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Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developers VS Freelance Developers


If you are thinking of hiring developers for your projects then there are two options: freelancers and dedicated developers. Here we will understand why you should choose dedicated developers instead of freelancers. More Info: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developers VS Freelance Developers

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  • Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developers VS
    Freelance Developers

Dedicated Developers
  • Any software development company that offers
    full-time development services appoint full-time
    dedicated developers to complete the projects.
    Full-time developers provide quality work within
    a comparatively smaller period. The full-time
    developers grow a genuine bond with the company
    authority and the customers with their all-time
    presence. There exists an NDA or Non-Disclosure
    Agreement that offers a platform to share for
    both parties.
  • When you hire a dedicated developer from a
    reputed company, it helps you develop product
    quality and business development. A software
    company always used its own software tools and
    enterprise-grade tools to upgrade the task with
    high quality and durability. You will enjoy some
    benefits in this case, you hire full time
    developers from some of the best mobile
    application or website development companies.

Freelance Developers
  • Software companies hire a freelance developer or
    a group of freelance developers to work on a
    specific project. The project might be both
    short-term and long-term. In the case of
    freelancers, the bond between the developers and
    the company or the developers and the customer
    depends on the time span and the particular
    projects requirements. The freelancers enjoy the
    liberty to work with different companies or
    clients simultaneously. Freelance developers are
    available in the present market at very
    reasonable fees. Freelancers are always
    specialized in some specific skills. There are so
    many websites online that offer different options
    for freelancers based on the criteria and
  • When you are recruiting a freelancer, you must be
    aware of the potential consequences. You should
    go through the reviews and feedback given on
    their previous projects, and then only you will
    go for the hiring process. A healthy bond with
    freelancers is one of the cruxes of your company
  • You should know the whereabouts of any freelance
    developers beforehand to avoid any downfall. A
    freelancer must be responsible enough to carry
    out your project till the end and share a healthy
    professional relationship in the working ground.

Which One Why to Hire
  • This segment will discuss some of the key points
    that differentiate between dedicated developers
    and freelance developers in their bond with the
    company and the clients. These indicators may
    help you in your selection of developers based on
    the project criteria or process.
  • A software company is always responsible to its
    clients regarding the resources and work
    performance. A company always wishes to enhance
    the reputation to create global recognition. In
    the case of freelancers, there lies the
    possibility that they may lack the specialization
    or quality performance needed for a specific
    project. In such cases, full-time developers are
    always given the first chance for their expertise
    and skills.
  • On the other hand, when you hire dedicated
    developers from any renowned company to cover up
    a long-term project, they tend to always focus on
    the quality and complete the task within the
    deadline. The full-time developers are habituated
    with this process, whereas freelancers are not
    bound to any particular rules and regulations.
    Freelance developers may fail to finish the work
    before the deadline or compromise with the works
    quality to finish it on time.

Which One Why to Hire
  • Different companies run on different morals and
    methodologies to satisfy their clients.
    Unfortunately, due to working with various
    companies, the freelancers cannot stick to the
    particular rules of a company and thus, fail to
    satisfy the clients.
  • An independent company always uses quality
    project management tools and offers full-time
    developers the opportunity to use those to better
    the standard of products. In the case of
    freelancers, the thing is entirely different. For
    the lack of proper resources, they are not able
    to use any company standard tools.
  • Availability is one of the most significant
    features of full-time developers, where the
    presence of freelancers during a running project
    is always uncertain.
  • A company with dedicated and full-time developers
    always stands in a higher position than a company
    that works with freelancers. In the case of any
    project, the project runs smoothly when it is
    under a dedicated developers team enriched with
    proper skill and resources. On the other hand, if
    you are not satisfied with a freelance
    developers performance in the middle of the
    project, it will take a long time to find another
    and to teach the new freelancer every aspect of
    the project once again.

  • It is truly a difficult job to select between
    dedicated developers and freelancers for your
    projects, but it is a fact that dedicated and
    full-time developers are way more advantageous
    for your company than freelancers. Freelancers
    are apparently lucrative, but the dedicated
    developers from any top-rated web development of
    mobile app development company New York will
    upgrade your company performance and reputation.
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