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Top Benefits of Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery


With the evolution of technology, Lasik Eye Surgery has also evolved to a greater extent. Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery is a painless treatment for specs removal. It also offers various other benefits. Know what are the top benefits of bladeless Lasik Surgery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Benefits of Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery

Top Benefits of Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik eye surgery is the most effective method
for correcting refractive errors such as
astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness
and restoring proper vision. Since the last
decade, LASIK surgery has gone through a
tremendous transformation. Today, LASIK surgery
doesn't involve the use of a blade at all. Now
high-energy femtosecond lasers are used instead
of microkeratome to create a thin flap in the
cornea while performing the operation. Most Lasik
Surgery Specialists in Delhi now perform
bladeless surgery on patients. The bladeless
LASIK surgery offers several benefits while also
avoiding complications associated with the
traditional LASIK surgery.
  • Benefits of Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery
  • The bladeless LASIK surgery offers several
    benefits while also avoiding complications
    associated with the traditional LASIK surgery. In
    this post, we shall discuss the top 9 benefits
    of bladeless LASIK eye surgery.
  • Less Invasive
  • Lasik is a procedure that is performed in a
    minimally invasive manner. The surgeon only
    operates on the surface of the eye during LASIK
    eye surgery, which is known as an extra ocular
    procedure. Furthermore, it is a much quicker
    procedure than a lens implant. The best thing
    about Lasik is that it can treat both of your
    eyes at the same time.
  • No Risk or complications
  • Traditional LASIK surgery has an excellent safety
    record however, there is always room for error
    when using the blade, such as eye tissue damage.
    But with a bladeless LASIK eye surgery, the
    chances for complications are completely
    reduced. Furthermore, after the procedure,
    bladeless LASIK surgery drastically reduces the
    chances of astigmatism.
  • Superior Results
  • Previously, there was always the risk of corneal
    damage when using blades to create a flap. The
    results have been superior to the traditional
    method ever since surgeons began using
    femtosecond lasers to create a flap in the cornea.

  • Bladeless treatment ensures that the flap's
    thickness is unaffected by the shape of the
    cornea and that customized treatment can be given
    based on the orientation and shape of the
    cornea. Femtosecond lasers, in fact, create a
    thinner cornea flap, providing nearsighted
    patients with better vision.
  • No Risk of Dry Eyes
  • Dry eye symptoms are one of the most common side
    effects of traditional LASIK surgery. Though the
    dry eye symptom occurs for a very brief period,
    the problem itself is pretty irritating.
    However, the intensity and duration of dry eye
    problems are much lower with bladeless LASIK
    surgery than with traditional surgery.
  • Quick Recovery and Healing
  • Another significant advantage of Lasik eye
    surgery is the short recovery time. Yes, if you
    strictly follow your doctor's instructions, your
    newly treated eyes will heal in no time. Most
    Lasik patients return to work within 24 hours of
    their Lasik eye surgery.
  • 100 painless procedure
  • When compared to other surgeries, Lasik is the
    most painless surgery. You may feel some level
    of irritation, but there are no chances of pain
    when it is a bladeless surgery.
  • Psychological Advantage
  • Lastly, the mere thought of a blade not being
    used in the eyes gives patients who prefer
    bladeless technology a psychological advantage.

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