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8 Best Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas and storage Solutions for Master Bedroom Closet


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Title: 8 Best Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas and storage Solutions for Master Bedroom Closet

8 Best Modular Wardrobe Design Ideas and storage
Solutions for Master Bedroom Closet
Before we dive into modular wardrobe design ideas
for your bedroom closet, we want to discuss a
common functionality issue in small homes. A
large custom closet is unlikely to fit in a
small room, which seems to discourage our readers
during a home renovation. So, let's discuss some
small closet ideas before we move on to the good
1. Small closet ideas Here are some well-defined
ideas that you can use for your closet system in
a small room Install built-in storage solutions
with plenty of shelving and a cabinet door. Use
cabinets with sliding drawers at the top and
lockers at the bottom. Opt for portable and
collapsible wardrobes in bedrooms.
  • Unleash your creativity with some DIY closet
  • Go the minimalist route and infuse closet designs
    with sliding doors.
  • Use tall, freestanding cabinets with maximum
    vertical space instead of tall, wide cabinets.
  • Create a separate hanging space with a built-in
    closet for extraordinary costumes and dresses.
  • 2. Bedroom wardrobe ideas for larger rooms
  • Now, when you design rooms in your home, you need
    the different components to blend in with your
    interior design theme. If you have ornate bed
    posts and beautiful decor, your wardrobe design
    should be just as impressive as the rest of your
    interior design ideas.
  • So when you have enough storage space, why not
    make the most of your home's interior with some
    exquisite closet ideas? You can have a master
    closet in a master bedroom with a designated
    walk-in closet like Christian Grey's, or opt for
    minimalist themes and modular sliding door
  • Here are some ideas to get you started on closet
    design ideas with your interior designer
  • Check the available space to choose an
    appropriate cabinet size
  • Like all furniture and accessories in your
    beautiful home, you should start by assessing
    how much space you have to install a closet.

3. Choose your desired type of wardrobe design
Speaking of the types of cabinets you can
install, you also need to pay attention to the
style and capacity of your cabinet. In modern
home interior design, a modular built-in closet
with ample shelving and hanging space is very
popular. These cabinets are also equipped with
drawers to store your valuables. For a more
traditional cabinet design, you can choose from a
range of models or almirahs in wood or stainless
steel. These cabinets may look smaller, but they
provide adequate storage space. They also have a
small allocated storage space for hanging small
clothes. They also have drawers and a small
locker with a hidden compartment for your
valuables. You can also choose minimalist
designs with sliding glass doors and large
storage shelves to neatly organize all your
stuff. These also work well for guest bedrooms
where the space isn't constantly in use and
doesn't require a lot of closet organization. In
terms of wardrobe design, you should also
consider built-in, freestanding and walk-in
wardrobe options. Each has its own merits, but
the choice depends on the type of design you
4. Evaluate your need for storage space
When choosing a closet design, you should also
consider your storage needs. What type of
storage solutions are best for the outfits and
accessories you own. Ask yourself if you
absolutely need space to hang or can you just
fold your clothes and put them away? Do you
need a designated space to store your winter
clothes? Do you need drawers in your closet or
are you more comfortable with a cabinet for your
delicate clothes, socks and other
necessities? Do you want to store your
accessories in your dressing room or allocate
space to them in your dressing room? These
questions will help you determine what type of
closet design and how much storage space you
5. Pick a material for your custom closet
Now that you know the style, size, and layout of
your desired cabinet, let's take a look at the
material options. It goes without saying that
you need durable and long-lasting materials for
your shelves. You could probably use iron or
steel shelves, modular wardrobe design but you'll
definitely need to install shelf paper to keep
clothes from rusting and chafing. The most ideal
solution is wooden shelves. Here you have a few
options. You can choose one that is laminated to
MDF, commonly known as medium density fiberboard.
The material is durable and has smooth surfaces
to bear the load even of your winter
clothes. You can select expensive wood for the
general manufacture of the cabinet. Pine, teak,
cedar, layers, etc. these are good options. Take
the time to verify the quality of the wood with
your custom cabinet designers. Finally, for the
door, you can choose intricate artwork in wood or
glass panels. You can also select a combination
of the two, where the door panel is glass while
the frame is wood. Choose an opaque, translucent
or transparent piece of glass according to your
6. Embrace innovative storage solutions for
Don't just consider traditional closet designs
for your storage needs. Get creative with
hanging shelves, built-in lockers or cabinets
with lots of drawers. A walk-in closet is ideal
for the master bedroom, but in a kid's room, you
can always choose a small one-door wardrobe with
a chest of drawers to help them keep things
organized. In a guest bedroom, you can just make
do with a suitably sized wardrobe with two or
more large drawers and compartments with doors.
You can also choose one with full-length drawers
for more space.
7. Light up your wardrobe
For one, you can add an LED light inside your
wardrobe for much-needed brightness. This, of
course, is not for walk-in closets where you
absolutely need accent lighting and bright
lights to illuminate the large closet. You can
also hang wall art or install hanging decor to
add value to your main closet. For freestanding
closets, you can line the entire perimeter with
string lights or incorporate overhead lights
just above the closet door. You can also choose
overhead lighting for added effect, but be aware
that they can interfere with your clearance and
8. Accessorize
Finally, just because your closet has storage
solutions doesn't mean you can't spruce it
up. You can choose to repaint your closet to
match the color scheme of your bedroom design
ideas. Then proceed to decorate it with
personalized objects. You can make it a point to
collect a miniature model of every place you
visit on a business trip or vacation you take.
modular wardrobe design for the kids' room,
consider decals, whimsical decals, comic book
characters, and more. If you don't want to be
deterred by the classic cabinet look, consider
ornate door handles, beautiful handcrafted wood
designs for the doors, or exquisitely patterned
glass plates. This way, your wardrobe maintains
its simplicity while adding a bit of vigor to the
home decor. The interior design of your home
does not only limit its functionality to the
walls of the living room, home office, kitchen
or bedroom. Each piece of furniture, each
decorative element contributes to the interior
of your home. Your wardrobe plays an equally
important role, so choose your pattern and
design carefully. Are you looking for HOW TO
ISLAND Get by Interior designers Yourhomz
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