    managing hazards.
  • 7. Basic data and reportingIncludes all of the
    functions that organizations need in order to
    deal with the other EHS functions easily. This
    includes the creation of a single central point
    for all EHS Tasks.

Key Functionalities Of SAP EHS
  • Employee Health And Safety
  • This deals with the processes related to
    industrial hygiene and occupational health.
    Suppose a worker handles a dangerous substance,
    He/she has to maintain certain guidelines. This
    is necessary to maintain the well-being of the
    worker and the workplace. SAP EHS makes dealing
    with these processes simpler.Moreover, risk
    management and asset management processes are
    incorporated through this feature. The software
    can place risk data into work orders for workers.
    It additionally proposes safety measures.

  • Product And REACH Compliance
  • This functionality assists an organization to
    maintain records of materials and products. It
    also helps in keeping compliance regulations for
    industries. This guarantees that the production
    materials and final products are safe.The
    feature empowers to establishes compliance
    workflows. Authorities can assign guidelines and
    legal necessities to business operations.

  • Product Safety
  • This functionality helps organizations to meet
    their legal, safety, and sustainability
    responsibilities. This is also deal with
    maintaining the supply chain of products. As well
    as Regulations for product storage, packaging,
    and transportation are also maintained.

  • Environmental Compliance Management
  • The different environmental laws and regulations
    are maintained by this functionality.
    organizations can track air and water emissions
    records to ensure environmental safety. All the
    environment-related activities and tasks can be
    tracked using this feature of SAP EHS.

SAP EHS Key Components
  • Helps organizations to maintain industrial
    hygiene and occupational health programs
  • Analyze operational data to anticipate hazards
    and take steps to reduce them
  • Shared data, integrated business processes, and
    workflows assist in strengthening the EHS process
  • Safeguard operational continuity by identifying
    and moderating safety risks
  • It assists to follow legal and safety guidelines,
    thus saving accidental expenses
  • Enhance the safety norms of business operations.
    This is possible due to the SAP EHS

  • Analyze accidents efficiently to avoid them in
  • SAP EHS helps in including risk management
    strategies in daily business activities. This
    lessens the chances of risk and creates awareness
    amongst workers
  • Create and implement health surveillance
  • Prepare surveys and tasks to assemble information
    about working environment conditions

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