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Physics Lab Equipments List | Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter in South Africa


10 Essential Physics Lab Equipment and Their Uses, Physics lab equipments manufacturers, supplier and exporter, leading manufacturer for research Physics lab equipment – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Physics Lab Equipments List | Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter in South Africa

10 Essential Physics Lab Equipments
  • And their uses!

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Why is Physics essential?
  • Physics concepts are also mentioned in specific
    other majors, such as mathematics and philosophy
    because every advancement in physics leads to the
    development of current technologies.
    Understanding nuclear physics, solid-state
    physics, and electromagnetism, for example, led
    to the development of new products such as
    nuclear weapons, everyday appliances, computers,
    televisions, and other items that flipped society
    upside down.
  • Physics has a lot to teach us when it comes to
    large-scale discoveries. Some of the most
    significant physics breakthroughs are listed

Fundamental Physics Lab Equipment and their Uses
  • It is a device that measures voltage, electric
    current, and resistance. It is also known as a
    volt-ohm meter. A multimeter could be analog or
    digital. Physics lab equipment manufacturers
    manufacture both digital and analog multimeters

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Vernier Calliper
  • It is a measuring tool used to measure the
    breadth of the rods and thickness of several
    objects. Pierre Vernier invented it in 1631. 

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Daniell Cell
  • It is a primary voltaic cell that has a copper
    anode and zinc-amalgam cathode. It is used to
    generate electricity. It was invented by British
    chemist and meteorologist John Frederic Daniell
    in 1836.

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
  • It is one of the most common physics lab
    equipment. It is an object or a material that
    produces a magnetic field and exerts a magnetic
    force. It is used to pull ferromagnetic
    substances like iron or to attract or repel other

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Meter Bridge
  • It is used to check the value of resistance in a
    metal coil. A meter bridge works on the principle
    of "Wheatstone bridge." It is also known as a
    slide wire bridge.

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
  • Prisms in a physics lab are a dime a dozen. A
    prism is a glass object that converts the light
    passing through it in a broad spectrum. The
    dispersion of light occurs due to the refractive
    index of the glass.

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Spring Balance
  • There won't be any list of "must-have physics lab
    equipment and their uses" without mentioning a
    spring balance. It is used to measure the force
    applied to an object. In a spring balance, the
    weight of an object is the multiplication of its
    mass and gravity.

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Optical Bench
  • This physics lab equipment is a visual phenomenon
    observation and measuring apparatus equipped for
    the acceptable location and adjustment of light
    sources and optical devices.

It is a body, mainly spherical, suspended in the
air from a fixed point. It is used to teach about
movements and oscillation. Other than this,
pendulums are also used in clocks, seismometers,
metronomes, etc.
Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
Screw Gauge
  • The screw gauge is measuring equipment. It can
    measure the dimensions from millimeters to 5 cm.
    This is mainly used to measure the diameter of
    bolts, wires, screws, and other small objects.

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
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Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers
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