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The Diamond Tennis Bracelet - A Quick Overview


A Tennis Bracelet is a stylish and elegant wrist piece with fine links and a symmetrical pattern of diamonds or other precious stones. A tennis bracelet is also called an eternity bracelet. And a tennis bracelet with only diamonds is also simply called a diamond bracelet. To know more info about what is the history behind tennis bracelets, types of diamond tennis bracelets, types of setting clasp, which metal colors use to make them with - Yellow, Rose, and Sterling Silver, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Diamond Tennis Bracelet - A Quick Overview

Diamond Tennis Bracelet
"Find Out What is Tennis Bracelet, Why Called
Tennis Bracelet or many more by Gemistone
What is Diamond Tennis Bracelet?
  • A Tennis Bracelet is a fashion accessory full of
    diamonds. Tennis bracelet is a stylish and
    elegant wrist piece with fine links and a
    symmetrical pattern of diamonds or other precious
  • A tennis bracelet is also called an eternity
    bracelet. And a tennis bracelet with only
    diamonds is also simply called a diamond
  • Unlike a bracelet, the tennis bracelet is
    flexible and moves with the wearer. It is not
    surprising for the term tennis bracelet to refer
    to a bracelet with other gemstones or diamond
    substitutions, such as cubic zirconia.
  • Tennis bracelets are elegant, sophisticated and
    also often cost "a penny. We would all love to
    have this iconic accessory from the world of
    fashion. But are these bracelets worth the high
    price? Where does this unique name "tennis
    bracelet" come from? And most importantly, will I
    be able to play paddle tennis even if it's
  • The tennis bracelet is thought to have been named
    after the professional tennis player, Chris
    Evert, who frequently wore this style while
    playing. A bracelet fell off during a tennis
    match and stopped the game until the bracelet was
    safely found.

History OF Tennis Bracelet
  • Why is a Tennis Bracelet called a Tennis
  • Few pieces of jewelry have gained as much
    popularity as the tennis bracelet. Dating back to
    1920, this timeless, classic bracelet is a
    flexibly linked, fully in-line diamond-encrusted
    bracelet. It is a beautiful and elegant jewel
    and was called a diamond bracelet until the late
  • The name tennis bracelet is related to tennis
    player, former Grand Slam winner, and number 1 in
    the world ranking Chris Evert.
  • She lost her diamond bracelet, designed by star
    jeweler George Bedewi, during a match at the 1987
    US Open. Chris Evert interrupted the match to
    find her precious bracelet.
  • From this happening, this tennis bracelet is
    called. Celebrities from the tennis world such as
    Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini as well as
    Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson and Katy
    Perry wear tennis bracelets.
  • Tennis Bracelets are still popular today thanks
    to their timeless elegance and portability.

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Types Of Tennis Bracelet
  • What are the Many Varieties of Tennis Bracelets
  • Tennis Bracelet comes in 6 Different Styles. In
    order of popularity, these are the various types
    and styles of Tennis Bracelets
  • Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Two Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Three Prong Flower Clasp Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Multiple Rows Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Picking the right and perfect bracelet, to match
    your personality and style. Learn more, what is
    tennis bracelet style is.

What is a tennis bracelet style?
  • Bezel Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • The bezel setting helps to put this bracelet
    separated. It is simple and beautiful, making it
    the choice that you are sure to love. You can
    select between 2 carats up to 5 carats of natural
    or loose diamonds to grace your wrist. The bezel
    bracelet has the diamonds a little differently.
    In this setting, all or part of the diamond will
    be covered with a strip of metal.
  • Two Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • It classic bracelet will stand out while matching
    every outfit that you want to wear. It puts the
    diamonds carefully on two prong baskets to make
    them simple and elegant. The diamond doesn't have
    as much holding it on. Youll have to be careful
    with this style.
  • Three Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • You can also select the stunning three prong
    diamond tennis bracelet. This one is similar to
    four prong bracelet, but it has one row of
    diamonds in a beautifully crafted three-prong
    basket. You can pick from many different types of
    diamond colors and clarity, available with any
    diamonds types.

