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Key Stage One – Laying the Foundation of Phonics and Early Math’s


Key Stage One might be the first part of your child’s school education – but it’s also one of the most crucial to their future enjoyment of learning! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Key Stage One – Laying the Foundation of Phonics and Early Math’s

Key Stage One Laying the Foundation of Phonics
and Early Maths
Key Stage One might be the first part of your
childs school education but its also one of
the most crucial to their future enjoyment of
learning!   While its easy to assume that a few
months of lost learning wont have a significant
impact at a young age, the opposite is true. Last
summer, the ETS team received an unprecedented
volume of calls from Year One parents, hugely
concerned with the weeks of missed
school.   Many families have faced challenges in
helping primary students catch up. They have
bypassed essential reading, spelling, and math's
elements yet progressed into a new year group
without pause.   Engaging a private tutor can,
and does, provide a substantial benefit for Key
Stage One learners and it can support young
children in feeling more confident, engaged, and
ready to learn when they step into the classroom.
The Impact of Lost Learning in Key Stage One
  • Lets begin by recapping the hurdles our smallest
    learners are dealing with
  • Topics such as maths and phonics are fundamental
    building blocks, which their ongoing attainment
    is reliant on.
  • Many schools have struggled to adapt their
    curriculum plans to bridge varying gaps and dont
    have the capacity to adjust lessons to better
    help students who are beginning to feel left
  • Frustration builds quickly, where pupils lack
    essential skills they should have been taught,
    leading to profound anxiety, particularly with
  • While much focus has been on GCSE and A-Level
    students, early years education paves the way
    for every pupils experience throughout primary
    school and onto secondary. Year One is perhaps
    the most vital in embedding reading and
    mathematical concepts.
  • Any primary child finding school a challenge, or
    experiencing learning-associated stress, will
    benefit from private tuition throughout the
    eleven years of education ahead.

Expectations for Learning Levels at The End of
Year One
If youre concerned that your child has suffered
from a lack of understanding due to lost
classroom time, lets summaries the core
expectations for Year One students
  • Knowledge of all 44 phonemes for reading.
  • The ability to count, read and write numbers up
    to 100.
  • Accurate reading using sound blending.
  • Skills in multiplying in twos, fives, and tens.
  • Reading words with plurals and endings such as
    -ing, -ed, and -est.
  • Understand general numerical vocabulary such as
    equal, difference, fractions etc
  • While children are often resilient and can make
    up for lost time, this isnt a general
    expectation parents can rely on. Many will miss
    some, or all, of the markers listed above this
    year. Parents, guardians and careers can find
    more information online through the Letters and
    Sounds website, with daily lessons to show the
    skills Year One children are expected to work on.
  • Schools tend to follow a structured phonics
    programmer. However, the task of assisting every
    student in classes of up to 30 learners is an
    enormous one. To add to the issue, the government
    cancelled phonics assessments at the end of Year
    One last year due to school closures. Therefore,
    many schools have no way of identifying students
    with considerable learning gaps.
  • Taking action now is a proactive opportunity to
    support pupils who are struggling. It will
    ensure they can hit every benchmark with the
    assurance that their tutor will help them gain a
    thorough grasp of any learning areas they havent
    yet understood.

How to Support KS1 children with Catch-Up
Elite Tutors Sussex offers a private, tailored
service to appoint an exceptional tutor to
support your primary student in recovering lost
learning.   Every qualified tutor we recommend
has real-life classroom experience and provides
bespoke tuition based on your childs
preferences, personality, and topics where they
need the most support. We only offer qualified
teachers to primary aged children as we know how
important learning to read, write and to be
numerical is.   We know that the better the
quality of early years provision, the greater a
students long-term outcomes. Therefore, our
dedicated tutors focus on fundamental principles
to make learning fun, dynamic, and ultimately
something children will enjoy while improving
their life chances.
  • A qualified primary teacher, working as a tutor
    to deliver tasks and assessments in conjunction
    with school learning, including evaluations to
    pinpoint those crucial lost learning areas in
    topics such as
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Speaking and listening
  • Within those, phonics and early maths are the
    vital topics most essential to successful
    learning across the other elements of the UK
    National Curriculum.
  • Parents who have invested in additional support
    through using a private tutor find that the
    learner not only bolsters their understanding but
    gains confidence, encouragement and interest in
    exploring topics that matter so greatly to their
    ongoing education.

Choosing a Key Stage One Phonics and Early Maths
The best math tutor Brighton for your child will
depend on a range of factors, with a bespoke
matching service to ensure the tuition is highly
tailored to the most beneficial learning style.
  • That includes
  • Helping academically advanced children who
    require a greater intellectual challenge to
    ensure they have the opportunity to reach their
  • Assisting children who find school daunting or
    feel that they arent progressing at the same
    rate as their peers.
  • Crafting lessons to the child and delivering
    materials in ways they can absorb and understand,
    where mainstream learning techniques do not meet
    their needs.
  • Ensuring pupils with learning differences have
    accessible teaching styles and one-to-one support
    to further their understanding of baseline
  • Key Stage One and indeed the breadth of primary
    years learning is a tender stage, perhaps the
    most vulnerable to disruption. The adverse
    impacts of the pandemic and lost education will
    rebound across the years to come.
  • Helping your child overcome fears and
    frustrations at the primary level, and at this
    pivotal moment in time, is an excellent way to
    cement the core phonics and math's knowledge they
    need to succeed. Engaging the services of a
    private tutor is the most effective way of
    reinforcing those skills and enhances the
    aptitude required to progress onto a new phase of
    school life with confidence.
  • For more information about Key Stage One tutors
    and how it may help your child in every aspect of
    their learning, please contact the education
    professionals at Elite Tutors Sussex for
    personal, tailored recommendations.

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