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7 Gemstone Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Desires


Among the list of favorites were earrings, necklaces/pendants, bracelets, engagement rings and fashion rings. These results speak for themselves that if you really want to see your girl happy, go the jewel way. Here is a list of top 7 gemstone jewelry pieces every woman desires. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 7 Gemstone Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Desires

7 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Desires
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  • Would you not want to be gifted with a jewelry
    item instead of chocolates or perfume? Well, as
    per a survey published in 2019 on an online news
    portal, almost 60 of the women expressed that
    they would like to receive a jewelry item as a
    gift as opposed to anything else. Among the list
    of favorites were earrings, necklaces/pendants,
    bracelets, engagement rings and fashion rings.
    These results speak for themselves that if you
    really want to see your girl happy, go the jewel
  • Here is a list of top 7 gemstone jewelry pieces
    every woman desires.

Sapphire Ring
  • After the British Royalty took a detour from
    conventional diamond ring to favor a sapphire
    ring in Princess Dianas and later in Princess
    Eugenies engagements, the demand for sapphire
    skyrocketed as more and more people started
    following suit.
  • Sapphire has been associated with royalty and
    class. Its no wonder that a sapphire ring,
    especially a blue sapphire ring is always in the
    mind of a girl and she always desires to have one
    in her vanity, may not be that extravagant
    though. Besides, there are many colors of
    sapphires, all of which are available at GemsNY
    if you want to be creative with your ring.

Emerald Ring
  • When you think of green, you think of Cleopatra
    who till date is known for her obsession with
    emeralds to the extent that she owned the mines
    to herself. Women today may not own an emerald
    mine but they certainly like to feel like
    Cleopatra and a splash of vibrant green, which is
    the symbol of love and rebirth, will make her
    feel like a queen.
  • This emerald cut emerald ring with a green center
    stone set in classic white gold is sure to take
    your breath away. You can embellish it with
    diamonds or other stones of choice at GemsNY.

Ruby Rings
  • If youre wondering that having a couple of rings
    in her vanity will dissuade a woman from having
    more, then you should ask Victoria Beckham whose
    love for stone rings needs no introduction. She
    has over a dozen gemstone rings in her
  • The red of a natural ruby ring is a symbol of
    passion extravagance and it makes its wearer
    stand out with its glory. GemsNY is the
    repository of natural and certified gemstones of
    various shapes and sizes where you can find gems
    that suit your style.

Sapphire Earrings
  • Earrings have always been on top of the list of
    must-haves irrespective of the pairs you already
    have. Women always want to have more variety
    because the more pairs of earrings you have the
    least likely for you to feel bored with any of
    it. Besides accentuating your persona, earrings
    also complement the outfit you sport whether
    casual or formal.
  • What makes sapphire earrings enthralling is the
    wide spectrum of colors they are available in.
    Blue sapphire earrings, pink sapphire earrings,
    yellow sapphire earrings all provide endless
    choices with different metals and shapes. Make
    your own earrings with an easy online
    user-interface available at GemsNY.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring
  • Are you ready for the big moment of your life? A
    stone as unique as alexandrite can be the perfect
    choice for your momentous occasion. Often called
    Emerald by day and Ruby by night the
    scintillating alexandrite exhibits different
    colors under different lights, giving you the
    pleasure of owning one stone for the price of
  • Alexandrite used to be the stone of Tsar in
    Russia but its no longer restricted to
    aristocrats. You can get your own alexandrite
    engagement ring and create a legacy for times to
    come. GemsNY carries natural alexandrite
    gemstones from the most reputed origins and you
    can view the certificate of authenticity right on
    the website of GemsNY.

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Ruby Necklace
  • Necklaces are perhaps the most striking pieces of
    jewelry a woman puts on and many times the
    selection of an outfit is determined by the
    necklace you want to wear. With so many styles of
    necklaces to choose from it becomes difficult to
    zero in on any one. However, the one which stands
    the test of time to spread its radiance forever
    is a sleek ruby necklace. Fine ruby gemstones put
    together to perfection in the form of a gold or
    platinum necklace will certainly make you the
    cynosure of any gathering.

Emerald Pendant
  • A necklace without a pendant would be a story
    without an end it would be injustice to the one
    and only centerpiece that is hard to miss. An
    emerald pendant gives completeness to your
    necklace. The splendid green of emeralds always
    captures our attention not just for its beauty
    but also for its eye-soothing color.
  • When celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Julia
    Roberts adorn the unmistakable green pendant,
    they set the stage on green fire. Would you not
    like to steal the limelight for once, if I told
    you an emerald pendant is the key? You can get
    your emerald necklace from the industry leader in
    bespoke jewelry- GemsNY.

Julia Roberts wearing emerald pendant
  • Women wear jewelry simply because they love it,
    they feel more feminine, more confident, more
    beautiful and so on. Apart from these seven
    gemstone jewelry pieces, there are numerous
    irresistible choices available at gemsny.com. If
    you cant think of any piece right away, explore
    the huge collection of natural certified
    gemstones and be creative later or if you are in
    New York, book your appointment here.
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