What is a tennis bracelet style?
  • Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • This is a classic choice when it comes to
    choosing a tennis bracelet. It features a single
    row of brilliant diamonds that have been crafted
    by experts into a crafted four-prong basket. With
    the prong tennis bracelets, it is small pins that
    help hold the stone in place. The four prongs
    make it truly sturdy and keep everything in place
    well, so it is the most popular option.
  • Three Prong Flower Clasp Tennis Bracelet
  • Another alternative that you can choose is this
    flower clasp tennis bracelet. While the others
    are elegant in their simplicity, this one has a
    flower design that helps to hold it together. The
    brilliant natural diamonds are set in three prong
    baskets to hold it secure and looking amazing. It
    depends on the three-prong method, but the prongs
    are designed in the shape of a flower instead of
    just the simple prongs on it.
  • Multiple Rows Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • Multiple Rows Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The
    options we talked about above are simple and
    elegant choices with just one row of diamonds all
    around. For most people, it is the type of tennis
    bracelet they would like. However, there is the
    option to have 2 or 3 rows of diamonds sitting on
    top of each other. Tennis bracelets with multiple
    rows can also use the other prongs or the bezel
    style too depending on the look of the bracelet.

What is the best setting for a tennis bracelet?
  • The prong setting is one of the most famous
    styles for tennis bracelets, offering a perfect
    balance of beauty and security. Here, the
    diamonds are kept in place with three to four
    prongs, carefully positioned for maximum security
    of the stone. That's why for reasons, the prong
    setting is the best in Tennis Bracelet.

Tennis Bracelet Clasp Types
Tennis bracelet clasps come in a variety of
styles here are three of our favorites.
What's the Best Way to Wear a Tennis Bracelet?
  • The Tennis Bracelet is a real eye-catcher, but
    how do you wear this icon piece? For a classic
    look, wearing one bracelet is enough. Do not wear
    too much jewelry so that all attention is paid to
    your beautiful tennis bracelet.
  • Do you like bling more? Then we have a tip for
    you, layer with several bracelets. A tennis
    bracelet matches beautifully with a bangle
    bracelet, but also with more subtle narrow
  • You can wear a tennis bracelet on many different
    occasions, both to work and for festive
    occasions. Combined with a casual outfit, the
    tennis bracelet undoubtedly steals the show,
    which immediately gives your outfit a luxurious
  • That's an extra good reason to invest in timeless
    icon pieces such as a tennis bracelet. On festive
    occasions, a tennis bracelet is a very suitable
    accessory, and it shines irresistibly beautifully
    in the artificial lights. Ensure yourself of
    countless compliments with a tennis bracelet.
  • Where it is not done to wear a watch on your
    wedding day, wearing a beautiful bracelet is a
    very good idea to still wear a beautiful
    accessory on your wrist.
  • A watch shows that you like to keep an eye on the
    time, while your wedding day is not intended for
    that. On the other hand, the snow-white diamonds
    of a tennis bracelet shine just as beautifully as
    you do.

Tennis Bracelets are in Vogue Right Now.
  • The traditional diamond tennis bracelet in white
    gold or platinum remains the most popular. The
    sparkling colorless diamonds in combination with
    the light color of white gold and platinum create
    a classic, chic look.
  • The colorless diamonds look best in white gold
    and platinum. A diamond tennis bracelet is and
    remains sparkling beautiful!
  • However, nowadays sterling silver, yellow gold
    and rose gold are increasingly being chosen.
    Yellow gold is timeless, while rose gold is more
    striking and unusual. A rose gold tennis bracelet
    is therefore perfect for women who want something
    a little different.
  • It is also a trend to add some more color to a
    tennis bracelet. At Gemistone Jewelers you can
    choose your favorite colors of gemstones and put
    together a personal, unique bracelet.
  • For example, you can not only put together a
    tennis bracelet diamond but also have an
    extravagant tennis bracelet made by selecting two
    different colors of Gemstones and using metal for
    a different color.

What is special about a Tennis Bracelet?
  • A tennis bracelet is always made of precious
    materials such as gold or platinum. The classic
    variant consists of white gold with brilliants. 
  • However, versions with diamonds set in 925
    sterling silver , yellow gold (14k) or rose gold
    (18k) are also available. 
  • Since the individual elements are very small and
    a tennis bracelet is always set with stones all
    around, many diamonds are required for
  • For this reason, the bracelet has its price,
    which starts in the low four-digit range, but can
    also be five-digit for particularly valuable
  • A diamond tennis bracelet is therefore also
    suitable as a valuable gift, for example for your
    lovely wife or girlfriend.

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