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5 Things Vapers Didn’t Know About Vaping


Vapers love to vape, but most don’t know much about the interesting facts surrounding the vaping industry. Take a look at the top 5 facts about vaping you had no idea about. Visit to know more - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Things Vapers Didn’t Know About Vaping

5 Things Vapers Didnt Know About Vaping
Hons Fathers Death Inspired Him to Invent Vaping
Hon Lik is a Chinese pharmacist who invented the
e-cigarette in 2002. Gilberts invention was
unheard of until then. Hon wanted to create
another method of nicotine delivery upon his
fathers demise he was addicted to smoking and
died from lung cancer. Hon tried nicotine
patches, but the experience was below average. He
created Ruyan, the first e-cig that looked like
todays low-wattage pod devices.
Worlds First Vaping Device Dates Back to the
In 1963, Herbert A Gilbert filed the first patent
for an electronic smoking device. In 1965, he
received the patent to create a non-tobacco and
smokeless device. His invention looked like
todays e-cigarettes. Although unsuccessful, his
invention set the standard for the new vaping
market. Somewhat similar to Hon, Gilbert wanted
to create this device to reduce the harmful
effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.
You Need Not Vape Nicotine
While smokers switch to vaping to discover a
safer alternative to smoking tobacco-based
nicotine, many vapers are nicotine-free. The
available vape juice supplies in the market give
consumers the scope to avoid nicotine. So, you
can choose not to buy nicotine-based e-liquid.
Some smokers initially start with nicotine and
then reduce it until they become comfortable with
nicotine-free vape juice.
Vaping Helps Save Money
Vaping is a cost-efficient option for people
spending money on cigarettes. It requires buying
a vaporizing device once. However, you will spend
some money on vape juice supplies. But you wont
buy as much e juice as you would buy cigarettes.
Research shows that vaping can help save the
money otherwise spent on smoking. Various brands
offer premium e-liquid at pocket-friendly prices.
Cloud Vaping Competitions Exist
There are numerous vapers worldwide. While vaping
is not a competition, it encouraged many vapers
to try cloud chasing. It involves creating
massive amounts of dense vapor clouds and using
skills to do cloud tricks. Various competitions
are held globally, where the best cloud chasers
participate. Winning them can bring huge amounts
of money. The leading contest occurs in Vapecon,
Vape Capitol, and The World Series of Cloud
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